Work Truck Says Mullen is Now Transforming the EV Market

Market News Daily - Work Truck Says Mullen is Now Transforming the EV Market.
Market News Daily – Work Truck Says Mullen is Now Transforming the EV Market.

Work Truck says Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) is now transforming the EV market as the company sets to close the gap between the EV and government fleet commercial industry.

“Unlike traditional OEMs with a focus on retail, we recognize that fleets are struggling to obtain their requested orders due to allocation of vehicles,” Schwegman, Chief Commercial Officer at Mullen Automotive explained.

“With unmet needs and our products perfectly suited for the commercial market, Mullen is strategically aligned to assist fleets in meeting mandated electrification requirements and enrichen their electric vehicle portfolios.”

Schwegman added that filling these gaps and immediately reducing carbon emissions is why Mullen launched its “Fleet-First Strategy” targeting commercial production.

“We are excited to launch and bring to market two commercial products this year, our all-electric Class 1 Cargo Van and our all-electric Class 3 Low-Cab-Forward,” he said.

As Mullen commences production of its commercial vehicles, the company is also developing solutions to support end-users.

Mullen’s advanced in-house telematics includes maintenance alerts, real-time vehicle location, driver safety monitoring, and battery tracking, says Work Truck Online.

“Today, Mullen has two manufacturing facilities with plenty of capacity to produce both our commercial and retail vehicles. By investing in a complimentary commercial brand, Bollinger Motors, our vehicle line expands across the entire light- and medium-duty truck industry covering Classes 1 through 6,” Schwegman explained.

Latest Mullen Automotive Innovation

Market News Daily - Work Truck Says Mullen is Now Transforming the EV Market.
Market News Daily – Work Truck Says Mullen is Now Transforming the EV Market.

Mullen Automotive announced in June it has launched new AI tech across all EV lineups.

The new AI technology will be able to recognize faces and bridge the gap between driver and vehicle by personalizing the vehicle experience.

Mullen says the integration of AI-powered PERSONA vehicle technology will go into all of its commercial and consumer vehicle lineups. 

PERSONA, originally developed for the Mullen FIVE, is an advanced interactive AI camera/sensor and video monitoring system that utilizes facial recognition technology to unlock/lock vehicles and completely personalize the overall vehicle experience for the driver.

In addition to unlocking the vehicle and customizing driver-specific vehicle settings, initial PERSONA functionality will also include Security Fence, Pet and Occupant Safe Mode, Advanced Vehicle Charging, and AI-Powered Emergency Response.

“PERSONA was first consumer tested on the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover during the 2022 “Strikingly Different” U.S. Tour.

Firsthand feedback received and survey data from the tour were extremely positive, with a majority of the participants indicating that PERSONA was a unique technology and concept they could see themselves using.”

An ideal commercial use case scenario for PERSONA is with high-volume package, last-mile delivery cargo vans, promoting greater delivery efficiency and driver safety.

In many cases, drivers on high-volume routes with multiple stops on each street are required to secure their delivery vehicle before each package delivery.

Another example of PERSONA use case is in the Bollinger B1 SUV in an off-grid scenario, where the B1 owner needs the ability to secure valuables, such as smartphones, keys, wallets, etc., in the vehicle.

With facial recognition unlocking and “Camp Mode” enabled in the vehicle, the driver would be able to hike or swim without worrying about their valuables.

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Market News Today - Work Truck Says Mullen is Now Transforming the EV Market.
Market News Today – Work Truck Says Mullen is Now Transforming the EV Market.

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