A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits Kentucky

A new wave of unexpected layoffs now hits Kentucky as new businesses file WARN notices advising of upcoming job cuts.

Last week, two new businesses were added to the growing list of upcoming layoffs in Kentucky.

Charter Communications has advised that 227 staff will lose their jobs by January 5, 2024.

Cyngus Home Services LLC dba Yelloh, will lay off only three of its staff beginning January 27, 2024.

So far in 2023, there has been approximately 5,586 layoffs across 43 businesses.

California remains the #1 state with the most layoffs in the country.

In second place is New York followed by TexasWashington, New Jersey, FloridaMichigan, and Georgia.

Layoffs in Kentucky 2023.
Layoffs in Kentucky 2023.

Below is a list of businesses who have advised of upcoming job cuts in Kentucky during the fourth quarter of 2023:

  • Charter Communications. 227 job cuts by 1/05/2024.
  • Cyngus Home Services LLC dba Yelloh. 3 job cuts by 1/27/2024.
  • CEVA Logistics, LLC. 135 job cuts on 10/23.
  • Ford Motor Company. 756 job cuts filed on 11/24.
  • Philip Morris. 260 job cuts filed on 11/24.
  • Cintas. 148 job cuts filed on 11/24.
  • Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. 80 job cuts filed on 11/24.
  • Mountain Coals Corporation Star Fire Mine Buckhorn Processing Plant. 79 job cuts filed on 11/24.
  • Kentucky Apparel, L.L.P. 61 job cuts filed on 11/24.

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Market News Today - A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits Kentucky.
Market News Today – A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits Kentucky.

A massive bank now closes a business account with little warning, drawing scrutiny from silver and gold investors.

A coin shop owner recently shared how Huntington Bank abruptly closed his accounts without explanation.

In a YouTube video, the owner of Gold and Silver Stackers (@goldsilverstackers1) said the bank sent him a letter warning that his business accounts would be closed in about a month.

“It’s very unnerving,” he said, before reading from the letter for his followers.

Despite having a total of six accounts, the bank allegedly ended its professional relationship with him.

Huntington Bank did not yet respond to a request for comment by the U.S. Sun.

“They decided they don’t wanna do business with me anymore,” he said.

In addition to his business account, his wife and kids accounts were also closed. 

He also said that his credit cards through Huntington were cancelled.

Though many expect that their bank accounts will exist for as long as they want, that’s not always the case, reports The-Sun.

The coin shop owner went to his local Huntington Bank branch in Ohio, where he said he has a good relationship with the manager.

Though the manager tried to find an explanation for the shutdown, the bank’s motives remained a mystery.

“I don’t think the banks like this type of business,” the coin dealer claimed.

Investing in gold and silver is a popular way for people to keep their assets out of the banking system.

The dealer said that his business follows regulations closely.

“I didn’t do anything, we follow all the rules here,” he said.

In the end, he ended up splitting his assets into accounts with different banks, helping mitigate the risk of another shutdown of all his accounts.

“I’ve heard of this happening before, I just didn’t believe that it would happen to me,” he said.

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Market News Today - A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits Kentucky.
Market News Today – A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits Kentucky.

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