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We’re starting a clean slate for the new year, and our finances are not where we thought they would be.

This applies to TWO kinds of people.

Maybe you slacked off, could have tried harder, or faced a year of nonstop setbacks which affected your finances deeply.

Or perhaps you had a great year but aren’t satisfied with your results due to your ambitious characteristics.

In this article, I want to zoom out and bring into perspective what is holding us back from reaching our financial goals.

And how sometimes these financial setbacks are actually part of a big financial setup for a financial breakthrough.

Let’s get started.

What to Do If Your Income Decreased?

If your income decreased, you need to first identify why it decreased.

Did your job cut hours? Lose a job? Did your business revenue drop?

Or did you take more days off this year? Were you distracted by things that took your time away from being productive?

These are all very real scenarios that we as human beings experience in life.

The incredible thing is that no matter what you identified as being the problem, there’s an actual solution to it.

For example:

If your job cut your hours or let you go, what could you have done outside your comfort zone to fill in those hours or get back in the game?

Could you perhaps have started a side hustle or looked for a part-time?


If your business revenue dropped, identify why it dropped with full accountability.

Did demand drop? If so, what new systems can you put in place to offset any uncontrolled losses?

Or were you distracted? Which distractions took valuable time away from you?

We Failed to Step Outside Our Comfort Zone

Often times when we aren’t living the lives we hope to live, it’s because we continuously fail to step outside of our comfort zone.

Stepping outside our comfort zone, while painful and even challenging in most cases, forces us to do things differently.

It forces us to push forward when it gets tough.

And it helps us build the required discipline to excel to higher heights.

But what if you did step outside your comfort zone and you lost a lot of money?

The answer to this question has to do with risk management.

At some point in life, we will be forced to face the consequences of lacking a proper risk management system.

Whether you invested a lot of money in the stock market, real estate, in a business, or in self-developing skills, proper risk management is what will save you from going to $0.

See, whether you lost a lot of money, went to $0, or even negative doesn’t matter.

It’s what you learn from these experiences that matters.

Unfortunately, we don’t have mentors that teach us this about life and finances; it’s really all just a learning game.

Why Your Financial Setback is Actually a Financial Setup

financial setback
Why aren’t our finances where we want them to be?

You could have had a great financial year and still view it as a setback compared to previous years.

How we view a financial setback is completely tailored to each individual.

Someone’s setback might be someone’s dream or goal.

Perhaps your setback is setting you up to start somewhere new, or something new.

A setback isn’t the end of the world, but rather the beginning of a new one.

And if you’re able to fearlessly conquer adversity every time it shows, each setback, even as you feel you’re falling, will only be a step back in a much higher staircase than you once previously were.

You will look back and see how much you’ve grown; despite what new adversity you face today.

The only solution to move forward and to move beyond the pain, is yours to discover.

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