A Shark Tank Business Now Files For Unexpected Bankruptcy

A Shark Tank business now files for unexpected bankruptcy and liquidation after its business model failed to win over consumers.

Sorfeo, a company that buys and creates brands specifically to sell on Amazon has now filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

“Sorfeo transforms digital-native brands into brand names you know.

We are a consumer products company that grows brands in the Amazon ecosystem, then expands sales to [direct-to-consumer] and multichannel retail,” the company posted.

The company’s secured claims total $3.84 million and unsecured claims are $1.04 million, per the filing.

Among its investors is Mark Cuban, whose Radical Investments LP is listed as Sorfeo’s largest secured creditor, with a claim of $1.263 million, according to the bankruptcy filing, Washington Business Journal reported.

However, Cuban did not seem bothered by the filing as he emailed the local business outlet and wrote “win some, lose some.”

Sorfeo’s website features a prominent picture of Cuban along with an endorsement.

“I’m happy to be a Sorfeo investor. I think they can help Amazon entrepreneurs reach their personal and business goals,” he shared.

While Sorfeo has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and plans to liquidate, Cuban remains a digital innovator, says TheStreet.

“Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Co. seeks to disrupt the traditional drugstore business.”

Cost Plus deals directly with drug manufacturers to buy in bulk and sell directly to consumers.

“If you don’t have insurance or have a high deductible plan, you know that even the most basic medications can cost a fortune,’ Cuban wrote on the Cost Plus website.

“Many people are spending crazy amounts of money each month just to stay healthy.

No American should have to suffer or worse — because they can’t afford basic prescription medications.”

The company buys drugs from the manufacturers, negotiates good pricing, and then marks them up 15%.

That’s a very low markup for the industry.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A Shark Tank Business Now Files For Unexpected Bankruptcy.
Market News Today – A Shark Tank Business Now Files For Unexpected Bankruptcy.

A massive furniture company now lays off 1,650 employees, which represent approximately 13% of its global workforce.

Wayfair has laid off about 1,650 employees, the company said Friday.

The online home decor retailer said the cuts represent about 19% of its corporate team and 13% of its global workforce.

The move is expected to give the company more than $280 million in annualized cost savings.

About $150 million of that will come from cash compensation savings.

However, the restructuring will likely cost Wayfair approximately $70 million to $80 million in severance and benefits costs, most of which are anticipated to be incurred in the first quarter, reports RetailDive.

While CEO Niraj Shah in an open letter to employees pointed to “many things at the company that are going well,” including gaining share with customers and making progress to operate more efficiently, the retailer has faced challenges.

The company “went overboard” with hiring during the height of the pandemic, when the retailer’s annualized sales doubled to $18 billion from $9 billion as people spent more on their homes, Shah said.

This is Wayfair’s third round of restructuring since the summer of 2022.

The company laid off 870 employees in August of that year.

Last January, a whopping 1,750 people were also let go.

This time, Shah said they decided to err on the side of having too few people versus too many.

“Each time we used our best judgment, identified the cost target we needed to hit, and believed we were resizing to the right point,” Shah said Friday.

“In many ways, having too many great people is worse than having too few.

With too few, you get a lot done quickly, but you may not get everything done that you want.

But having too many causes inefficiency, coordination costs, and investments in lower-return activities.

That is what we have been experiencing and what we need to end.”

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Market News Today - A Shark Tank Business Now Files For Unexpected Bankruptcy.
Market News Today – A Shark Tank Business Now Files For Unexpected Bankruptcy.

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