Official: GameStop and Loopring Launch Beta NFT Marketplace

GameStop Loopring Partnership - GameStop Beta NFT Marketplace
GameStop Loopring partnership – GameStop Beta NFT Marketplace

GameStop and Loopring just launched the beta version of GameStop’s upcoming NFT marketplace.

Loopring’s (LRC) token price jumped up +34% on the announcement to $1.14.

GameStop is currently catching momentum, closing at $140 today.

If you’re a GameStop shareholder, things are about to get a lot more exciting.

Let’s break it down together.

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GameStop’s NFT Marketplace gets powered by Loopring

GameStop Loopring Partnership
GameStop Loopring Partnership

For GameStop to move its services to global digital economies it’s going to need the help of both Immutable X and Loopring.

Immutable X is essentially the foundation to GameStop’s NFT marketplace.

Loopring on the other hand focuses on scalability, application delivery, and secure exchanges of payment.

Combined, GameStop has a powerhouse for the future of blockchain gaming.

Users can now access GameStop’s beta NFT marketplace and begin setting up their online profiles.

The first step towards connecting your account with GameStop’s beta NFT marketplace is to connect your wallet.

GameStop and Loopring are still configuring a browser extension that will allow other popular wallets to connect to the platform.

My guess is this will be available for users once GameStop’s NFT marketplace launches in its complete form.

GameStop surges 14.50%, Loopring 40%

Loopring Coinbase
Buy Loopring (LRC) with Coinbase

Today GameStop (GME) surged 14.50% after a 30% runup on Tuesday.

The price surge on Tuesday caused short sellers to lose almost half a billion dollars!

GME stock has dropped almost 4% afterhours while Loopring is up more than 40% in the last 24 hours.

GameStop and Loopring reach a new milestone as they embark on a new journey in the global digital economy.

As GameStop continues to transform itself into a tech company, we can expect GME’s stock price to rise in the future.

Are you holding GME stock?

How do you feel about its current bullish wave?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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