6 Things Retail Investors Holding AMC Stock Should Know

6 things retail investors holding AMC stock should know

Community, today I want to provide some advice from someone who’s been holding AMC stock since February. I’m going to be providing new retail investors as well as seasoned apes with some real talk regarding AMC. This is not financial advice. Ape to ape talk.

Here are 6 things retail investors holding AMC stock should know.


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Investing in AMC stock has been a battle. A lot of us have sparked new relationships and connected with genuine people.

I’m publishing this article today because I care about the community and I want to help guide new retail investors. Here are some things I wish we would have been told from the get go.

#1. Detach your emotions from AMC stock

One thing I learned fairly quickly when I first started investing in AMC was to detach myself emotionally from the stock. There were days where I would be moody so to speak because the stock wasn’t having a green day.

It’s easy to get coiled with emotions. Especially when you have a reason for this investment. Your why per say. But it’s childish and we’re not children. We’re grown adults.

When I detached myself emotionally from the stock, I found myself being able to become more productive for my family. At some point you have to pull yourself out and participate level headed. Something beautiful is occurring, just be sure you detach your emotions from the stock so it doesn’t impact your daily life negatively or render you from being productive.

Smile at the wins, but don’t let them get to your head either. Trust in your conviction and data at hand, and trust the process.

#2. Shun negative people

If you haven’t come across these type of people yet you will at some point. There’s a lot of angry retail investors who who got in late in GameStop and were left bag holding for example.

These people are hurt and target people in the AMC community. I saw this occur for a few months at the beginning. Not everyone is like this of course, but there are naysayers who will try to put you down.

Today, it seems like AMC and GME apes have more of a mutual respect now more than ever. However, bots and shills are still a very real pest within the community. My advice to you is to ignore these type of people.

If you see someone being bullied then stand up for them. You may speak out if it’s too protect a fellow member of the community. This is why I began publishing DD on my platform. I couldn’t stand seeing the community being bullied by the mainstream media.

If you have power to remove negative people via Discord, Reddit, Facebook groups, etc. then have the courage to do so.

#3. The market manipulation is real

This game isn’t for the soft. Retail investors must know that there will be situations from which are completely out of your control. The stress may sometimes get real.

The reason being is that although you might have already detached your emotions from the stock, other entities have an unfair advantage over retail investors. Oh well, life is unfair sometimes. We simply have to play with the cards we’ve been dealt with.

Fortunately for new retail investors, a lot of this market manipulation in AMC stock is now becoming public. This was in the shadows for us many months back. Apes must not focus too much on the things that are out of our control. We must focus on the things that are in our control, such as our attitudes and resilience towards this common goal.

I strongly believe that the good guys will always win. There’s no option for those in power but to hear the community out. You saw what occurred back in 2020 when the community and world united against the injustice of our police force in the United States. We have more power than you know.

Be strong and move past the things that are out of our control.

#4. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose

I like to think most people have this one down. There is risk involved here. There is always risk involved whether you’re betting on a stock to either go up or down.

Hedge funds have risked their play too and unfortunately for them they’re getting burned. My suggestion is to only invest what you can afford to lose. My conviction in this stock is so strong that I truly believe you cannot lose on this trade unless you’re completely careless. The only reasons you’d lose on this trade is if you sold and cut your losses or you didn’t do any research at all.

The information is out there. Take the time to read it and digest the content. Educate yourself so you can make the best financial decision for yourself and your family.

Never use a credit card to invest. This is playing with money that’s not yours and it’s going to end up biting you if you do this. I mean look at the hedgies. If you’re going to add to your position, make sure you can pay your bills first.

#5. Share positive content with the community

Change happens when enough people get loud and spread a message. When you see FUD articles from the mainstream media don’t share it. Instead, find other content that completely rebuttals it with straight facts.

If you see an article, document, or video within the community that proves to be valuable to the movement, be sure to share it. You make a tremendous difference when you do.

This courage is what allows the community to grow and presents more people with opportunities like AMC and GME plays. Once this chapter is over there will be more chapters. You more than likely were introduced to AMC stock through FrankNez articles, Trey’s Trades videos, or from someone else in the community.

When the media attacks our community we must attack back with factual information. We cannot let the lies and manipulation shake off our new fellow members. Protect the community by sharing positive content within the community. Memes included ☝.

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#6. Success requires patience

This trade with AMC stock will be successful. It’s inevitable. However, success always requires patience.

Seasoned apes are profitable at the moment. This took 4-5 months of holding the stock though. Some of us are up thousands to tens of thousands of dollars and even up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But guess what? We’re still holding the stock.

Why? Because our conviction in AMC is strong and we have complete and utter trust in the process. The data speaks for itself; numbers don’t lie. If there’s something that new retail investors can learn from seasoned apes it should be to be patient.

When AMC hits $100 per share you will be profitable and seasoned apes will be even more profitable. But be patient. This movement is not betting on $100. This squeeze will be astronomical and it will require the community to be patient. The move up to $100 will all be fundamental and hype; this will not be the squeeze. When the squeeze happens, you will know.


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  1. B W.

    Your articles and dedication is Awesome man.
    Thank you.
    Question. What’s your suggestion once this squeezes. If the first squeeze hits up to $500 let’s say. And other shorts haven’t let go yet. Many will take the profit before it even goes even higher and the price will run down before it runs even higher. What’s your suggestion when to pull. I know it’s hard to tell but like GameStop and Volks. It can drop so fast after the short squeezes finished and one who is waiting for it to go even higher losses out.
    I hope I’m clear with my question.

    • Frank Nez

      I appreciate your comment. I don’t personally think most apes will be selling at $500. Especially if it gamma squeezes to this point fairly quickly. If it gets to $500 fairly quickly after the $100 mark then I think majority of the community will be holding despite some selloffs. You’re right in that it’s hard to tell. We’ve been stair stepping up to this point very well but there’s no doubt in my mind this squeeze will be violent. We’ll have more data as this unfolds.

  2. Queen

    Every time I read your blog, I just feel a deep sense of sincerity from you.

    • Frank Nez

      I truly appreciate that 🙏🤝

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