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AMC Q2 Earnings Highlights (2022)

AMC Q2 Earnings Highlights
Market News: AMC beats earnings Q2 2022

AMC Q2 earnings have shareholders excited for the future.

The movie theatre chain company had its best 2nd quarter in 3 years, seating more than 59 million guests, up 61% from two years prior.

But perhaps the biggest news yet for AMC Entertainment is its new and upcoming stock dividend, $APE.

Which I’ll discuss more about below.

Did AMC’s Q2 earnings live up to its hype?

Be sure to join the discussion at the end of the article and let the community know your thoughts.

Here are AMC Q2 earnings highlights for 2022.


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AMC yields positive results for Q2 2022

AMC Entertainment announced it had its best Q2 in 3 years, up 61% from its previous two years according to CEO Adam Aron.

The company was able to seat more than 59 million guests worldwide in Q2 alone, due to massive titles such as Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and Top Gun: Maverick.

Top Gun Maverick is currently the highest grossing film this year nearing $1.3 billion at the box office.

In Q2, AMC had $52 million of positive operating cash flow and $107 million positive EBITDA, which is relative to the strength of a company.

The company ended Q2 with $1.18 billion in liquidity, a trend we’ve seen in the past with Q1 of 2022.

AMC announced it had reduced its deferred rent by more than $250 million and plans to reduce it by another $40 million ending the year.

While AMC has become a target for Wall Street firms and journalists, it looks like opposers will continue to eat crow for the time being.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has become a force to be reckoned with.

AMC issues APE dividend

One of the most exciting news confirmed during AMC’s Q2 earnings call was that of the issue of a new dividend.

Investors holding AMC Entertainment stock by August 19 will be granted a new stock for each AMC share they hold under the stock ticker symbol $APE.

This will be an additional security and will not dilute AMC’s float as it is a separate stock.

The ticker symbol APE stands for ‘AMC Preferred Equity’.

AMC plans to use this currency as a means to pay down debt and raise additional cash.

The new currency will be available to all international AMC shareholders and will be tradable in the market.

So, was AMC’s Q2 earnings what you expected?

Leave a comment down below.

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Was AMC’s MOASS Just Confirmed?

Market News: AMC MOASS confirmed by cryptic tweets?
Market News: AMC MOASS confirmed by cryptic tweets?

Community members have been keeping a close eye on announcements, with many speculating AMC’s MOASS was just confirmed.

MOASS stands for mother of all short squeezes.

This is the big short squeeze retail investors have been patiently waiting for all 2021 and this year.

While the surge to $72 per share might have been significant, only a small percentage of short sellers closed their positions during this time period.

And while the information and dates detailed in this article might seem too coincidental, community members must always take such information with a grain of salt.

Let’s get started!


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AMC Theatres cryptic tweet

Some of you might be familiar with Adam Aron’s ‘pounce’ tweet where he mentions a pounce will not occur before Q2 earnings call is announced on Thursday, August 4th.

In that tweet, he says to read between the lines.

But that’s not all, because more than week after the CEO’s announcement, AMC Theatres published an interesting tweet about the upcoming Brad Pitt film, Bullet Train.

“Epic fights, a bunch of assassins and #BradPitt all squeezed into a speeding train is the only commute I’ll happily endure. On August 5 take the trip to see #BulletTrainMovie…”

The date mentioned in the tweet is one day after AMC’s Q2 earnings report will be announced.

The ‘ape’ community was quick to read between the lines and call the cryptic message an AMC MOASS confirmation.

Films have been breaking record after record all year long.

With positive Q2 announcements plus another hit title, it’s very possible we see AMC’s share price soar, initiating short sellers to ditch the play and close their positions.

At least that’s what the hopes are for AMC shareholders.

Is a short squeeze guaranteed after the Q2 earnings report?

Absolutely not.

But is the possibility of big price action highly probable?

Given that the company has restructured its debt and has been dominating the industry all year, it seems very likely shareholders will see a rise in share price.

Will Wall Street lose again?

Retail investors humiliated Wall Street last year when both novice and experienced investors managed to beat financial institutions at their own game.

Hedge funds such as Citadel lost billions betting against retail.

Popular trading platform Robinhood nearly destroyed its reputation when it restricted retail from purchasing ‘meme stocks’ last year.

On the other hand, we have Gabe Plotkin’s Melvin Capital, who shut down this year after failing to recover from damages after shorting GameStop.

Analysts predicted the demise of AMC, giving it a $1 and $0.01 price target, only to get ridiculed by millions of investors after the company’s share price surged to $72 per share.

Today, AMC’s share price continues to beat every analyst’s price prediction.

What will happen if Wall Street is forced to eat crow again, as Adam Aron puts it?

Retail investors have evolved, and Wall Street is taking notice.

They are not happy about it.

For over a year now corporate media has attacked retail investors in the AMC and GME community, catering to unprofessionalism and giving big networks a bad name.

Desperate attempts to mislead shareholders into selling both company’s stocks has also been an ongoing failure for Wall Street.

Retail’s message is loud and clear, they’re not going anywhere.

FOX: “Only 6% of retail have sold stocks”

Fox Retail investors holding and buying
FOX: Retail investors buying and holding, per ETORO survey

According to a survey conducted by ETORO, only a very small percentage of retail investors have sold stocks during today’s bear market.

FOX published the results.

65% of retail investors are currently holding their positions, 29% continue to buy stocks despite the market conditions, and only 6% of retail have sold stocks.

The large market selloffs we’re seeing today are primarily caused by hedge funds, according to Bank of America.

Retail investors aren’t budging, no matter how bad Jim Cramer wants retail investors to exit the stock market.

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AMC Entertainment Seats 5.9 Million Guests in Highest Grossing Weekend

AMC Entertainment Seats 5.9 million guests in highest grossing weekend
Market News: Latest AMC Entertainment stock updates

AMC Entertainment just broke record this year.

According to CEO Adam Aron, this was AMC’s most attended and highest grossing weekend in 2022 so far.

Thor: Love and Thunder had a whopping $302 million weekend box office victory.

AMC Entertainment seated more than 5.9 million guests globally where admissions revenue about doubled the same weekend of 2021.

The century old movie theatre chain’s revenue also surged 12% above 2019 pre-pandemic.

Adam Aron took it to Twitter to address Wall Street opps saying, ” To industry doubters who predict extinction of theatres: #CHOKEonTHAT”.

This is big news for the company and shareholders alike.

Let’s discuss it!


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AMC starts Q3 with a bang

Q2 just ended and AMC will be announcing earnings on Thursday August 4th, according to the CEO.

Thor: Love and Thunder has just led AMC Entertainment to an incredible start this third quarter.

The film brought $143 million in North America and another $159 million internationally.

While the latest MCU film’s opening was slightly behind domestic estimates of $150 million, it still performed very well and earned more than Thor: Ragnarok’s $123 million in 2017.

It also sits just behind Jurassic World: Dominion’s $145 million and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ $185 million for the biggest opening weekend of 2022.

Minions: The Rise of Gru took second place by earning $45.5 million in its second weekend. As it stands, the fifth entry in the Despicable Me franchise has brought in $210 million domestically and $399.8 million globally.

Top Gun: Maverick placed third by adding another $15.5 million to its total in its seventh weekend of release. The second Top Gun film has earned $597.4 million domestically and over $1.18 billion globally.

Elvis took fourth place with $11 million, marking a 40% drop from its opening weekend. Elvis has brought in $91.1 million in North America so far, via IGN.

The success of these films proves people still very much want the movie theatre experience.

For over a year now, Wall Street analysts have said movie theatres are dead and have bet against AMC Entertainment stock.

However, the market continues to prove these ‘experts‘ wrong.

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Will shareholders squeeze shorts from their positions?

AMC reached an all-time high of $72 per share last year when it managed to squeeze some short sellers from their positions.

But the short squeeze setup is still there, meaning AMC has massive potential to yield big profits for investors.

Adam Aron published a cryptic but bullish tweet last week announcing a ‘pounce’ after Q2 earnings call.

Shareholders are hoping for a massive rebound, squeezing majority of short sellers from this momentum play once and for all.

And whether this next price runup is MOASS (mother of all short squeezes) or not, short term investors will get a chance to make some quick profit here.

The last time AMC traded in the $14 levels it began to break upwards until reached its all-time high of $72 per share.

How high AMC Entertainment stock goes this time around will depend on how many short positions actually get closed this year.

One thing is certain, AMC has come a long way and it’s nowhere near its stock price potential.

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AMC Entertainment Stock Closes Trading Week Strong

Market News: AMC Entertainment Stock
Market News: AMC closes week strong after ‘pounce’ announcement

AMC Entertainment stock finished the week up +8.75%.

The movie theatre chain stock had a high of $15.32 and low of $13.84 on Friday.

CEO Adam Aron announced on Thursday retail investors can expect a ‘pounce’ after second quarter 2022 earnings are announced.

Fox Businesses’ Charles Gasparino commented on the matter, but more on that down below.

Q2 earnings will be announced on Thursday, August 4th.

Let’s get right into it.


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Trading volume surpasses average volume

AMC’s trading volume surpassed 60 million on Thursday when the stock shot up to the $14 levels.

On Friday, AMC’s volume was up more than 7 million its average volume of 40.6 million.

AMC closed at $14.66 and continued to move upwards after hours.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world is now up almost 15% on the monthly chart.

Analysts have prophesized the doom of the company for over a year now, but continue to eat crow, as Adam Aron puts it.

AMC has now outperformed every analyst’s price targets.

The $14 level has been a very important and strong level of support for AMC Entertainment stock.

Last year, AMC broke multiple levels above the $14 range during its journey to its all-time high of $72 per share.

The current short interest during that time was 23% before it began to drop and push the share price up.

Although self-reported, AMC’s short interest has recently begun to decline after many months of it surging since its drop.

Will AMC stock keep rising?

Will AMC Stock Keep Rising

Whales combined with retail investor purchasing will create enough momentum for AMC stock to rise.

Due to a high short interest in the company, there’s a very high probability short sellers get squeezed out like they did last year.

This ‘pounce’, is it what CEO Adam Aron is referring to?

Shareholders are hoping for a massive rebound, squeezing short sellers from this momentum play.

Adam Aron’s tweet is rather cryptic, but bullish without a doubt.

Some retail investors are anticipating insiders might go on a buying spree, squeezing shorts.

Others think it might have to do with a Q2 catalyst in the form of an announcement.

Perhaps it’s a coming innovation, or dividend?

Could a big company be acquiring AMC?

I’m curious to know what you think.

Be sure to leave a commend down below.

Fox Business reacts to ‘AMC pounce’ announcement

Charles Gasparino reacts to Adam Aron’s ‘AMC pounce’ announcement

If you have not watched Charles Gasparino react to Adam Aron’s tweet you have to check out the short clip above.

Charles has been an opposing figure in the AMC-‘meme stock’ saga.

He’s unprofessionally bashed community members on Twitter and has displayed an allegiance to short sellers.

And in this clip, he looks extremely nervous about where AMC is headed.

Here’s what retail investors have to say:

In all seriousness, it looks like AMC could begin trending upwards again like it did in June of last year.

As Charles Gasparino mentioned, AMC is still a very heavily shorted company.

Any upwards momentum could realistically trigger shorts to run and close their positions before amounting very severe and consequential losses.

Adam Aron has warned short sellers in the past, now only time will tell.

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Will The Apes Successfully Take Down Wall Street Again?

Apes vs wall street
Stock Market News and AMC Updates: Apes VS Wall Street

Retail investors known as ‘apes’ were able to do what no one else in history has ever done before.

They exposed fraud in the stock market and uncovered conflict of interest no one was ever supposed to see.

In the midst of it, a handful of investors made money, causing massive hedge funds to lose billions of dollars.

Do the ‘apes’ have the power to win big again?

And if so, what’s it going to take?

Let’s discuss it.


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Shorts think retail investors are experiencing fatigue

Reuters just published an article giving us some insight to what suits think of the current ‘meme stock’ situation.

They understand that short interest in AMC is rising despite its fundamental improvement.

Shorts seem to have gained some confidence in the bear market – go figure.

Wedbush Securities Inc. says it doesn’t seem like it’s a great time to short AMC.

Bets against the company “reflect that institutional investors think that the retail shareholders are experiencing fatigue here.”

While it’s true buying has cooled down, apes are still very much in this play to squeeze shorts from their positions.

Many investors have gone on the offense for months now and are supporting AMC Entertainment outside the market.

Shareholders have become so loyal to the brand that they’ve become the very guests attending the movie theatres.

Volume might not be on the rise like last year, but movie theatre attendance sure is.

The ape community has grown to understand just how important the fundamentals of the company are, despite a short squeeze not requiring them.

Retail investors might look like they’re on the sideline, but little do shorts know they’ve been on the offense the entire time.

A beacon for change

We the investors
We The Investors – apes sign to ban PFOF

The ‘ape’ community continues to be a beacon for change.

Community members recently gathered on social media to sign a petition going out to the SEC, created by activist Dave Laurer.

We The Investors is an initiative to get retail’s concerns in front of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler in efforts to raise awareness of the problems retail investors face in the market.

The letter to ban PFOF (payment for order flow) received more than 71.5k signatures.

“Together, we’re going to make sure that retail represents itself, & that firms who productize their clients can’t claim to represent them. Together, we’re going to make markets simpler, fairer & more transparent”, says Dave.

Ken Griffin’s Citadel is pushing back on the possibility of the SEC banning PFOF, along with the entire hedge fund industry.

However, other apes are taking a much different approach.

Unlike Dave Lauer, majority of retail investors don’t believe in the SEC.

They’re using marketing campaigns to put pressure on our regulators as seen below.

A mobile billboard truck was spotted in New York reading “The SEC is Complicit with Wall Street Corruption“.

Meanwhile, content creators on social media continue to educate the masses on market injustices.

Institutional investors beware, apes aren’t leaving.

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AMC stock prepares for a breakthrough

AMC Entertainment Stock
AMC Entertainment Stock – Will apes trigger a short squeeze?

Buying pressure tends to slow down during bear markets, but this isn’t stopping retail investors from staying in the game.

While the ‘hodl’ game is strong, big buying pressure will soon be underway as the markets begin to shift upwards again.

Momentum from shorts closing will fuel retail’s demand for the stock, inevitably forcing a short squeeze.

And fortunately for AMC shareholders, there are plenty of short sellers in this play to send AMC’s stock price to a new all-time high.

An incredibly important part of history is being written today.

Will you be a part of it?

Leave your answer in the comment section of the blog down below.

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Are Short Sellers Biting More Than They Can Chew?

AMC Short Sellers
AMC short sellers risk getting squeezed out

Short sellers betting against AMC and GameStop are putting themselves in a very risky situation.

Last year, AMC struck a blow to Ken Griffin’s Citadel, causing the hedge fund to lose billions.

Anchorage Capital closed after betting against AMC – the hedge fund held 4 million puts of AMC at one point.

Today, Gabe Plotkin’s Melvin Capital is shutting down due to the repercussions from betting against GameStop.

Hedge fund White Square Capital is suffering the same fate this year.

Are short sellers biting more than they can chew?

Let’s discuss it.


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Is AMC still being shorted?

is AMC still being shorted?

Yes, AMC is still being shorted.

AMC stock has a high short interest of 23.43%, utilization rate of 100, and approximately 180 million shares on loan.

After AMC surged to $72 per share, AMC’s short interest dropped from 23% to 20%, then to 14%.

The short interest has slowly made its way back up to over 23% all these months.

But why are short sellers making their way back in to short AMC stock?

Do they not know AMC Entertainment is no longer a short play?

It made sense for short sellers to go short on the company during the pandemic when the company was on its knees, but it’s no longer the same company.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has proved to have a strong recovery, beating every quarterly earnings since 2021.

This year AMC dominated with powerful Q1 earnings results.

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AMC’s rising short interest only makes the probabilities of a larger short squeeze possible.

Are short sellers being misguided?

Has the abrupt closing of hedge funds not proven anything?

Are short sellers going to get squeezed?

Small short sellers should keep in mind that it only takes one big short seller to close their positions in AMC stock to create a chain reaction.

There is a big risk knowing big institutions shorting AMC stock may either default or get forced to close short positions.

The impact this would have on smaller short sellers would be grand.

How about the rising fees and cost to borrow shares?

It is now costing short sellers a lot more to short AMC stock.

AMC’s cost to borrow has doubled in only a weeks-time to 4.49.

And according to Stonk-O-Tracker, AMC’s short borrow interest rate has increased to 10.60%.

As the short interest continues to rise, we will see that the cost to short AMC will also rise.

The question then becomes, at what point is shorting AMC no longer worth it?

The bottom line is short sellers will eventually close their positions whether they profit, break even, or cut their losses.

The risk for small short sellers is not knowing when big institutions will bring the hammer down.

Here is what threatens short sellers

#1. The rising cost to borrow shares

The cost to short AMC stock is only increasing.

Not only are there not enough shares available to borrow, but overleveraging a position is never a good idea.

Short sellers will eventually owe back more than they can afford to.

The risks are high.

#2. Heavy buy volume

While volume tends to be relatively lower during bear rallies than during bull markets, big buying pressure is a real threat to short sellers.

A reversal in the market will trigger big price moves due to heavy buying.

As the price of a stock surges, short sellers will be facing unrealized losses far greater than they could have ever expected.

And just like during a bear market when stocks fall no matter the circumstances, we can expect a bull market to begin reaching new all-time highs like we’ve seen in the past.

Keep in mind, bull markets also last longer than bear markets, making holding unrealized losses a massive inconvenience for short sellers.

#3. Big institutions closing short positions

As stated previously, big institutions are facing a lot of scrutiny.

Executive order 14032 recently prohibited institutions from using Chinese securities as collateral.

This means affected hedge funds are on a race scrambling for liquidity.

Keeping up with margin requirements is becoming tougher.

A highly likely scenario is one where big institutions hedge against the short positions by going long and close out their short positions, creating a short squeeze and balancing their books to an extent.

Smaller short sellers have no control over this and are playing with a double-edged sword.

Now, mainstream media won’t talk about this because it goes against the agenda of big institutions.

Just something to keep in mind.

Are short sellers more at risk than retail investors?

What do you think?

Who is more at risk – short sellers or retail investors?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog below.

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Former Branch Chief Disappointed by SEC Meme Stock Video

SEC Meme Stock Video
Market News: The SEC attacks retail investors with propaganda

The SEC meme stock video is circulating all over social media due to its surprisingly and unprofessional attack on retail investors.

The agency was created in the 30s after the Great Crash to prevent fraud and protect retail investors from predatorial practices conducted by Wall Street.

But something happened along the way – the branch has proved to take a stance with congress in tailoring policies for financial institutions.

Who is going to protect retail investors from the corrupt?

Former SEC Branch Chief expresses her thoughts on the propaganda published by the SEC.

Let’s discuss it.


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SEC publishes meme stock video

If you haven’t watched the SEC meme stock video, it’s embedded below.

SEC Meme Stock Video

The SEC published the video on their official YouTube channel where they restricted public commenting.

Former SEC Branch Chief Lisa Braganca said she was “very disappointed to see the SEC disparage investors in meme stocks as if they must have done it thoughtlessly – especially when the SEC permits most trading to take place in dark pools.”

She then tweeted, “how about a video on dark pools Gary Gensler?”

Lisa Braganca is an activist who fights for market transparency.

She’s talked on Matt Kohrs’ channel before and has done an AMA on Reddit’s r/Superstonk answering questions about self-regulatory regulations, SEC regulation, and SEC enforcement.

Gary Gensler admitted in a Bloomberg exclusive 90%-95% of retail orders don’t go through the lit exchange but failed to mention a solution to the problem.

In an interview with Jon Stewart, the SEC Chairman fails to deliver a quality and productive discussion on solving the problems in the market.

Jon Stewart described Gary Gensler as a sheriff in town that allows blatant corruption to occur.

For Gary, it’s clear it’s more about keeping the job rather than creating a legacy.

Activism matters


The SEC’s meme stock video might try to portray retail investors as young and clueless novice investors.

But that’s far from who the retail community is.

Retail investors outsmarted hedge funds, exposed the corruption in the SEC, mainstream media, and are now attacking with this propaganda.

It’s a sign of weakness.

The retail community is made up of a very diversified group of people all fighting for the same cause.

And this is a threat to corporate media and powerful institutions.

Republicans and democrats getting together to fight for market transparency, what!?

But this isn’t just about the left and right getting together to combat corruption, it’s a global movement – and opps (opposers) don’t like this.

Trey made a great point when he stated why doesn’t the SEC tackle the problems that created meme stocks in the first place:

  • PFOF
  • Off exchange trading
  • Prime brokers
  • Arbitrage
  • Naked shorting
  • Derivative leverage
  • Etc.

Activism matters.

Retail investors must continue to raise awareness of these issues despite the propaganda.

What are your thoughts?

The SEC has ignored retail’s cry for help, and now they’ve made fun of the community with this meme stock video.

Did this unprofessionalism in our government surprise you?

I’d love to learn what you think.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog below.

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AMC Movie Theatres Are Here to Stay

AMC Movie Theatres
Market News: AMC movie theatre news and updates

AMC Entertainment movie theatres have undergone massive change despite mainstream media backlash.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has been attacked by Wall Street ‘experts’ and corporate media personalities for over a year now.

Movies are back though, and the cinema experience is here to stay.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ opened with $253 million worldwide making it the actor’s highest earning film ever.

Many films have broken record this year and AMC Entertainment’s fundamentals have recovered exponentially.

AMC shareholders have been the movie theatre’s backbone.

I’m going to go over a brief update of where AMC stands today.


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AMC movie theatres rise again

AMC movie theatres might have been resurrected by retail investors in 2021, but the company has risen above all adversity post pandemic.

While Wall Street and its media affiliates might have tried to bankrupt the company by shorting the stock, short sellers have another thing coming.

But more on that later.

AMC Entertainment had the best 1st quarter in two years when it exceeded market expectations.

The movie theatre giant saw an impressive $630 million improvement in revenue in Q1 and $233 million in adjusted EBITDA from over a year ago.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness leads Q2 to an incredible start as it became the biggest opening of 2022 and the second largest opening post pandemic to Spider-Man No Way Home.

Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ only further fuels that success for the company.

AMC movie theatres has an incredible number of movie titles coming out this year movie-lovers will not want to miss out on.

I’m personally looking forward to ‘Thor 4: Love and Thunder’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’ coming out in June.

Let me know in the comment section which film you’re most excited for AMC to showcase this year.

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AMC invests $250 million in state-of-the art laser projectors

CEO and President Adam Aron announced in April AMC movie theatres spent a quarter billion dollars in state-of-the-art laser projectors.

A quarter of a billion dollars were used to upgrade the move theatre experience for avid movie goers, according to the CEO.

AMC Entertainment is switching old projectors for state-of-the-art laser projections.

The laser projections are going to provide guests with much brighter and sharper pictures on screen.

This is also the greenest environmental initiative in AMC’s 102 years, according to Adam.

The investment demonstrates how important the cinema experience is to the company for its guests and shareholders.

AMC movie theatres have already beat earnings from previous years, but now they’re taking the cinema experience to another level.

Shareholder confidence in the company continues to grow as the century old movie theatre chain goes on the offense.

But that’s not all.

AMC Entertainment has also expanded and acquired the highest quality movie theatres in the country.

The acquisition of 7 Bow Tie Cinemas

AMC Entertainment (AMC) acquired seven former Bow Tie Cinemas locations in April.

Five of which are in Connecticut, one in upstate New York, and another one in Annapolis, Maryland.

The new movie theatres in Connecticut will double AMC’s presence in the state.

Bow Tie Cinemas locations that previously served alcohol will continue to offer wine, beer and liquor and be rebranded under AMC’s MacGuffins brand.

While the converted theaters will no longer honor Bow Tie Cinemas Criterion Club rewards, impacted customers who sign up for AMC Stubs with the same email used for their account will be rounded up to the next Criterion Club award they would have received under the program. 

The largest movie theatre chain in the world has also acquired several Cinemark Cinemas locations.

AMC Theatres reopened Cinemark’s former lease as AMC Evanston 12 in Chicago earlier this year.

Last year the movie theatre chain took over the famous Gove and Americana theatres in Los Angeles.

Both of which were listed in the top 30 most successful movie theatres in the world.

Wall Street might want the movies dead, but movie theatres aren’t going anywhere.

AMC movie theatre stock

AMC Stock
Market News: AMC Entertainment Stock

AMC stock made the biggest ruckus on Wall Street last year when retail investors drove the stock price to all-time highs through heavy buying pressure.

The community has grown from 3 million to 4 million retail investors.

Now, over 90% of AMC’s float is owned by retail and short sellers still haven’t left.

With a short interest of almost 23%, AMC Entertainment stock continues to be a short squeeze play.

AMC shareholders continue to buy and hold the stock in efforts to drive AMC’s share price to a new all-time high this year.

You can read more about AMC’s short interest, price prediction, and short squeeze data here.

So, although AMC’s share price has come down, shareholders know something corporate media simply won’t talk about.

AMC stock is about to get big again.

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Is There a High Chance AMC Squeezes This Week?

Is there a high chance AMC squeezes next week?
Will AMC squeeze next week?

Is it possible AMC squeezes this week due to the executive order that’s going into effect?

AMC finished the week strong up more than 20% last week.

The movie theatre chain surged almost 18% on Friday alone.

Stocks have been on a free-fall as the SPY and NASDAQ pull the entire market down with them.

However, both the SPY and NASDAQ finished up 6% last week which could indicate a potential reversal is underway.

There are very important things happening in the market right now, especially with AMC Entertainment stock and I’m going to go over it.


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It’s now costing short sellers a lot more money to short AMC stock

A major change has happened in the past week.

The cost to short AMC stock has dramatically increased from 2% to now 7.1%.

Short sellers are now paying more to short AMC stock.

This is a pattern long-term AMC shareholders are too familiar with.

AMC’s short borrow fee began to rise last year moments before the stock saw big price action.

An increasing fee incentivized a small percentage of short sellers to close their positions driving the stock price up.

Today, there are more short sellers in AMC than there were when the stock price soared to $72 per share.

AMC’s current reported short interest is 22.85%.

The number of shares on loan are at an all-time high meaning there are now more shares that have to be returned than there were during AMC’s run to $20 and $72 per share.

AMC has the perfect short squeeze setup.

And as the fee rises to short AMC stock, shorts will have to make the decision to either deal with it or close their short positions.

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Executive order 14032 will trigger margin calls

Executive order 14032 will prohibit institutions to use Chinese securities as collateral, which will result in large margin calls.

This executive order replaced 13959 from the Trump administration.

When executive order 13959 disarmed institutions with this collateral in January of 2021, AMC surged to $20+ per share.

The order was amended as stocks surged resulting in sharp declines, giving institutions this collateral back.

The amended date moved to late May, where we saw AMC reach an all-time high of $72 per share.

Institutions were then given their collateral back on June 2nd for a period of 365 calendar days.

This collateral will no longer serve institutions on June 3rd until the order is amended again.

This order could be the reason AMC squeezes next week, or rather the reason why we see large price movement very, very soon.

Only time will tell exactly how this executive order will affect AMC and other heavily shorted stock.

But the data is there, and the coincidence is far too big to simply ignore.

You can read more about executive order 14032 and get access to the government document here.

No dates, but the stars are aligning in retail’s favor

AMC squeezes next week

No matter how you look at it, another AMC surge is imminent.

It’s very possible the SPY also hit a bottom around the low $400 levels.

This means the stock market could be seeing a reversal very soon, granted that the SPY continues to break upwards.

A short squeeze play though, is different.

AMC’s short interest data is there, there’s no doubt this is indeed a short squeeze play.

And whether AMC squeezes next week or not, short sellers are in a very tough position right now.

The markets are bound to go up again.

Failing to close at these all-time lows could prove to be a very big mistake.

Retail investors, brace yourself – winter seems to be over.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Leave a comment down below.

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