AMC CEO Says He Will Not Sell Shares Any Time

Market News: AMC CEO says he will not sell shares.
Market News: AMC CEO says he will not sell shares.

Adam Aron just said on Twitter that he will not be selling AMC shares any time soon.

“Some of you forget that I currently own or will vest in about 3 million AMC shares and 3 million APE preferred units. That is an enormous incentive to do what is best for all AMC shareholders. I work in the best interests of AMC shareholders because I am one – and a big one!”, said the CEO.

Adam Aron made over $40 million between November 2021 to January 2022 when he sold millions of AMC shares while retail investors held.

The CEO has recently been criticized for not tackling the topic of naked shorting and dark pool trading considering AMC Entertainment has been victim to predatory short selling tactics.

However, many shareholders view the CEOs decision to freeze his pay raise this year and announcement to not sell shares as noble.

AMC finished 2022 down -84.65% after it had reached an all-time high of $72 per share the previous year.

The bull market in 2021 helped the movie theatre chain amass such a big following even as we entered a bear market in 2022.

And the apes aren’t leaving.

Where is AMC headed in 2023?

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Stock market news: AMC CEO says he's not selling shares any time soon.
Stock market news: AMC CEO says he’s not selling shares any time soon.

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  1. William Faust

    I think the road is going to be tough, but this whole journey for a real squeeze is worth it.

  2. Michael Lozano

    Please relay to AA , That him being such a big shareholder is respectable , but its easy to hold when you’ve made 50-60 million dollars off us APES….CAN YOU USE APE FOR R/S ??? without raping AMC.

  3. ApetardsRUs

    Good, becasue I’m not buying any shares anytime soon. Stalemate.

  4. FrankNez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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