Citadel Faces Potential Default on Russian Tech Company

Citadel Default on Russian bonds
Market News: Citadel faces potential default on Russian bonds

Citadel is facing potential default on convertible bonds from Russia’s Yandex NV.

Yandex NV is an internet and technology company that provides an internet search engine in Russia and other international markets.

Tigran Khudaverdyan has stepped down from his roles as Executive Director and Deputy CEO at Yandex.

Citadel could default on convertible bonds worth billions.

Here’s how Russia is affecting the hedge fund.

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(Bloomberg) Tech company suspension could lead to Citadel default in Russian bonds

Yandex Russian Bonds

The Russian tech company’s U.S. shares have been suspended for more than five days, enabling bondholders to ask for repayment in full. 

Citadel just happens to be one of those bondholders who wants their money back.

The firm said it does not have the money to redeem the $1.25 billion bonds, which are meant to be exchangeable for common stock.

Yandex is one of few Russian companies with convertible bonds issued from foreign financial institutions.

And because restrictions complicate the transfer of money out of Russia, access to capital markets to raise funds any time soon seems highly unlikely.

This significantly increases the odds of Citadel having to default on their Russian bonds.

If Citadel defaults on these bonds, the hedge fund would have accrued additional losses its first quarter of 2022.

Representatives from Citadel declined to comment on the matter, according to Bloomberg.

JP Morgan Chase & Co. turns down advisory role

JP Morgan turns down advisory role
Citadel and bondholders seek advisory – JP Morgan declines

Bondholders have the right to ask to be repaid in full if the company’s shares stop trading for over five days.

However, Yandex only has $615 million in cash with only 60% of that money located outside of Russia.

This means Yandex only has approximately $369 million in liquidity.

That’s a massive difference from the $1.25 billion they owe to Citadel and other institutions affected.

Because sanctions are preventing money from leaving Russia, it’s impossible Citadel will obtain cash from the country.

Bondholders are struggling to find advisors to navigate the process.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. turned down an advisory role on the situation after participating in initial discussions.

The bank simply does not want to get involved.

Will Citadel default on these bonds?

The chances are very likely.

Margin call tension rises

Credit Suisse has been margin calling clients exposed to Russia.

In the coal industry, Peabody received a $534 million margin call.

We’ve recently seen Citadel pull back $2 billion from Gabe Plotkin’s Melvin Capital as they too have been experiencing losses.

Even as Citadel faces default on Russian bonds, the hedge fund has sent signals of distress in the past few months.

Events include from receiving a $1.2 billion lifeline from Paradigm and Sequoia to restricting customers from cashing out.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is creating losses even for short sellers during a time they would usually profit.

It seems it’s only a matter of time before hedge funds start receiving margin calls too.

But will big banks be able to bail everyone out?

What do you think?

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  1. Monique

    The Russian word for citadel is kremlin.

  2. Bea

    Citadel default? Ha ha ha ha! Citadel won’t default.

    The more I hear about the uber rich being bailed out, especially on a day like today where I’ve been handing our bagged lunch to homeless, the more I’m pro- burn the motherfuckers down.
    I’m really so disgusted at the flippant nature of all this tomfoolery. It’s like it’s rubbed in our faces.

  3. Robin Raitanen

    Will the big banks want to keep bailing them outout?

  4. Robert Weiss

    When will any of this affect AMC if at all ??? Just looking for positive hope !

  5. Richard West

    The sooner predatory market manipulating institutions like Citadel go under the better. Citadel is proof that unfettered capital markets not cannot self regulate, it also proves unregulated markets cannot be trusted either.

  6. Steven Rasof

    Surely not going to cry for Citadel….Kenneth is living a grand life on the company’s ability to make money when so many others failed as Citadel has crushed many of his fellow competitors in the industry.

  7. Jerome

    By God’s grace, this is a big catalyst. We are almost at the Promised Land. Let us continue to “Walk by Faith🙏“

  8. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion!

    • freedom

      Was not the Citadelle jet in the last days in Finland at the Russian border ?? What was probably the reason for this visit in an almost deserted area …. conspiratorial meeting, for example, in the interest chelsea football or other illegal values transactions ???

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