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AMC Stock news today
Business news: AMC Stock News today.

Where exactly is AMC stock going? Will AMC stock go up?

The movie theatre chain stock has broken below its major level of support, now trading below $5 per share.

CEO Adam Aron mentioned shareholders will be able to vote on converting APE equity into AMC common shares, plus a reverse stock split.

APE shares have risen over 140% in the past 5-trading days despite AMC stock trending downward.

The company has had great success this year with a ton of great box office hits such as Top Gun: Maverick ($718M), Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ($427.3M), Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness ($411.3M), and Jurassic World: Dominion ($376M).

Still, Wall Street critics continue to bet against AMC Entertainment despite the popularity of movie theatres coming back.

Here are the latest AMC news and updates.

Why is AMC Stock Down?

Why is AMC stock down?

AMC closed at $4.40 on Friday the 23rd before the Christmas holiday.

The company is still seeing large intraday trading volume with many days going above the average of 26.9 million.

Fintel is report AMC’s short interest at 19.42% which means AMC Entertainment is currently heavily shorted.

Dark pools and off exchange trading have suppressed the stock from making any real moves towards the upside.

We can see that the demand for the stock has been high, but the agenda has kept the markets low as we see clearer warning signs of an upcoming recession in 2023.

Many investors have displayed resentment towards the CEO for not addressing manipulative short selling, a blatant practice that has been occurring since the inception of the ‘meme stock’ frenzy.

While many AMC shareholders are exuberant to demonstrate their support for the company, others are looking for the next major leg up to exit their positions.

Is A Reverse Stock Split Underway?

AMC Theatres published a press release detailing an upcoming shareholder meeting that will allow investors to vote on the conversion of APE equity to AMC common stock, and an AMC 1:10 reverse stock split.

So far, more than 72% of nearly 7,000 AMC shareholders said on Twitter they will vote ‘YES’ on the reverse stock split.

The 27% of shareholders who said they don’t support the proposal say this form of ‘dilution’ is not beneficial long term, even if it does buy the company time.

While a reverse stock split is not commonly viewed as a positive outlook for a company, it certainly has its advantages.

Even so, shareholders have spent a lot of money and a lot of time accumulating their shares.

A reverse stock split means shareholders would lose 90% of their shares while still holding the same value at a higher share price.

If you’re a shareholder, leave your thoughts in the comment section on this.

Did you vote ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ for an AMC reverse stock split?

Where is AMC Stock Going?

Where is AMC stock going?

So, where is AMC stock going?

With so much uncertainty in the market and within the business itself, a high probability outlook is more of a 50/50 chance in either direction.

But that’s an investment, right?

The company has more debt than it is generating revenue, but it also has a very strong retail base that continues to arm it with liquidity.

AMC without its shareholders may fall into the 50% loyal movie fanatics will not want to see it in.

With a strong shareholder base behind the company, however, means the company has time on its side to turn fully positive.

But I’m curious to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts below.

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    Fintel and the SEC should be sued for corruption. AMC should be sued for lack of support.


    Mr. Service, go back to school. If you bought AMC at $55 per share like many of us did then you’ve already lost a shit load of money. Having a reverse split is a fucking disaster. Who cares if the value is the same today. The price per share would have to reach $550 per share to break even. Do you see that happening?


    For the love of God people! How does a reverse split help? The stock was already at $72 and now it’s under $4. A reverse split dilutes everyone’s shares and doesn’t guarantee the price will go up. Now that the reverse split is out in the open, brokerage houses will manipulate the price to $1. And then what? Adam Aron is not protecting his shareholders. He already cashed out 10 billion for himself. We saved his company and he’s fucking all of us.

  4. pat mcveigh

    you are such a fraud i want to know how many shares you still have

  5. Wes

    There is nothing to stop them from shorting it back down to these levels after a split and we would have 90% less shares, I don’t understand why AA sold ape at .75 cents a share, when he could have sold at 6 dollars, 5 dollars, 4 dollars ect……

  6. T.

    We need a market that does not short , case closed on This is robbery at a high level most don’t understand the market is askew very corrupt and created only for SHORTS.

  7. Mr Goodrich

    What makes you think they wont attack it again and short it down to where we are now? Then we have less shares. Also , I’m im n it for the moass. If it reaches 20,000 that means I have less chances to sell. Why would I want that?

    • Robin Raitanen

      I don’t like the reverse stock split.have not seen good out comes.would need to be convinced more to vote for it.

  8. Joseph Nowo

    A reverse split will help AMC but it hides the loss in value of the shares, I became a shareholder long before AMC became a MEME stock or before an APE existed because I value the product AMC offers; they offer a high caliber place to view movies and I have been a customer since the 90’s when they opened their chain near me. I believe the stock is undervalued, I believe AMC diluted the value by increasing share offering despite increasing income. A reverse split was probably the plan from the start when the increased shares were offered so I’m ok with the reverse split but I’m voting against it as I do not believe it will lead to an increased value in the remaining shares, it will lead to further short sales as this move does not instill confidence in the company in the marketplace.

  9. aaron service

    I think it’s a very good move to save the company and with this reverse split and puts AMC shares on the hard to borrow list which is exactly what we need. There are so many positives to this but a lot of people don’t understand what the fuck they are talking about when it comes to the stock market.
    They will still have the same value in their portfolio which should put everyone at ease but yet it doesn’t. So if we were to convert APE but not do the reverse split then we’re just going to get short attack again and being the same situation and I don’t understand why the fuck people want that to happen but oh well 🤦

    I’m voting yes on everything

  10. Vincent Santulli

    I think investing in AMC is becoming more speculative in this current environment. That being said , limit your exposure and find solid companies that will grow and pay dividends.

  11. Mario

    The RS will destroy everyone’s portfolio. If this goes through I will never spend another dime at amc theatre or anything amc.

  12. T

    The market is a lost cause that does nothing but interfere in your privacy to make a fat cat richer.

  13. FrankNez

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