Adam Aron Says There Are No Synthetic AMC Shares

Synthetic AMC Shares
Market News: AMC CEO says there is no reliable info on synthetic AMC shares

Adam Aron just took it to Twitter announcing they (AMC) have seen no reliable information on synthetic AMC shares.

The CEO said “inbound tweets ask over and over for a share count”.

He then said, “some of you believe the count is much higher. As I’ve said before, we’ve seen no reliable info on so-called synthetic or fake shares.”

Retail investors have been adamant about getting a proper share count due to the ongoing and excessive naked short selling of AMC Entertainment stock.

A share count could expose the overleveraged amount of ‘synthetic AMC shares’ and force institutions to take accountability by closing them – triggering a short squeeze.

There are many opinions going around in the community after the CEO’s announcement.

Let’s discuss it.

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Shorting in AMC never left

AMC Short Interest Ortex

Before we get into AMC’s synthetic shares, it’s important to note that AMC has accumulated more short sellers than ever before.

AMC has a current short interest of 22.90%, and more than 195 million shares on loan.

When AMC reached an all-time high of $72 per share, its short interest had dropped from 23% to 20%, then to 16%.

AMC’s short interest has been rising ever since that drop, giving the stock plenty of room to squeeze shorts from their positions.

So, shorts never really left, despite mainstream media calling the short squeeze play dead.

The conflict of interest between the media and hedge funds is something retail investors should all be aware about.

But most of you already know this.

Is Adam Aron really oblivious to the amount of shorting that has taken place in AMC Entertainment stock?

Or is he not allowed to speak on the matter due to the position he’s in as the CEO of the company?

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne did, despite the ridicule and investigations he received.

The only difference is Adam Aron has an army behind him willing to support a fair market for all participants.

Similar to Gary Gensler, it is in my opinion that Adam Aron may simply be maintaining the status quo.

But I’m curious to learn what you think.

Proof of synthetic AMC shares

Adam Aron says they have not seen any reliable information on synthetic AMC shares.

But most of the proof are in the FTDs that accumulate every month when there aren’t enough shares to meet contractual obligation.

There have been more than 16.5 million AMC FTDs this year through May according to research.

Naked short sales and selling an asset without borrowing it first are two of the leading causes for failures to deliver.

These naked shares are the shares the CEO isn’t counting – or in other terms, what shareholders want him to investigate.

He stated on Twitter AMC knows only of 516.8 million shares.

And while shareholders know this legal count as well, it’s the ‘illegal’ synthetic AMC shares the community want brought to light.

But it seems the CEO isn’t interested in combating a corrupt market.

It seems he much rather remain focused on the business aspect, which too is understandable.

However, not meeting shareholder demands could have serious repercussions in the future.

Is Adam Aron risking AMC’s future by not tackling the problems shareholders are facing in the market?

I’d love to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog down below.

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  1. Jimmy

    AA has to leave this in the hands of the SEC. Amc is a small player here in the big world of wallstreet. He knows this , in other words he has no power to do anything about . If he came on TV and said what we all know he would be out as CEO an hour later . Yes , it’s not right and the whole market is corrupt . Remember this is why we hold. And always remember what they did to Patrick Byrne . Hell everyone thinks Byrne is a nut case now . He’s not . And my comment about the SEC, I know they’re not going to anything . I repeat , this is why we hold. Besides that imo aa already said without saying it that there at synthetics, he said we own 90% of the float and I remember his interview when he flashed his boxer shorts . That’s the best he can do. And just think , the majority of us are all in the long term tax brackets now. Half glass full people!

  2. Rahshan Rocquemore

    Hes not legally allowed to admit that there is naked shorts even if he know there are, he can only speak on the actual 516 mil authentic shares. People need to calm down. The game is over already as long as people hold the positions they have no matter how long it takes. The moass will happen in due time

  3. Jamie

    It’s like the ’08 financial crises with mortgage backed securities. This time is meme stocks and its global.

  4. Nolan

    AA has been in ol’ kenny’s friends list & back pocket since long before now & still is obviously.

  5. Larry

    Pay a 1/25 cent or smaller dividend and the truth will set us free.

  6. Arlinda Davis

    Everyone has a job in this fight for justice and generational wealth! AA’s job is to maintain and increase the company’s portfolio and quarterly reports. Yes he could jeopardize what we want for the sake of peoples feelings but I would rather he legally fights for us. They are waiting on him and the company to say one thing that can be considered out of order, market manipulation, or possible defamation. Like you said, he has an entire army doing DD. He words himself carefully per his lawyer I’m sure. Words like I believe, not personally seen, are open to understanding words so he doesn’t lie. Our job is to hold! Now SEC do your job!!!


    Well my fellow apes we all know the truth and AA is not only protecting his ass but is protecting our company. Why would we need him to fight the devil when the DD and fight is over? We buy we hold we buy some more. AA tell us in many many ways that he knows naked shorts are out there. He’s doing his job…we do ours.

  8. Walk by Faith

    We know the truth and so does AA. Perhaps he is not allowed to legally speak about it. But remember his video before where he was wearing shorts?

    • Frank Nez

      Everyone knows the truth, I think it’s more so about who’s going to do speak out, or tackle the problem ya know? There was no point in stating there is no reliable info on synthetic shares if he’s ‘legally’ not allowed to speak out on it. I’m looking out for the retail investor ✍️

  9. Eric Ape Cuttill

    Frank… i think, legally, he can’t just say what we all know to be true…. he knows it, too…

    • Frank Nez

      Patrick Byrne spoke out against it, and he was a CEO too. But you could be right, perhaps he’s limited to freedom of speech.

      • Christian

        An excellent statement in the last 6 words used here my guy—Prodigiously TRUE in this inverted and dystopian reality – courage is very difficult in times of tyranny and when against odious elite creatures committing unnatural acts and crimes against humanity -FOR AA it’s 2 strategic options – either do not speak of it and allow silence to create the perception that the data does in fact support synthetics in float ownership conflict data (institution stating 90+% vs his words of retail owning 90+%) plus the ftds alone ytd but let’s not even dive into 2021 or 2020s insane numbers direct from the SEC) or take a stand and be courageous and outspoken- that will echo an eternity-

  10. Camafeu

    I have lost faith in AA. His only goal is to turn AMC healthy which is good, but he could have been a short-destroyer. He used the Ape movement but he has never delivered anything in return. Sold everything to $GME a while ago.

    • Frank Nez

      I don’t hold $GME – nor did I lose faith in Adam, but I think he can do better. Holding strong

      • Scott

        Im an AMC bull but AA wont do an NFT dividend as it scares him to act against flawed market function and have to deal with litigation so close to retirement. His actions bother me as I defended him in the past. Why oh why would he make such a controversial opinion right before earnings call(voting on if AA remains CEO)? His decisions to cash out heavy on stock options in the recent past helped him which was fine but his “unneeded comment” about synthetics just shows he isnt thinking about his investors at all. He may be thinking of the company’s operations but he’s losing my trust with every action. Is it based on his age and lack of adaption with the way the markets function today? Or just too weak to start a fight at his age and doesnt want to harm his nest egg he acquired from cashing out on the run up? Maybe AA needs to step down and let the people pick a CEO who’s “really” willing to go on the offensive…not just offer lip service and cash out on stock options

  11. Robert WeissR

    Its Very easy and tell me how to get this to Adam Aron,
    Make your share holders happy and force a share count.
    Then everyone will know.

    • Frank Nez

      Shareholders deserve to be heard.

  12. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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