Adam Aron Fights Fake AMC Token: Calls it a “Sham”

Scammers on social media have been pumping a fake AMC token by the name of xAMC.

Fake indeed because the pumpers claim to be part of the ‘ape community’.

However, the community can spot a grifter from miles away – big mistake.

The project’s name has been changed from “The AMC Token” to “The Apes Movement Community Token”.

These scammers are targeting the ‘ape’ community and AMC President and CEO Adam Aron has called them out stating, “we are fighting them hard.”

I was threatened to get sued by their ringleader after a voicemail was left on my business phone number, but more on that later.

I won’t release their name or voicemail, for now.

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Adam Aron says they are fighting AMC token scammers

For over a month now the AMC token scammers continuously commented on various Twitter posts where AMC shareholders would engage in.

The scammers began to hype this AMC token in efforts to get AMC shareholders to buy the cryptocurrency.

So, who are these scammers?

I published an article weeks ago exposing them here.

A day later these scammers began to harass me on social media and the ringleader exposed himself entirely when he left a voicemail on my business number.

I was threatened to get sued if I did not take down my article exposing the grifters.

That was a big mistake because I now have their personal contact information and Adam Aron could be taking legal matters into his own hands.

Adam Aron said on Twitter:

“The AMC Token” (after our vigorous protest: “The Apes Movement Community Token”) is a total sham.”

“AMC Entertainment has nothing to do with this blatant violation of our registered trademark, and attempted theft of our name/reputation. We are fighting them hard. Don’t be fooled!

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