A Massive Restaurant Is Now Closing All Its Locations

A massive restaurant is now closing all its locations, leaving customers upset and confused, sources report.

JR’s Hometown Grill & Pub had several restaurants in Michigan and they were particularly known for their burgers.

The chain’s owner, Robert Loudermilk, blamed the closure on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, rebuilding staff, increasing costs, and decreasing sales and revenue, according to MLive.

“I am thankful to all the wonderful staff and friends for the support over the years and always tried to be a positive impact on each community we were blessed to be a part of,” the owner said on a social media post.

“For the last year and a half, I have solely taken upon myself the financial burden of the business.

“The inability to secure long-term capital has forced this decision on me.”

This chain had locations in Adrian, Tecumseh, Milan, and Brooklyn, which were all in southeast Michigan.

The branch in Adrian has been open for 15 years but will shut its doors in a few days, reports The-Sun.

The location in Adrian is set to close on January 28 and the other three locations closed on January 23.

Customers with gift cards have been informed that they can be redeemed at the Adrian location while it remains open.

Loudermilk told local news station WLEN that he was upset to close his restaurants and for the dozens of employees that had worked there.

Customers and locals were left devastated by the news with many taking to Facebook to share their thoughts.

“They was always busy when I went there,” one person said.

Another diner also shared why they were shocked at the abrupt news.

“Wow… well, this is really disappointing,” another former customer said.

“I thought they were doing well… the place was always packed .. i always enjoyed going there and the food was good.”

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Market News Today - A Massive Restaurant Is Now Closing All Its Locations.
Market News Today – A Massive Restaurant Is Now Closing All Its Locations.

Massive retailers now close in a state due to theft, which has driven away a significant number of customers, sources report.

NIKE, Target, and other profitable chain stores have closed various locations after a city was pummeled by thefts, reports The-Sun.

Portland, Oregon has been struggling to battle retail theft, which has driven away a significant number of retailers, said the news outlet.

These include Nike, Target, and REI, who’ve tried to collaborate with police officers to minimize theft, per The Wall Street Journal.

The city and the retailers struggled to address retail crime and seemed unable to find a solution according to emails obtained by the publication.

The problem continued to snowball, resulting in various retailers making the decision to close the locations while claiming that the city didn’t provide sufficient support.

“Everything was working except for the theft,” said James Lampus, a landlord for a Nike store based in Portland.

He explained that the store considered multiple options before deciding to close, including redesigning the space and limiting the amount of customers allowed at a time.

“People on the retail side were exhausted,” he continued.

Portland has struggled with rising cases of homelessness, violent crimes, and residents who are leaving the city in search of better opportunities.

Shoplifting cases were up 22% at the start of 2023, with the city reporting higher numbers than other cities that were surveyed.

Industry executives have called for more collaboration with law enforcement, saying that rising retail crime rates are hurting store safety and company profits.

To combat theft, companies are locking up more products and some are even holding their own investigations to find suspects.

Just this month, governors Gavin Newsom and Kathy Hochul of California and New York respectively called for new legislation against retail theft.

These would include measures that would add or expand criminal penalties on those who profit from, theft or assault on retail workers.

In Portland, leaders said the crime stats don’t give the full picture.

There’s a change in consumer spending, causing a shift in business strategies and negotiations with landlords that play a role in how retailers make decisions.

The city is also setting aside district attorneys to focus on prosecuting shoplifters, said Andrew Fitzpatrick, Portland’s director of economic development.

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Market News Today - A Massive Restaurant Is Now Closing All Its Locations.
Market News Today – A Massive Restaurant Is Now Closing All Its Locations.

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