It’s True, The Threshold Security Could Change The Game: AMC

Threshold Security AMC
The SEC’s Threshold Security protects AMC from hedge fund manipulation

Community, another domino has fallen in the AMC saga. And what did it cost us? Only patience. If you sold early in the game I’m sorry you’ve had to see this historical event progress this far without you. This threshold security could change everything.

I want to thank my Discord community for sharing this information with everyone in the group. I’m proud of you guys. You’re always looking out for one another and I see every single one of you.

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What is a threshold security?

AMC Threshold Securities
Threshold Securities AMC List

A threshold security protects stocks that have had 5 consecutive settlement days in a clearing house as “Fail-To-Delivers“. Protection from the SEC also requires that the stocks FTDs total more than 10,000 shares.

A fail-to-deliver for our new retail investors basically means that an investors trading contract, such as a call option, was not executed when it should have been. This occurs when a clearing house such as Citadel for example, does not deliver on their obligation to close the contract.

This creates fail-to-delivers which in turn limits the momentum and growth of a stocks price action. In other words, it tampers with the natural flow of a stocks growth.

FTDs and naked shorting

Another known cause for FTDs is the practice of naked short selling. This is when hedge funds trade imaginary shares that they don’t own or exist. These transactions fail to clear since the shares were never in a traders account to begin with.

This illicit activity is basically like adding zeros to a check you received without the full amount being in that account. When you get caught you’ll eventually have to pay it back. It’s that or you go to jail but we all know these sleezy people always get bail.

Well now the SEC has gotten involved and is saying no more. We’ve been heard community. And this is massive news. Here’s how this will affect AMC’s stock price.

Why is a threshold security significant to AMC?

A threshold security comes with regulations that heavily play in our favor. One of the regulations is known as rule 204. This is the one the entire community is going to be amped about.

Rule 204 requires brokers and dealers that are participants of a clearing house to close out failure-to-deliver positions.

Yes you read that correctly. Here is the source straight from the SEC’s “key points” under III. Regulation SHO.

SEC threshold securities AMC

“Closing out requires the broker or dealer to purchase or borrow securities of like kind and quantity.”


AMC Entertainment was added to the NYSE Threshold Securities list on Friday, June 25th. Section 203(b)(3) states that clearing houses must close FTDs if they persist on to 13 consecutive trading days. So because AMC made it to the list on the 25th, then this means the start of these consecutive FTDs occurred on Friday the 18th.

If FTDs continue to happen up until the 7th of July then they will be forced to close these positions.

No matter what happens, it all plays in our favor

  1. It’s a win-win situation for retail investors. If hedge funds continue to manipulate the market and generate FTDs then they’ll be obligated by law to cover the millions of dollars and shares they’ve been failing to process.
  2. On the other hand, if shorts begin to properly exercise contracts then we will begin to see momentum pick up rather quickly from executed trades. This too can create several gamma squeezes due to the amount of volume being pumped into the market.

By adding AMC Entertainment to the Threshold Securities list, the SEC is basically stepping in and calling hedge funds out on the court. It’s a way of saying things need to be done the right way or else.

I’m extremely curious to see how this will play out. Remember, all of this is only a blip in history. We’re eventually going to experience the chapter after this. I’m excited.

The manipulation is being addressed now

Well community, it seems the SEC has finally heard you. We were loud and progress has been made. July is going to be a very interesting month for retail investors. If you’re a new ape in the community then be prepared to see the massive gains us seasoned apes are currently seeing at the moment.

And for you diamond handed apes that have been holding for many months now, it only continues to get better from here on out. More dominos keep falling and the cards continue to play in our favor.

I truly feel like we have all the data at hand we could ever possibly need.

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And lastly…

Everything we’ve been talking about for months has been true. The media manipulation, the naked shorting, and now we patiently wait for the short squeeze. Finally, the biggest financial play of the century.

How are you going to celebrate when AMC Entertainment squeezes? Let me know in the comment section below. Lets have a conversation, I would love to hear it.

And if you haven’t joined my Discord community, here’s a personal invitation. This safe environment is going to provide you with the confidence you need to make sure your trade is an absolute success.

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Thank you for reading FrankNez – I look forward to providing you with tons of more value very soon.

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  1. Sree

    My cost was close to 60 and holding and gone thru heart aches each andeveryday for the last couple of months with the only one target that’s when squeeze happens.. pandemic changed our lives and livelihood so much. Have ndaughters marriage coming up in few months and need to surprise her.. and will donate 100 shares worth of $$$s to charity who addresses hunger .

    • Frank Nez


  2. Dinda

    Thank you Frank; interesting & informative article. Hats off to Your quick responses.

    • Frank Nez

      Glad I could provide value – thanks Dinda 🀝

  3. STeeL

    Hi Frank,

    Since Monday 7/5 is a non-trading day, isn’t the 13th day July 8th? That means they don’t have to start covering until July 9th at the beginning of the trading day?

    • Frank Nez

      Steel, you’re right brother. Completely forgot about the holiday weekend. Good catch

    • Bernie C.

      Hi Frank. I only have been in AMC for 5 weeks now, and still learning. Thanks for all your info. How do I know that the 57 stocks I hold are not naked, but are real shares? May be a dumb question, but I couldn’t find an answer on the internet. I lie in Canada, if that may make a difference.

      • Frank Nez

        Hey Bernie! Thanks for reaching out. We really don’t know whether we hold ‘real’ or ‘naked shares’ per say, but it doesn’t really matter. The reason being is that this now becomes the problem of the short seller. Some retail investors might have paid for these synthetics and in return making them real per say. Our transactions have already been accounted for which means we get what we paid for. With that being said, naked shorting is usually done amongst themselves. Retail investors should have no fear. If your transaction has gone through there’s nothing to worry about.


    There are all ready a plenty of laws in place yet they still break them and get slap on the wrist for doing so. I bet they consider that as part as the there routine cost of doing business.. They probably have budget for fines. But will see lots of media on this they going to have to do something. The U S security’s can not keep looking like they are looking like that have there head in the sand or they are in bed with them.

    • Frank Nez

      I agree with you 100% Alvin. The only thing we can continue to do is expose them. Other powers will make a judgement call. Thanks for your comment brother.

  5. Ryan Martini

    How much do you think we could get per share?

    • Frank Nez

      In a perfect scenario, Ryan – crypto numbers per share. We’re talking about shorts covering millions upon millions of naked shares they’ve traded, and this is without any issues from loopholes we’re unaware of. If you think about Bitcoin, it’s huge primarily because there is limited amount of it and there’s a massive demand for it. Retail investors can create this type of supply and demand. With that being said, we should also keep a close eye on the charts as this massive event continues to unfold. As more data is presented to us, the more we’ll know. As you and the community know, we will continue to share all news related to this crazy awesome opportunity. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Ryan Clary

    I will pay off my home on 17.8 acers along with other liabilities. Invest and continue to grow my apiary for agricultural tax relief, continue to protest my property taxes, educate my children about this empowering movement in order to pass this knowledge to my kids for a better life for them.

    • Frank Nez

      Love it Ryan. I too think it’s extremely important to pass down the knowledge to our kids so they get a head start.

  7. Renan Cedeno

    Frank your information is going to be life changing for me and my whole family , when my daughter gets married I would like to invite you with an all paid expense & red carpet treatment. I will pay for my daughters wedding at the Breakers here in Florida. I will be reaching out to you hopefully soon.

    • Frank Nez

      You made me smile Renan, an honor brother. I’m just happy to help. Thanks for being a part of this amazing community.

  8. Bernard

    I got in hard at $12. Never thought I would be a part of something so worthwhile. This goes beyond personal gain. While I am grateful for that, I want the markets to be legit and opportunistic for people around the world to use. What a pity when the very, very, rich become overly consumed with their own personal gain that every aspect of business has to hurt the small guys and solely make them abundantly richer. I am entrepreneurial, but one on. Particularly, I despise the fake news and false propaganda exercised during this scenario. God bless!

    • Frank Nez

      I couldn’t agree any more, Bernard. Well said. Thank you for putting your voice out there.

  9. degraziashaun

    Is there any way to compare this to when GME started showing up on the threshold list? in an effort to predict price action and what is to come?

    • Frank Nez

      The information I’ve seen on Reddit from when this occurred with GME traces all the way back to late October of 2020. GME was trading around $10-$11 during that time. It then skyrocketed in late January. All this tells us is that GME did begin squeezing several weeks after the threshold. AMC could be sooner or later, time will tell!

      • Mike Ratzel

        Any chance they temporarily halt trading on AMC, settle the FTDs, then reopen trading to mass selling?

        • Frank Nez

          You know I’m not exactly sure how that will happen. I can see the market opening to continuous gamma squeezing just on FTDs. It’s just a possible scenario of course. Price would certainly go up. I don’t think the community as a whole will begin to sell from this major jump up. You will have people taking profits from the mere excitement; however, this price action would really only be for ‘overdue’ contracts, not a short squeeze.

  10. Joseph Jaeyol Lee

    I will celebrate the win with a nice bottle of whiskey and a trip with my family.

    • Frank Nez

      Something I would do

  11. Seweryn Adam Grzegorczyk

    I will celebrate by spending 1K on dentists xD

    • Frank Nez

      Haven’t heard that one yet, nice!

  12. Johnny Lux

    It’s a Beautiful thing. β€οΈπŸ’°

    • Frank Nez

      Without a doubt brother ☝

  13. Natas

    I’m buying an Apache helicopter and a yacht to land it on

    • Frank Nez

      Now that’s what I call an entrance to the party

  14. Mama Cat

    My biggest concern, is that though the SEC has “heard” us, will they actually DO anything about all the cheating the hedgies are doing, or will they continue to look the other way?

    • Frank Nez

      Don’t underestimate the power we the people have when we unite. If the SEC cannot meet the people’s demands then they too will be exposed. Lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

  15. DM

    Thank you so much. This will truly be life changing for my family.

    • Frank Nez

      And mine, and theirs. Thanks for commenting.

  16. Chris Balcom

    As always, great read. Thank you for your perspective.

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for coming back Chris 🀝 Cool last name by the way.

      • John Dagostino

        I’m going to finally recover after losing everything in 2008 market crash. I’ve been holding since December 2020 πŸ’ŽπŸ™ŒπŸš€πŸ‘ˆ

        • Frank Nez

          Wow John, I hodl for you brother. Justice will be served πŸ¦…

  17. John kern

    Great info !!! I believe the AMC box office results this weekend couldn’t have come at a better time . The company obviously has momentum with some big Movies around the corner . If we have another 100 million volume day today , we have momentum and volume will kill the hedge fund ability to borrow enough shares to stop the stock .

    • Frank Nez

      Most definitely! Soon they will run out of borrowed shares to keep us consolidating too.

  18. Sekou

    Love your blog in general. Information is very informative and is a springboard for me to further my own research. Saw on discord about your loss, bless up brother πŸ™πŸΎ

    • Frank Nez

      Glad I can be that platform for you Sekou. And thank you brother, I really appreciate that πŸ™πŸ€

  19. Arnav Bhatiani

    Love your stuff! Keep up the good work!

    • Frank Nez

      I appreciate your comment Arnav – thanks for coming back 🀝

    • Spacepotato9000

      I just want a 1000 hp single turbo shit box from Japan and everything else goes into family and savings for the future and some part will go in a stable slowly building stock.

      • Frank Nez


        • ZZZman

          I’m going to create a group of super intelligent apes, I’ll probably call the alpha of the group Caesar (wink*wink*cough*). Honestly, I would just be happy with paying off my credit cards. Please tell me the blog/channel goes on even when we’re all apes on the moon!!

          • Frank Nez

            I’m not Frank “Caesar” Nez for no reason πŸ˜‚. Of course I’m going to keep the AMC chat on brother. We will continue to fight corruption, find new opportunities, and make a ton of money along the way.

        • Jcarman

          Hey Frank i’m a late bloomer long story. Regardless I am still in the play I only have 45 shares and i’m in slightly above today’s close 54an change.

          I haven’t had a chance to check out all of your dd and efforts regarding amc. Yet this article was literally one of the best reads I have seen to date.

          I just want to say thank you because you have added a level of determination to my overall belief in this movement.
          The little guy
          J carman

          Also with my proceeds I am going to buy brand new shopping carts with starlink GPS systems built in to them. Then gift them to all the hedge fund executives since we’re all going to be in their bentleys and what not.

          P.s. the GPS system is so they can locate all the nearby overpasses, bridges and tent cities. You know because we’re all going to be living in there penthouses and mansions.

          • Frank Nez

            Love your comment brother πŸ˜‚ thanks for reading FrankNez 🀝

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