AMC Entertainment Shares Fall to January 2021 Levels

Here is the latest AMC stock news.
Here is the latest AMC stock news.

AMC Entertainment shares have fallen below $5.

The last time shares traded at this level retail investors were aiming at squeezing short sellers from their positions.

Retailers who aimed to push AMC’s share price above $100 per share when it reached its all-time high of $72 persist on squeezing shorts today.

AMC closed at $4.89 on Monday with healthy trading volume around 28.5 million, 2 million more than its average.

The movie theatre’s market cap has fallen below 3 billion, currently at 2.5 billion.

Shareholders who are down significant amounts of dollars say market manipulation played a huge role in suppressing the demand created by retail investors.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler admitted to dark exchanges having an unfair advantage over the average investor in an interview with ‘We The Investors‘.

He even claimed that he doesn’t believe the self-regulatory organization FINRA should have the ‘best execution rule‘, which allows them to execute orders in off-exchange and dark markets.

Here’s the latest market news.

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SEC Chairman Speaks on Dark Pools

In a recent interview conducted by ‘We The Investors’, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler says he understands retail frustrations.

But retail investors were quick to give the Chairman backlash, stating actions speak louder than words.

While ‘We The Investors’ has taken a historic step towards representing the retail community in front of regulators as a whole, many retail investors remain skeptical, lacking trust from government leaders.

The SEC Chairman says that short selling is a challenging area where the SEC is still working and pursuing focus on.

One of the biggest challenges according to Chairman Gensler is that Wall Street powers will send stacks of reports highlighting rebuttals on proposals aimed at protecting retail investors.

Dave Laurer asked the SEC Chairman if dark pools suppressed the price of stock and whether retail investors could influence the price of a stock if majority of orders traded in the lit exchange.

While there was no direct answer to the suppression of price, the Chairman says that with so much trading happening off-exchange, he doesn’t think it’s a leveled playing field as dark pools give institutions an unfair advantage.

Retail investors as individuals don’t have the power to move the markets, but retail orders combined could have significant price impact, said the SEC Chairman.

“FINRA must be investigated”, says The Retail Community

Self-regulated organization FINRA has been receiving a lot of attention on social media recently.

While FINRA requires firms to be able to meet their short sale requirements as well as have a process to close out fails to deliver within their required timeframes, the organization allows the manipulation in the markets to happen.

FTDS (fails-to-deliver) are mounting up every month according to SEC data, and FINRA is unable to get firms to close out these obligations.

The retail community is calling it foul play, alleging the possibility of lobbying within the self-regulated organization.

But despite the falling prices from both AMC Entertainment and its equity (APE), the company continues to trend on social media.

Investors haven’t been scared off so easily but rather empowered to fight for transparency in the markets.

What Are Your Thoughts on AMC Entertainment?

Are you a shareholder that is still buying and holding?

Leave your thoughts down below for the community to see.

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  1. Roland Martinez

    There will b alot hungry attorneys picking up these cases plus aa needs to step it up for his shareholders he’s a selfish man he’s not defending his company because he got what he wanted he wanted the sale of his own shares than he cut out plus he also got his board of directors paid also with more shares they accumulated.

  2. Pepe

    My biggest fear is a reverse split from all the dilution

  3. Laurel McManus

    I’m an ape because my friend told me about money to be made by buying stock in AMC. I am learning about how the stock market works and how it can be manipulated by big investors and hedge funds, much to my disgust and disappointment in the system that allows this to happen. The SEC is not doing their job, as it’s become glaringly obvious. Some Republicans in Congress want to pass laws that will regulate Wall Street. It remains to be seen if that will happen. In the meantime I’m holding and hoping.

  4. Robert Ryder

    Everyone is smart enough by now to know the government and hedge funds in bed together!!@! The most hostile and crooked den of rats ever in history of country!! They aren’t even accountable!! Very sick pack of demonic greedy billionaires!!! 😞 Lying and cheating are nothing new to them!! Fake news helps keep them rolling in the money!!@! 😞

  5. FrankNez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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