Pizza Chain With 100 Stores Now Makes Unexpected Closures

A pizza chain with 100 stores now makes unexpected closures leaving customers and staff members alike sad to hear the news.

California Pizza Kitchen quietly shut the doors of one of its beloved Bay Area restaurants, reports The-Sun.

The global fast-casual chain closed its branch at the Fountains at Roseville Mall in Roseville, California, around 20 miles north of Sacramento.

This closure of the restaurant located at 1190 Roseville Parkway was confirmed by an automated message on the branch’s phone line, according to The Sacramento Bee.

“We’ve loved serving our Roseville community and thank you for your patronage,” the message said.

Customers were also redirected to the closest California Pizza Kitchen location which is at Arden Fair Mall.

Following the sudden Roseville closures, this will be the only remaining California Pizza Kitchen Location in the Sacramento area.

The chain has over 130 locations across the US and over 50 branches in California alone, according to ScrapeHero.

California Pizza Kitchen also has restaurants abroad in countries like Japan, South Korea, and Canada.

Despite the large number of locations fans were devastated by the news of the closure, reports The-Sun.

“Tonight we say good to one of our favorite restaurant locations CPK Roseville at the Fountains,” a Facebook user said.

“We have so many great memories from that location from Santa’s Pizza Parties, Dr. Hearts Pizza Parties and many fundraisers,” they added.

Another Facebook user former staff member replied to this post and shared their thoughts.

“So sad to hear this,” they said.

“I was on the opening management team when this location opened in 2008.”

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Market News Today - A Massive Department Store Now Closes For Good

A massive department store now closes for good in a major city, listing sales of up to 70% off, sources report.

One of the last remaining Sears is offering major discounts as it prepares to leave the greater New York City area behind, reports The-Sun.

The closure will leave just 12 Sears locations open nationwide, with only one in the Northeast.

Jersey City, New Jersey’s Newport Mall will lose the major retailer on March 3, an employee confirmed.

Once a titan of American shopping, the company peaked at over 4,000 locations in 2011. It was the world’s largest retailer at the time, The New York Post reported.

The company, bought by KMart in 2004, declared bankruptcy in 2018, by which point it had hundreds of stores.

With over a month left before the shutdown, closing sales of up to 70% are in full swing, reports The-Sun.

The closure was announced on Facebook earlier this month.

“Store Closing Sale going on now at your Jersey City Sears,” the post said simply.

“Stop in today for great bargains!”

The post included a photo of the department store, devoid of people, with signs advertising that “everything” is at least 25% to 75% off.

The post quickly got dozens of reactions.

“Oh god NO!” one customer replied.

Others were unsurprised, given the company’s rapid decline.

“Knew it was just a matter of time,” a user said. “Any Sears/KMarts still open in 2024 just flabbergasts me.”

Any fans of the company will have a long way to travel before they find another location. The next closest Sears is in Massachusetts, outside Boston.

The midwest already lost all of its Sears locations, according to data website Scrape Hero.

In addition to the one in Massachusetts, just four states still have Sears locations.

There are four stores in California, three in Florida, two in Washington, and one in Texas.

There is also one location remaining in Puerto Rico.

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