AMC Gets Removed From The NYSE Threshold Securities List

AMC gets removed from the NYSE threshold securities list
AMC off threshold list

Community, if it doesn’t play in our favor then it’s neutral. The game plan doesn’t change. AMC Entertainment has been removed from the NYSE threshold securities list. Retail investors are asking, why?

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AMC off threshold list
AMC off threshold list

It’s no surprise at all. Without wanting to speak on this possibility in the previous threshold securities article I published, it actually ended up happening. Hedge funds will more than likely use this rinse and repeat method which will allow them to cause more fails-to-deliver shortly after they’ve been taken off the threshold securities list.

So while they’re off the list now, expect them to be back on very soon. Rather than pay their dues on the 13th consecutive day, they let options expire with no issues. This could very well be the reason why AMC Entertainment has been taken off the threshold. It’s possible hedge funds did not let it get to the 13th consecutive day.

Why did AMC get removed from the threshold securities list?

It’s possible hedge funds drove the share price down last week in order to cover these positions allowing them to get off the threshold securities list. We saw a small spike after AMC’s share price dipped below $40. It would only make sense as to why we saw this particular movement in the price and why AMC is no longer on the threshold securities list.

Volume for call options in the money were over 15K and were exercised at $46. However, we won’t know whether these call options were executed properly or not. They could become FTDs at some point and get AMC back on the threshold.

Call options on Friday June 9th
Call options on Friday June 9th – AMC off threshold list

Now, we know hedge funds are always finding loopholes to cheat the system and to cheat their own customers, because ultimately that’s what they’re doing right now.

Even if they create this rinse and repeat process, it’s only affecting short sellers more then it is retail investors. They’re borrowing so much money without realizing they eventually have to pay it back, no matter how long they keep this play going.

Prolonging the inevitable is leading short sellers to rack up more losses even if it’s only just on paper.

Manage your expectations

I’ve said this in my Discord before, all AMC news should be viewed as extra information for the archives, right? For documentation purposes only. If it doesn’t help us retail investor out then it is only neutral to this play.

The SEC might want to look like they’re actually doing something, but we all know in reality they are just being lobbied. Could the threshold have made a difference for the community? Yes, absolutely.

However, the ultimate game plan still stands; with or without the help of the SEC. Which by the way, we’re going to continue exposing them along the way too.

Hedge funds are carrying massive debt

Customers invested in these hedge funds should know their money is not producing money at the moment. It’s being used as leverage to fuel their partners egos. Unfortunately for these clients, a lot of money will be lost. The American people in general are going to lose their pensions and life savings due to these hedge funds overleveraging their positions.

Short sellers continue to borrow money from every crevice they can find. You know what happens when you borrow money? You eventually have to pay it back.

These red days don’t matter as long as retail investors hold AMC stock. And despite the current volatility, hedge funds are losing.

It’s important to remember that a red day doesn’t mean short sellers are winning. Red days mean there’s a discount for retail investors and an opportunity for short sellers to close lower. That’s it.

AMC & GME negative beta

Community, this is something else I want to point out. AMC currently has a negative beta of -3.95 and GME has a whopping negative beta of -7.05. So what is negative beta?

Negative beta less than 0 is an inverse relation to the market and is also known to be very rare. Well, what’s occurring with both AMC and GameStop is indeed unique and rather rare.

A negative beta for AMC and GME would mean that as the market crashes, both AMC and GME will react the complete opposite.

AMC Negative Beta
AMC Negative Beta

With talks of a stock market crash, AMC and GME seem to be the best vehicles to park some money in if you’re trying to avoid a stock market crash from affecting your net worth. Negative betas tend to do better when the stock market is down.

I haven’t seen anyone else touch on this topic but this is big information. There’s a strong chance for high profitability here that many seasoned apes have already seen on paper.

And if you just got into AMC stock, know this is only the beginning for you. Patience is key to making a trade of this magnitude.

Trust the process data

Why am I telling you this? Because these analytics say everything. The data and the numbers ultimately do not lie.

The SEC can pretend to do something about the manipulation but in the end we can only trust the data.

The process is going to lead us to many highs and many lows. The process is going to be one massive learning experience. Learning patience and educating yourself about what’s occurring in the stock market are going to be the two biggest lessons.

The data however, will always be present. The data does not change whether AMC is green or whether it is red. You don’t even have to trust me nor your favorite YouTubers covering AMC and GameStop. But I do suggest that you trust the data.

The Fool won’t cover this

Have you seen any financial platforms cover this? They don’t want you to know the data. AMC will eventually make it back to the threshold securities list but it won’t matter. The ape community must continue to buy and hold the stock in order to squeeze these shorts out of their positions.

This MOASS, it’s inevitable.

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