Retailer With 1,049 Stores Now Makes Unexpected Closure

A retailer with 1,049 stores now makes an unexpected closure, shutting a major location in Stafford, Virginia, sources report.

Best Buy is closing a key location in Stafford, Virginia — the tech store first opened in 2008.

Luckily for shoppers, two other Best Buy locations are nearby in Fredericksburg and Woodbridge, reports The-Sun.

They are about 25 minutes and 21 minutes away from the Stafford store, respectively.

The U.S Sun reached out to the Best Buy location and no one answered after repeated tries.

The paper contacted nearby businesses who said the store looked “vacant.”

However, there are currently 31 other Best Buy locations throughout Virginia.

A Best Buy shopper recently made a TikTok criticizing the store’s extended return policy.

The TikToker (@nldoty) was shocked when he was told he only had two weeks to make a return.

“They’ve changed things in a way that I don’t understand how Best Buy thinks this is either both feasible or sustainable,” he told viewers.

“Remember how when you buy something you get a 30-day return window? It breaks, you don’t like it, etc. You can return it within 30 days and get your money back.

“Best Buy has shortened that to two weeks unless you signed up for their paid annual membership – I’m not making this up.”

He explained that if he paid $50 for a year of membership, he would have gotten $30 off of the purchase and an extended return window of 60 days without a receipt.

“Brick-and-mortar stores are now microtransacting the hell out of us,” he added.

Another added: “Retail is dying in front of us.”

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - Retailer With 1,049 Stores Now Makes Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – Retailer With 1,049 Stores Now Makes Unexpected Closure.

Three massive restaurant chains now begin closing locations as executives state plunging sales are the primary blame.

TGI Friday’s, Chili’s, and Hooters, are closing a total of 38 locations nationwide, reports The-Sun.

Bosses have cited a slump in sales as a reason for the closures, but some customers blame other issues.

TGI Fridays shocked the restaurant business earlier this month when it announced the closure of 36 locations nationwide.

The decision affects restaurants in 12 different states, including seven locations in New Jersey, six in Massachusetts, and five in New York.

President and COO of TGI Fridays Ray Risley described the closures as “opportunities to optimize and streamline our operations” in a press release.

Many of the restaurants have already closed, with signs on the doors informing customers that their old eatery is now gone.

Meanwhile, competitor Chili’s has closed down one restaurant this month.

Diners enjoyed their last meals at the location in the Arboretum shopping center in Charlotte, North Carolina on January 9.

The reason for the closure has been attributed to an expiring lease, a spokesperson for the restaurant chain told the Charlotte Observer.

But locals on a Reddit community for Charlotte have said the location was repeatedly understaffed.

“Not surprising,” wrote one former customer.

“Randomly stopped at this location a few months ago… they were turning people away at the door because the only wait staff they had was the bartender.”

The “breastaurant” industry is not immune to closures either, as Hooters in Lafayette, Louisiana, suddenly closed down this week.

The shutdown was completely out of the blue, with employees showing up to work on Tuesday, January 9 only to find out they no longer had a job.

One employee told local ABC affiliate KATC: “Managers didn’t mention anything.

“As far as I know, our managers didn’t know about the situation. It was a complete shock.”

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Market News Today - Retailer With 1,049 Stores Now Makes Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – Retailer With 1,049 Stores Now Makes Unexpected Closure.

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