This Massive Chain Is Now Closing Several Stores in Pennsylvania

A massive retailer chain is now closing several more stores in Pennsylvania after filing for bankruptcy last month, per new reports.

The bankrupt Pennsylvania based pharmacy chain continues to announce store closures, with the total now surpassing 200.

Rite Aid was founded in Pennsylvania in 1965 but has struggled recently and last month filed for bankruptcy after incurring $ 3.3 billion in unpaid debt, reports Ash Jurberg.

“Rite Aid operates over 2,330 stores in 17 U.S. states, but this number is rapidly declining and will soon drop below 2000.

In October, as part of its bankruptcy filing, it announced that 154 locations nationwide would soon close, including thirty-nine in its home state of Pennsylvania.

Since then, they have filed three more updates, with the total number of closures now totaling 201, including a whopping forty-nine in Pennsylvania.”

So far, three companies have filed WARN notices of upcoming job cuts in Pennsylvania for 2024 already.

Hood Packaging Corporation plans to lay off 58 employees by January 14, 2024.

Vitro Flay Glass, LLC. will lay off 88 employees by January 15, 2024.

And RE2, LLC/Sarcos Corp. will lay off 72 employees by January 16, 2024.

Below is a complete and updated list of Rite Aid stores closing in Pennsylvania soon.

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Rite Aid Stores Closing in Pennsylvania

Market News Today - This Massive Chain Is Now Closing Several Stores in Pennsylvania.
Market News Today – This Massive Chain Is Now Closing Several Stores in Pennsylvania.

The following Rite Aid stores are scheduled to permanently shutter in Pennsylvania:

  • Quakertown: 1080 S. West End Boulevard
  • New Kensington: 700 Stevenson Boulevard
  • Rochester: 351 Brighton Avenue
  • Bethel Park: 5235 Library Road
  • Moon Township: 5990 University Boulevard, Suite 30
  • Pittsburgh: 2501 Saw Mill Run Boulevard
  • Pittsburgh: 5410 Keeport Drive
  • Greensburg: 6090 Route 30
  • Export: 4830 William Penn Highway
  • New Castle: 1730 Wilmington Road
  • Bethlehem: 2178 W. Union Boulevard
  • Allentown: 1628 South Fourth Street
  • Philadelphia: 2401 East Venango Street
  • Philadelphia: 6327-43 Torresdale Avenue
  • Philadelphia: 5612 N. Fifth Street
  • Philadelphia: 4011 Cottman Avenue
  • Philadelphia: 11750 Bustleton Avenue
  • Philadelphia: 315 East Washington Lane
  • Philadelphia: 2801 W. Dauphin Street
  • Philadelphia: 8235 Stenton Avenue
  • Philadelphia: 7941 Oxford Avenue
  • Philadelphia: 136 North 63rd Street
  • Philadelphia: 5440 Lansdowne Avenue
  • Conshohocken: 200 W. Ridge Avenue, Suite 112
  • Hanover: 301 Eisenhower Drive
  • Mechanicsburg: 7036 Wertzville Road
  • Erie: 2715 Parade Street
  • Erie: 1709 Liberty Street
  • Pennsburg: 350 Main Street
  • Abington: 1441 Old York Road
  • Johnstown: 300 Market Street
  • Levittown: 8716 New Falls Road
  • Ardmore: 169 West Lancaster Avenue
  • West Pittston: 801 Wyoming Avenue, Suite 9
  • Yardley: 657 Heacock Road
  • Tobyhanna: 674 Route 196, Suite 14
  • Yeadon: 950 East Baltimore Pike
  • Chester: 2722 West 9th Street
  • Titusville: 208 East Central Avenue
  • Oxford: 55 North 3rd St
  • Butler: 178 Point Plaza
  • Lebanon: 1130 Cumberland St
  • Carlisle: 429 South Hanover St
  • Philadelphia: 810 S Broad St
  • Mechanicsburg: 30 Cumberland Parkway
  • Dresher: 1650 Limekiln Pike
  • Melrose Park: 1401 West Cheltenham Ave
  • Route 202: 306 Town Center
  • State College: 1927 Atherton St

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Other Economy News Today

Economy news and updates today.
Economy news and updates today.

Bank of America now closes a customer account without warning or explanation, creating massive turmoil for the user.

The giant has been scrutinized for freezing customer accounts for many months now.

Christina Blanton says she has been a loyal customer at Bank of America for 17 years now but said the company couldn’t give a reason behind the decision.

CBS affiliate WBBM says Blanton couldn’t access money from Bank of America for her thyroid cancer surgery.

Blanton, who has since switched banks, said her account was locked just before she was due to have surgery.

She told WBBM: “I was upset and frustrated. I wanted to cry.”

Blanton said she initially thought she had put her password in wrong when she couldn’t access her online bank account.

She realized that her account had been locked.

The mom struggled to get an answer from Bank of America in an ordeal that lasted months – before it was eventually resolved, reports The-Sun.

She claimed that the bank had made a so-called business decision to shut the account.

She said she was eventually able to access her funds after her account was reopened.

But she was left furious that bosses couldn’t give an explanation why her account was closed.

A spokesperson told WBBM: “We can’t share information about an individual account for reasons of privacy, but we have resolved the issue directly with our customer.”

Meanwhile, Chase Bank customer Justin Martin has also told of the moment he realized his account had been frozen.

Small business owner Christian Haberkern has recalled the ordeal that saw more than $24,000 wiped from her Wells Fargo account.

She tried to get her money back for weeks before the funds were eventually returned.

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Market News Today - This Massive Chain Is Now Closing Several Stores in Pennsylvania.
Market News Today – This Massive Chain Is Now Closing Several Stores in Pennsylvania.

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