Tiger Global Parts Ways with Partner Who Caused Massive Losses

Tiger Global Sam Harland
Market News: Tiger Global parts ways with Sam Harland

Adam Aron Says There Are No Synthetic AMC Shares

AMC Synthetic Shares
Market News: AMC CEO says there is no reliable info on synthetic AMC shares

Bank of America Increases Short Position in AMC

Bank of America AMC
Market News: Bank of America increases AMC puts

Will Redbox Stock Keep Going Up?

Will Redbox stock keep going up?
Will Redbox stock keep going up?

AMC Entertainment Stock Makes the Russell 1000 (Victory)

AMC Russell 1000
Market News: AMC to join Russell 1000

Citadel Pushes Back on Possible SEC PFOF Ban

Market News: SEC PFOF Ban threatens corrupt institutions

AMC FTDs Top 16.5 Million This Year Through May

Stock Market News: AMC FTDs top 16.5 million year-to-date

Market News: NSCC-2022-003 Approved

Market News: NSCC-2022-003 has been approved

Are Short Sellers Biting More Than They Can Chew?

AMC Short Sellers
AMC short sellers risk getting squeezed out

Is a New AMC Stock All-Time High Coming Soon?

AMC Stock All Time High
Market News: Is AMC stock about to hit a new all-time high soon?

Is RDBX Stock a Short Squeeze Play?

RDBX short squeeze
Market News: Redbox has a short interest higher than AMC’s and GameStop’s combined

Hedge Fund Tiger Global on Brink of Shutting Down?

Hedge Fund Tiger Global
Market News: Hedge Fund Tiger Global down more than 50% this year.

Former Branch Chief Disappointed by SEC Meme Stock Video

SEC Meme Stock Video
Market News: SEC Meme Stock Video gets attention

AMC Movie Theatres Are Here to Stay

AMC Movie Theatres
Market News: AMC Movie Theatre news and updates

How High Will AMC’s Next Price Runup Go?

how high will AMC's next price runup go?
How high will AMC skyrocket to next?

Is There a High Chance AMC Squeezes Next Week?

AMC squeezes next week
Executive order 14032 goes into effect next week. AMC updates and more.

Short Sellers Are Now Paying More to Short AMC Stock

Short AMC stock
The cost to short AMC stock goes up