Not all Forex brokerage companies get the right amount of attention deserving of the quality of service they offer. This is the reason why independent trading organizations like Traders Union go out and beyond reviewing hundreds of brokers worldwide to find ones truly worth investing in. In this article TU experts provide an overview of Evolve Markets and AMP Global brokers, shedding light on their features, strengths, and insights for traders.

Evolve Markets review 

Evolve Markets is one of the Forex brokers that made it to Traders Union’s shortlist in 2024. The company was founded in 2016 claiming to be a high-leverage platform with no minimum deposit requirement. It observes a 1:1000 leverage for Forex, 1:500 for commodities and indices, and 1:100 for cryptocurrency and stocks. This allows traders to place bets bigger than their initial margins in hopes of achieving high profits at the shortest possible time. 

In addition, customers are presented with 100 trading assets which creates flexibility to trade the most fluid asset classes at any given moment, while observing a no withdrawal fee policy which gives users a huge amount of discount from transaction fees. 

On the downside, regulation and license are a loophole, with the company holding only one license issued by the MWALI International Services Authority. The regulatory body is not listed among top-tier licensing bodies worldwide which creates questions on the safety of client funds. 

Evolve Markets TU overall score

With its lack of a strong licensing regime, Traders Union has awarded Evolve Markets with a 1.45 out of 10.00 score in the regulation and safety category. The broker clinched a 6.30 out of 10.00 in the TU Overall Score, ranking 58th among 383 companies featured in the ranking during the period. 

Companies with scores between 5.00 to 6.99 are considered moderate risk. They are mostly reliable but are recommended for thorough checking before funding a real account. More importantly, TU experts advise interested traders to check if the broker operates legally in their country of residence to ensure the safety of funds.

AMP Global review

For traders planning to explore brokers with better regulatory protection, Traders Union has placed AMP Global at the forefront. 

The Nwsbtc published an article, based on Traders Union insights. The AMP Global broker is one of the best-regulated platforms in the Forex scene as highlighted in this article. Moreover, the platform is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), a tier-1 finance body trusted by millions of traders in the financial markets.

Based in Chicago, United States, AMP Global opened its subsidiary in Europe in 2010 to expand its base beyond North America. Currently, its biggest clientele is located in the US (15.31%), Italy (14.37%), Russia (12.89%), Mexico (10.54%), and Colombia (7.97%).

Pros and cons of AMP Global

On the positive side, AMP Global has a moderate leverage of 1:100 which makes sure that traders can only increase their buying power at a minimum amount. Some high-leverage companies carry high risk which leads to irreparable losses, especially for beginner traders. Another, the broker currently offers an affiliate referral program that allows traders to earn passive income every time they successfully recruit a new user into using the platform. It is worth mentioning that AMP Global is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund which acts as a safety net for client funds in the event of a force majeure or a dispute. 

Additionally, TU experts explore the drawbacks of AMP Global. The analysts noted that the platform caters primarily to experienced traders with a good knowledge of the ins and outs of Forex. This is evident in its relatively high minimum deposit of $100 which is higher than those offered by top brokers like RoboForex. 

Traders Union methodology

Traders Union has used their tried-and-tested TU Evaluation Methodology to assess the companies and assign their respective scores.  The methodology has been in use since the last decade and experts have consistently evaluated it for points of improvement since its launch. It analyzes each broker across 100 standard evaluation criteria focusing on brokers’ financial stability, reliability, safety, trading conditions, and service work. 

Additional factors such as the speed and user-friendliness of the site, speed of registration when opening a new account, availability of educational materials, presence of a demo account, frequency of publications of materials in their YouTube channel, and customer reviews have also been accounted for. The result is a comprehensive and unbiased scoring system that places brokers who tick all boxes on top, while still highlighting points for improvement for better customer experience. 


Investing in currency trading can be an exciting endeavor, but choosing the right broker is crucial for success. While Evolve Markets offers exciting features like high leverage and no withdrawal fees, its lack of robust regulation raises concerns about fund safety. Traders Union recommends a 1.45 out of 10 for it in terms of regulation and an overall score of 6.3, placing it in the moderate-risk category.

For those prioritizing security, AMP Global presents a compelling option. With licenses from top regulators like CySEC and BaFin, it guarantees a safer environment for investments. On the downside, its minimum deposit is higher than some competitors, garnering it a 5.14 overall score from Traders Union. Ultimately, the ideal broker depends on individual needs and risk tolerance. Traders are advised to practice due diligence at all times. 

About the author

The article was written by Oleg Tkachenko, an economist-analyst and risk manager with seven years of hands-on experience in financial institutions.