A Massive Grocery Chain Now Prepares To Close Last Store

A massive grocery chain now prepares to close its last store in a particular city with sales of up to 30% off items.

Save-A-Lot has confirmed the closure of its only grocery store in the city of West Allis, Wisconsin.

The location will shutter May 20th.

Items are currently discounted by up to 30%, a sign on the door reads.

Shoppers in West Allis will no longer be able to visit their favorite discount grocer without having to travel seven miles to the nearest Save-A-Lot location in Milwaukee, reports The-Sun.

Some customers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that they would now start shopping at Aldi instead.

One shopper, Mary Assad, told the outlet she was sad but not surprised to see the Save-A-Lot go.

“We felt that they were going to close because sometimes they don’t have food on the shelf,” she said.

“They’re not stocked up. So I don’t know. I wish they were not closing. It’s a good store.”

Others shared their thoughts on Facebook.

“I Love Save-a-lot, even if I don’t shop there that much. It should be considered a landmark!” wrote one.

“That’s too bad, seniors like smaller stores,” commented another.

Save-A-Lot is not the only grocery chain closing stores.

Last month, Foxtrot and Dom’s Market announced the sudden closure of 35 stores.

The stores affected included all locations in Chicago, Austin, Dallas, and the D.C. area.

Big chains are also shuttering locations.

Walmart has closed six stores so far in 2024, with a seventh closure on the way.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market store in the Fair Park neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin will close for good May 17.

It follows the shuttering of four stores in California, one in Ohio, and one in Maryland.

Meanwhile, a discount grocery chain is closing all 371 locations due to bankruptcy.

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Market News Today - A Massive Grocery Chain Now Prepares To Close Last Store.
Market News Today – A Massive Grocery Chain Now Prepares To Close Last Store.

A massive furniture store is now closing after 100 years in business with no plans to keep operations running, sources confirm.

Union Furniture Company first opened in 1912, four months after the sinking of the Titanic.

Despite shifts in ownership throughout the years, the Becker family was able to keep the store’s doors open in Macon, Georgia, just over 80 miles south of Atlanta, until recently.

Simon Becker, the grandson of the store founder and his namesake, told LOCAL CBS affiliate WMAZ that he has been with the company since 1984.

“I spent 40 years here,” Becker said.

“My father and my uncle before me, my grandfather before that.”

He revealed to the outlet that approximately nine months ago, he decided he would need to close the store.

“But I don’t have anybody following me, so it was going to happen either now or sometime in the relatively near future anyway,” Becker said.

For 112 years, the Union Furniture Company has sold couches, coffee tables, washers, and more.

Becker told the outlet that the store has had repeat customers that go back 20, 30, and even 40 years.

“We’ve had the grandchildren of people we’ve done business with, do business with,” he said.

He called the decision to close “difficult” and “very emotional”, reports The-Sun.

Becker is planning to host a closing sale at the Macon store starting on Wednesday, April 24.

Everything in store is set to be sold with discounts as high as 50% off.

Once everything is gone, Becker said the store will officially close.

He told the outlet that he and his family are grateful to the Macon community that has been their home for decades.

“So thankful to the community for everything that they’ve done for us and we’ve done for them as well,” he said.

“Providing furniture for generations of people in the Macon community.”

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Market News Today - A Massive Grocery Chain Now Prepares To Close Last Store.
Market News Today – A Massive Grocery Chain Now Prepares To Close Last Store.

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