A Closing Grocery Store Is Now Launching A Fire Sale

A closing grocery store is now launching a fire sale of up to 75% off items as it sets to shut down in just a few days.

Amazon fans in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood will have to travel elsewhere for their grocery needs, as the company’s Fresh location is reportedly set to close on Sunday, reports The-Sun.

Employees were informed on Wednesday that the store closure is apart of Amazon’s previously announced plans to adjust its grocery business, according to The Seattle Times.

The Fresh grocery store, located on Pike Street, closed Wednesday and Thursday, but was expected to reopen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for their closing sales.

Items are set to be discounted at 75% off.

Employees will still reportedly remain working at the location until April 20, however customers will no longer be able to make purchases after Sunday.

The Seattle location is one of more than 40 Amazon Fresh stores across the country including two others in the Seattle area on Jackson Street and Aurora Avenue.

The upcoming closure is not expected to result in layoffs for the Capitol Hill employees.

The store’s regional manager reportedly informed employees on Wednesday that they would be given the opportunity to transfer to another location or collect severance.

“Tough news to share with you guys but we’re very proud of everything you’ve been able to do to keep this store going the past couple of years,” the manager reportedly said, according meeting notes obtained by The Seattle Times.

“We’re really excited to hopefully see you guys at some of our other stores to help us with some really big projects.”

Amazon confirmed the closure to the outlet on Wednesday.

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Market News Today - A Closing Grocery Store Is Now Launching A Fire Sale.
Market News Today – A Closing Grocery Store Is Now Launching A Fire Sale.

A restaurant now makes an unexpected closure of 27 locations as employees blast the company for their lack of transparency.

Mod Pizza abruptly shut down at least 27 stores, including five in California, where workers are now left without a paycheck.

Employees at the pizzeria’s location in Clovis, about nine miles north of Fresno, ripped the company, saying they were given a two-day notice their store would shut down, reports The US Sun.

“If they would have gone about it in a better way,” the store’s former assistant manager told Fox affiliate KMPH-TV.

“I feel like I would have, I would feel better about it, but just the lack of notice and all of a sudden just, you know, the hacks for everybody. It’s just disheartening.”

A former shift manager was also upset about how the company went about the shutdown.

“It’s saddened me the way things were done,” the location’s former shift leader told the outlet, adding workers were informed two days before their final shift.

“It definitely was a shock considering that we were kind of told that we had job security.”

The shift leader believes the company pulled the move because of the new $20-an-hour minimum wage legislation for fast food workers in California.

“For the extra money, yeah, I mean, nobody is going to turn down a raise, but at the end of the day, with repercussions like this, was it worth it?” he told KMPH-TV.

“It just kind of seemed like the right timing, two weeks before all of the fast food locations in California got that increase that we closed,” another fired worker said.

Each of the 15 laid-off employees was given a $2,000 severance.

Several diners believe the pizzeria’s sudden closure is due to the new minimum wage for fast food employees.

“The consequences of an unsustainable minimum wage,” one person commented on Facebook.

Another said, “Just the beginning.”

“Hang on to your hats, folks. There’s more to come. Layoffs, closures, etc. This is such a shame,” a third person wrote.

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Market News Today - A Closing Grocery Store Is Now Launching A Fire Sale.
Market News Today – A Closing Grocery Store Is Now Launching A Fire Sale.

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