Media Tries To Scare People Out of Their Money: AMC Saga

Media tries to scare people out of their money: AMC saga

The media doesn’t want you to know this because their partners are going to lose a lot of money. AMC Entertainment is the #1 stock in the market right now.

AMC stock is currently up over 2000% this year and hedge funds have lost billions of dollars due to heavily shorting the stock.

While hedge funds such as Citadel and Melvin Capital were profiting with the aim to bankrupt AMC Entertainment, new movie titles are breaking pandemic records netting millions in revenue.

One thing short sellers must understand is that they cannot remove the theatrical experience people yearn for when a new movie comes out.

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Why doesn’t the media want the public investing in AMC?

Articles spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) are produced by the media who are affiliate partners to wealthy hedge funds.

The media fails to mention that AMC Entertainment is a ticking time bomb for a short squeeze. And no, AMC did not squeeze at $70 per share like the media has said it has. That was a gamma squeeze mounting up from momentum.

What is a short squeeze?

A short squeeze occurs when a stocks share price skyrockets up to astronomical numbers.

When a short squeeze occurs, hedge funds lose billions of dollars and may go bankrupt (most get bailed). Unfortunately, these hedge funds take money from pensions and other retirement accounts in order to cover their positions.

AMC has a short squeeze score of 99.93 out of 100 via. Fintel.

AMC short squeeze score fintel

AMC’s short squeeze score fluctuates from time to time and has been in the 80s and 90s for quite some time and has even reached 100/100.

The media won’t mention the extremely high probability of a short squeeze because their job is to write what they get paid to write about. And that’s to write in the favor of its hedge fund partners.

What will an AMC short squeeze mean for retail investors?

If you bought AMC stock back in February, you’re more than likely up several thousands to tens of thousands of dollars or more depending on your position.

AMC stock is up more than 1900% due to high buying pressure from the ape community. Fundamentals have had little to no effect on the actual share price of the stock, although if the market was truly based on fundamentals, AMC should have been at the current share price since the beginning of the year.

The media has attempted to mislead the public by announcing the stock squeezed or doesn’t have a squeeze play setup.

However, AMC’s stock has not squeezed and its short interest data proves AMC has the perfect setup for a short squeeze.

Short sellers have not covered their positions yet. The momentum we’re seeing in AMC is a combination of an increase in retail investors buying the stock, and positive AMC Entertainment news regarding the success of new movie titles and earnings.

These positive news have gotten new retail investors who may not be part of the ape community to buy the stock.

Is it too late to buy AMC Entertainment stock?

An AMC short squeeze essentially has no ceiling. Technical analysists predict AMC’s share price can squeeze up to the thousands of dollars per share and even reach crypto price numbers.

The reason being is that hedge funds have overleveraged their positions so much that when it comes time to close out their debt, closing out their positions will massively increase buying pressure and inevitably skyrocketing AMC to the moon.

We don’t know how many counterfeit shares hedge funds have been borrowing, but we do know that they have been heavily involved in the illegal practice of naked shorting. This strategy is essentially borrowing and trading shares they don’t own to drive the price down.

If you plan on buying AMC stock I strongly suggest you get involved with the community who is spreading this knowledge. The motive is very simple. Retail investors known as ‘apes’ are buying the stock when the price drops, and holding it through lows and gains.

The goal is financial freedom and our movie theaters back.

Why is the media trying to manipulate you?

Hedge funds understand that we are about to go through one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history.

They will do everything in their power to disrupt the community of retail investors sharing DD (due diligence), and mislead the public using bogus headlines. The media cannot scare people out of their money. The community is smarter and stronger than that.

How to prepare for the greatest wealth transfer in history

Forbes published a very good article last year that has key points to what’s occurring today with AMC Entertainment and the stock market.

They mention one-third of Americans will be hit hard by the recession, one-third will barely be able to maintain their lifestyle, and one-third of Americans will get richer.

Forbes warns that the stock market is artificially inflated with the printing of money and automated deposits from retirement accounts. “Hedge funds will sell short and take those dollars”.

Shorts will take pension money in order to begin covering their short positions. Ladies and gentlemen, AMC is the most shorted stock in the market and hedge funds have yet to cover.

The stock market and crypto market are tanking due to hedge funds liquidating (or taking profits) from their positions. I know people who’ve lost their entire 401k’s back in 2008. People are now getting back at the culprits with this trade.

The greatest transfer of wealth in history is about to take place.

How can the public become aware?

Share this post, share the knowledge. There’s a lot of amazing content creators in the community covering this on YouTube.

I’ve published several articles to help new retail investors joining the fight for their financial freedom become educated with what’s occurring.

If you’ve never invested in the stock market before, you’ll have to open a brokerage account and fund it first. Once you set this up it’s relatively easy to purchase your first shares in the market.

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Finance | Knowledge | Freedom

I never planned on covering AMC. I thought the trade was going to be simple. But when I saw the community was being bullied, I knew deep down I had to stand up.

This movement has given meaning to my blog’s tagline. It all makes so much sense now. Finance, Knowledge, Freedom. This is what I stand for.

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  1. Todd

    Well look at sprt, the hedges just used cree as a fake company to buy sprt and completely gut investors. What a blatant manipulation, no fair rules. And yes after hours everything gained goes to zero. Not fun investing. No rules or discipline. Even I had to remind robinhood via email they never counted my shares of sprt right and had me at 9 when I had 13. Not sure how that can be bungled. If you don’t babysit everything you might just lose by their poor accounting. They did make correction after I emailed them. But thei previous email to me was wrong. So we get screwed and if they make mistake you have to catch it to get a correction, nothing more. .. Regards T. I think amc might drop to 38 then rebound

  2. Rob

    Yeah I saw a Benzinga article saying something along the lines of the SEC possibly bailing out the hedge funds by allowing them to cover their short positions during after hours to avoid amc doing what gme did. This was yesterday so you might be able to find it still

    • Frank Nez

      Even if we squeeze after hours the price will be high when the market opens 🚀

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