Massive Grocery Store Is Now Being Evicted From Major Location

A massive grocery store is now being evicted from a major location, leaving employees without a job and customers in shock.

A Save A Lot store owner has been served an eviction notice with a deadline of Thursday afternoon to close the grocery store, reports The-Sun.

Employees were left helpless and pleading for the Hubbard, Ohio store – about 80 miles southeast of Cleveland – to remain open as they prepared to lose their jobs.

The grocery store employees only found out about the store closing earlier this week when managers informed them that the store must shut down by 3 pm on Thursday.

Ron Harris, the Save A Lot night shift manager, heard the eviction had to do with fixing the roof, according to local CBS affiliate WKBN.

“It’s, like, over $200,000, and he expects us to pay for it,” Harris said.

“He expects the owner of the business to pay for it, and he owns the property.”

Harris added that he was told the store is not required to fix the roof under its current lease.

The property is owned by McConnell Enterprises LLC, according to the Trumbull County Auditor’s website.

Someone from the company served the eviction notice to Save A Lot.

The landlord, Donn McConnell, did not want to evict the store as it has been able to pay its full rent, according to local NBC affiliate WFMJ.

However, the Save A Lot has only been paying enough to keep up with maintenance costs.

The sudden store closure will impact the employees as well as shoppers who relied on the location for affordable groceries.

Lorraine Adams, a cashier for the location, was sad about the store’s impending closure.

“The store is loved. It’s a great store. It’s the cleanest store in town. It’s the most affordable store in town,” she said.

“There’s going to be a lot of people who miss this place,” said Harris, the night shift manager.

Mary Tyson, a shopper at the location since its opening in 2011, said she will miss the friendliness of the staff.

“You can ask them anything, or they’ll come and show you if you’re looking for anything,” said Tyson.

“You have your regular customers, and they come in and just joke with you and ‘Hey, where have you been?’ ‘How was your surgery?’ ‘How’s your recovery going?’ You have the familiar faces. It’s like family,” said cashier Adams.

“We would like to keep the store open for the community, for the people that come in here that need us, we need them,” said Harris.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - Massive Grocery Store Is Now Being Evicted From Major Location.
Market News Today – Massive Grocery Store Is Now Being Evicted From Major Location.

A massive shoe retailer is now closing a quarter of stores following a drop of 15% in sales last year, sources confirm.

Alongside a nearly 15% revenue drop for 2023, popular shoe retailer Allbirds on Tuesday named a new CEO, replacing co-founder Joey Zwillinger.

Joe Vernachio, who has been Allbirds’ chief operating officer since 2021, will now take over the top post and join the board of directors on Friday.

Zwillinger will stay on as a board member and a special adviser to the company, according to a company press release.

Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown stepped down from the co-CEO role last year and now serves as the brand’s chief innovation officer.

At the same time, Allbirds reported earnings, with revenue for Q4 and the full year both down by about 15%.

Fourth-quarter revenue was $72 million, while full-year revenue was $254 million.

The company’s current plan to close 10 to 15 stores — about 17% to 25% of its 60-store fleet — will cost its U.S. business about $7 million to $9 million, reports Retail Dive.

“Stores remain a highly effective way to meet new customers and drive omnichannel purchasing and omnichannel purchasing is the most profitable consumer journey we can generate,” Zwillinger said.

“As we focus on renewing brand momentum and driving sustained growth in the U.S., we are leaning into our most efficient stores in key cities where we want to win.”

International revenue will also be hit with $25 million to $28 million in costs as Allbirds moves from a straight DTC model to a distributor model.

Zwillinger on a call with analysts said the distributor model is a “more profitable” go-to-market strategy and is allowing Allbirds to consider entering more international markets going forward.

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Market News Today - Massive Grocery Store Is Now Being Evicted From Major Location.
Market News Today – Massive Grocery Store Is Now Being Evicted From Major Location.

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