A Massive Bank is Now Laying Off 430 Workers

A massive bank is now laying off 430 workers in June according to four notices posted Monday with the state’s Department of Labor.

Citi has announced that 430 workers will be laid off on June 29.

The staff cuts encompass 363 employees in Citi’s primary banking unit, 62 in its global markets broker-dealer, four in technology and one in its Citishare unit, according to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications.

Monday’s cuts follow a wave of 286 New York-based job reductions, set to take effect by early May, that the bank posted in February.

Citi announced last week it had “concluded the major actions” associated with its multi-stage reorganization, which the bank launched in September.

The moves eliminated five layers of leadership and consolidated roles with overlapping responsibilities, reports Banking Dive.

Citi CEO Jane Fraser said in January the bank had cut 1,500 managerial roles.

The bank is aiming to trim 20,000 roles from its headcount by 2026.

The reorganization is meant to save the bank $1 billion in annual costs.

Among the hardest-hit units in Citi’s most recent cuts is technology, media and telecom, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

Yaseen Choudhury and Abhi Singhal, both managing directors on the financial technology team, have left the bank, sources told the wire service.

Equity capital markets, debt capital markets, financial sponsor coverage and clean technology banking also saw cuts, the sources told Bloomberg.

Juan Carlos George, the managing director leading Citi’s equity capital markets efforts for Latin America, is among those who have left the bank, the wire service reported.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A Massive Bank is Now Laying Off 430 Workers.
Market News Today – A Massive Bank is Now Laying Off 430 Workers.

A famous retailer is now laying off 614 people in California due to a new acquisition resulting in a new restructuring plan.

Boardriders Wholesale LLC is laying off 614 people in California due to the “recent acquisition by Authentic Brands Group and resulting restructure,” according to state WARN data.

They layoffs began in January with the next round expected by April 26.

Those affected include C-suite executives and other management positions, reports Fashion Dive.

This round of layoffs follows a similar move in September and October 2023, when 84 Boardriders employees were laid off as a result of Authentic Brands Group’s acquisition of the company.

Authentic acquired Boardriders in September 2023.

The previous round of layoffs were also part of restructuring efforts, and employees affected also included C-suite executives.

Boardriders cut 170 jobs in 2022 to reorganize ahead of the Authentic acquisition.

Because of the Authentic deal, “the Company is initiating necessary but difficult measures,” Jennifer Marques, chief human resources officer, wrote in Boardriders’ letter to the California Employment Development Department.

The latest cuts bring the total number of people laid off in California since the Authentic acquisition to 698.

“Authentic’s bench strength is in acquiring great brands with broken business models, converting them into a licensing model, and returning them to profitability,” David Brooks, executive vice president of action & outdoor sports and lifestyle at Authentic, said in an email to Fashion Dive.

“Brands must continue to evolve their business models to thrive and remain competitive.

Embracing change is essential to staying relevant, and part of that change includes our licensing partners taking over key functions and, unfortunately, eliminating certain positions.

These decisions are not taken lightly, but we are pleased that our partners have been able to take on upwards of 5,000 employees globally.”

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Market News Today - A Massive Bank is Now Laying Off 430 Workers.
Market News Today – A Massive Bank is Now Laying Off 430 Workers.

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