3 Ways Retail Investors Can Fight Back Market Manipulation

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New retail investors might not be too familiar with handling market manipulation. Investors buying and holding momentum stocks on the other hand, know just what to do.

If you’ve recently purchased AMC or GME stock you might have noticed there’s a financial war between retail investors and short sellers. It’s all psychological warfare at this point. And retail is winning.


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I began purchasing shares of AMC stock back in early February when most of us thought the short squeeze was going to be quick. Little did we know that our investing community would face immense pushback from hedge funds and short sellers alike.

Yahoo Finance, InvestorPlace, and MarketWatch were attacking the community and the data at hand. That’s when I decided to step in and publish the data that mainstream media was trying to hide.

In other words, I had to stop the bullying that was taking place. Today, I fight these shill platforms for the community. Here’s how we can fight back market manipulation together.

#1. Defend The Data

Ortex has revealed to technical analysts the data behind an AMC and GameStop short squeeze setup. The short interest is high, utilization is almost at 100%, and the shares on loan are a whopping 100+ million!

These numbers have remained high all year. The data has not changed. If AMC and GameStop were dead, you’d see these number collapse throughout the year. However, short sellers keep borrowing stock to drive the price down.

This means shorts have not been squeezed from their positions.

Dark Pools And Naked Shorting Are Very Real

The AMC community has made enough noise to get the message heard. Hedge funds are overleveraged. CNBC, FOX Business, and the SEC have finally gone public about these very real problems in the market.

From stuttering anchors to $1 dollar ‘expert analysts’, opposing forces have difficulty taking the ‘L’. The democratic party is even getting together to broaden consequences for hedge funds in the market.

Proposal NSCC-2021-021 will also take effect end of August to protect retail investors from naked shorting and failure-to-delivers.

So, what can retail investors do? Remember, present, and protect the data when FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) challenges you. Be patient with new retail investors as they do not have all the data at hand. Which brings me to the second point.

#2. Forward The Data

If you’re invested in AMC or GME stock, it’s more than likely because someone forwarded you some sort of data, correct? Someone said, “you have to look at this!”.

While the ultimate play here is a short squeeze, some new retail investors do not understand why there is pushback. They don’t understand why AMC stock or GME stock is being driven down despite the volume and bullish sentiment.

As a community, we should be helping one another out. Share a tweet of important data, an updated article, a YouTube video, just share something that’s going to armor up the community.

You Are The Change

If you’re a seasoned ape in the momentum stock community, tell me I’m wrong. You got someone to invest in AMC stock and now they’re up significant amount of money on paper. They’ve more than likely never had that much money in their lives.

I know this first hand because I have family who are in the same shoes. They’re holding for MOASS (mother of all short squeezes), although they can simply take several tens of thousands in profit at the moment.

When you share a piece of content with valuable information, you can change the life of another person. That’s what Trey did for most of us. He showed us technical information and we were prepared to make change happen in our own lives.

Now it’s time for us to continue sharing the data until we squeeze shorts out of their positions. Because after this play, there’s going to be several other plays.

#3. Remain Positive And Be Patient

Detach your emotions from the stock when it is being heavily shorted, but celebrate the small wins. You will not attract abundance into your life if you have a worried mindset.

Negativity will attract negativity and you will lose this trade. Remain positive and give thanks for the opportunity at hand. Your patience will be a test. How bad do you want it? Do you want it bad enough to hodl longer? To hodl through the uncovering of the manipulation?

Nothing great ever comes easy. If it did, seasoned apes would be rich already and new retail investors would have never gotten the chance to get in. Everything that is happening right now is part of the process and has to happen exactly this way.

The questions is, will you let negativity rid you of the possibilities? Or will a positive mind space contribute to the successful trade you’re about to make?

Setbacks Are Part of Life


Don’t focus on the things that are out of your control but rather on the things that are in your control. Give regulation the benefit of the doubt, it won’t hurt you. These news either help retail investors or they are neutral.

But share the news instead of dismissing it. By dismissing it, you dismiss your probability of attracting this trade. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, focus on everything that can go right.

Share this with an ape that needs to hear it.

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