A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits California

A new wave of unexpected layoffs now hits California as the golden state sees more than 4,500 job cuts beginning the new year.

It’s important to note that under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, an employer with more than 100 full-time workers must provide a 60-day notice before laying off 50 or more people at a single site.

New layoffs in California are affecting thousands of people starting 2024.

California is currently leading as the #1 state in the country with the most job cuts so far with 4,664 WARN notices filed this year.

Last year the state had a whopping 86,007 layoffs across a total of 1,569 businesses according to WARN Tracker.

Layoffs in California 2024.
Layoffs in California 2024.

Below is a list of businesses that have filed WARN notices advising of upcoming layoffs in California for 2024:

  • Corteva Agriscience LLC. 6 job cuts by 4/26.
  • Parker Hannifin Corporation BWF Division. 8 job cuts by 5/31.
  • Shadow Holdings, LLC. 60 job cuts by 4/12.
  • Okta, Inc. 83 job cuts by 4/04.
  • CamelBak Products, LLC. 43 job cuts by 4/01.
  • Del Monte Capitol Meat Company, LLC DBA Allen Brothers West Coast. 92 job cuts by 3/31.
  • TE Connectivity. 58 job cuts by 4/05.
  • Covanta Long Beach Renewable Energy Corp. 39 job cuts by 4/01.
  • Home EC, Inc. dba Connect Homes. 75 job cuts by 3/31.
  • Hawker Pacific Aerospace, Inc. 260 job cuts by 4/05.
  • El Dorado National (California), Inc. 425 job cuts by 3/29.
  • ITC Federal. 125 job cuts by 3/29.
  • William Kreysler & Associates, Inc. 59 job cuts by 3/29.
  • Activision Blizzard. 899 job cuts by 3/30.
  • Woodland Rite Aid Distribution Center. 241 job cuts by 3/04.
  • Levy Premium Foodservice Limited Partnership at The Rose Bowl. 83 job cuts by 3/28.
  • Sugar Foods LLC. 72 job cuts by 3/25.
  • Rise Baking Company dba South Coast Baking, LLC. 85 job cuts by 3/29.
  • Syngenta Seeds, LLC. 56 job cuts by 3/31.
  • Beauty & Essex. 82 job cuts by 3/28.
  • LAVO Italian Restaurant San Diego. 83 job cuts by 3/28.
  • TAO Group Hospitality. 10 job cuts by 3/28.
  • Cue Health, Moda North II. 8 job cuts by 3/26.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits California.
Market News Today – A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits California.

A home furniture retailer now files for unexpected bankruptcy as it moves forward with a plan to restructure its finances.

The RoomPlace revealed that it would make major changes including closing down six stores in one state following its bankruptcy filing.

This Bed Bath and Beyond rival, which opened in 1912, will shut down eight stores across the Midwest, reports The-Sun.

These will include a store in Peoria, Illinois; Kenosha; Wisconsin; and six in the Indianapolis area.

A date for the closures has not yet been announced by the company.

The RoomPlace’s CEO, Bruce Berman, was hopeful about the restructuring project and said it would allow to business to “align its costs with its projected sales and economic realities.”

“What was once viewed as taboo is now a strategic way to realign and strengthen a business,” he added.

Berman pointed out the difficult retail environment as sales decline, especially in the furniture industry.

“We’re making the tough decisions now to ensure we’re around for another 100 years,” he said.

Its restructuring program will include a focus on bettering its 18 stores in the Chicago area.

“We are determined to become better and stronger in Chicagoland by continuing to offer consumers the largest selection of stylish brands at the market’s best prices,” he said.

The other location closures will affect 83 employees in total.

Berman shared that the decision was not an easy one to make due to its staff and customers.

“As a family-run business with strong community ties, it’s not an easy decision to close stores and impact the people who work, shop and live in the affected communities,” he said.

The company also added that orders placed before February 2 at the eight affected stores will be fulfilled.

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Market News Today - A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits California.
Market News Today – A New Wave of Unexpected Layoffs Now Hits California.

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