A Luxury Clothing Retailer Now Makes Unexpected Layoffs

A luxury clothing retailer now makes unexpected layoffs, part of a new ‘organizational structure’, the company announced.

Canada Goose is cutting its corporate roles by 17%, the luxury outerwear brand said on Tuesday.

That includes some shakeup among executives, including the March 19 departure of Chief Operating Officer John Moran, per a company press release.

Beth Clymer, who is president of finance, strategy and administration, will add operations to her role.

Carrie Baker, president of brand and commercial, will expand her responsibilities to also include design, working closely with CEO Dani Reiss.

And Chief Transformation Officer Daniel Binder will now also oversee global stores in addition to responsibilities in sales planning and operations.

This strategic review and realignment of resources come as Canada Goose faces declines, particularly in North America, challenged comp sales and slowing sales in China, even in cold weather favorable to sales of its gear, reports The Dive.

The brand is realigning its teams to ensure its resources effectively fuel growth, Reiss said in a statement.

“We are focused on achieving efficiency and margin expansion, while investing in key initiatives – brand, design and best-in-class operations – that will powerfully position our iconic performance luxury brand to deliver long-term growth,” he said.

“While the decision to reduce our workforce was difficult, it was the right decision to put our business in the best position for the future.”

In early 2023, the brand had announced it would double its brick-and-mortar footprint over five years.

But a year on, after a disappointing Q3 report, Evercore analysts suggested that was likely to be scaled back.

That would mean pulling back at least somewhat on its direct-to-consumer ambitions.

As at Nike, Canada Goose turned to direct-to-consumer sales to boost margins.

In February Wells Fargo analysts led by Ike Boruchow said that Canada Goose’s DTC strategy “needs to be re-evaluated.”

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A Luxury Clothing Retailer Now Makes Unexpected Layoffs.
Market News Today – A Luxury Clothing Retailer Now Makes Unexpected Layoffs.

A grocery brand is now led into an unexpected bankruptcy due to a whopping $7,000,000 loss after mishandling its product.

Freirich officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday, March 20.

In an email to its business partners, CEO Paul Bardinas explained what happened and outlined what’s next for the company.

“Our Chapter 11 filing was a result of a large one-time financial loss ($7,000,000) due to the mishandling of 1.2 million pounds [of] our product by a third-party cold-storage facility,” Bardinas wrote.

“This significant loss, which we are seeking to recover, left us with little choice but to seek the court’s protection to safeguard our business, employees, and business partners as we proceed with that effort.”

On the bankruptcy form companies must fill out when they file for Chapter 11 protection, Freirich checked off a debt range of $10 million to $50 million, reports TheStreet.

The CEO wanted to make clear that its actual debt was in the low end of that range.

“Our debt has never exceeded $10.5 million, and, in fact, for most of every year we would operate debt-free.

We only tapped our credit line in the first quarter to fund our St. Patrick’s Day production,” he explained.

The timing of the company’s product loss was a major part of why it had to file for bankruptcy.

“Unfortunately, this loss did occur at the worst possible time, when we did borrow a significant amount of money to finance our St. Patrick’s Day retail corned beef operations and inventory, and it affected a significant portion of that corned beef,” Bardinas added.

“Bankruptcy protection will enable our company to safeguard our business, employees, customers, and partners while we seek to recover our financial loss and propose a plan to restructure our debt, renegotiate contracts, and streamline the company in order to emerge from this process with a much stronger balance sheet,” the CEO wrote.

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Market News Today - A Luxury Clothing Retailer Now Makes Unexpected Layoffs.
Market News Today – A Luxury Clothing Retailer Now Makes Unexpected Layoffs.

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