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Best Crypto Chart Patterns – Selecting the Fab Five

Being a part of technical analysis, chart patterns rely on the idea that everything is a repeated cycle.

Therefore, different patterns that occurred in the past are now used as an indicator of possible future events.

For traders, such tools unveil a market’s trends through its price action.

Though there are numerable chart patterns, not all of them have the required accuracy.

What are the most widely used patterns, and what do they mean?

We present a list of the best patterns that will come in handy when evaluating the state of the market.

Head and Shoulders Pattern

head and shoulders pattern
Crypto Chart Patterns: Head and Shoulders.

Being one of the easiest patterns to spot on a chart, Head and Shoulders will grab your attention with its three rising points – two shoulders and a head.

Two equal points will be divided by the highest one.

Also, the same pattern may occur in an inverted state in the chart.

As a result, it will mean either the end of an uptrend or the end of a downtrend.

This pattern shows high reliability and is widely used in predicting trends, so save it to your list of favorites as well.

Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern

Pin bar candlestick pattern
Crypto Chart Patterns.

The patterns that are in the spotlight in this list have one thing in common: they consist of candlesticks.

Those small pin-like marks hold loads of information about the price and the period when it was rejected.

But how do we use this pattern for making a prediction?

Look at the pin bar nature:

  • A bearish pin is a sign of a downtrend – and it is marked by a long upper shadow.
  • A bullish pin is a sign of an uptrend, and it has a more prominent lower shadow.

The shadow, or the wick, and the body are the component parts of a candlestick.

As a detailed guide by Margex points out, this scheme proved to be useful through the centuries, and today investors haven’t given up on it.

Ascending and Descending Triangle Pattern

ascending and descending triangle pattern

This pattern represents a trend line connecting a consequence of lower highs and a second line connecting a consequence of lows.

If there’s a triangle in a chart, the investor should be prepared for the continuation of a trend.

  • An ascending triangle with two or more equal highs and a series of higher lows promises a bullish trend.
  • A descending triangle with two or more equal lows and a series of lower highs promises a bearish trend.

Wait until the pattern is complete: the price should break above the resistance line or support line in case of a descending type.

Rising Wedge and Falling Wedge Pattern

rising wedge and falling wedge pattern

This pattern suggests the end of a downtrend.

Yet, if it appears in reverse – a falling wedge will suggest the end of an uptrend.

Just like with triangles, the wedges have two converging lines that connect higher lows and higher highs.

Yet this time, they are looking in the same direction.

On the charts, it looks like a triangle with slightly tilted lines – although this pattern is one of the most difficult ones to spot and trade.

Bullish and Bearish Flag Patterns

bullish and bearish flag patterns

Depending on the direction of the trend, the investor can encounter a bullish or bearish flag pattern.

The first one appears when it’s an uptrend, and the second one appears in a downtrend, yet both marks continuation.

To spot it on the chart, look for a “flagpole” – it usually forms on a price spike, and then diagonal parallel lines for shorter periods follow.

Crypto Chart Patterns: Conclusion

There are multiple ways to become a successful trader, and the science behind the chart patterns is worth your attention.

Although this method doesn’t provide 100% accuracy, it shows tendencies and price movements.

With such data, it’s easier to predict future events than to rely on intuition or someone else’s predictions.

Anyone who’s eager to learn as many trading tools as possible will soon find out they made their best investment – an intellectual one.

Make profitable decisions relying on technical information and experience!

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What is The Ethereum Merge? What Institutions and Investors Should Expect

what is the Ethereum merge?
Educational: What is the Ethereum merge?


The adoption of Cryptocurrency is on the rise.

It is because institutional investors have been showing interest.

The leading institutions have decided to step into the Defi and the Web3 ecosystem.

This further impacts the Crypto Ecosystem positively.

Reports say that these institutions invested $9.3b in the Crypto market in 2021.

It marks a complete technological shift as the Crypto market increased to around 36%.

Now, one of the major reasons that triggered the change is attributed to a shift in technology called Merge.

Ethereum, the second largest Cryptocurrency, undertook a major shift from the Proof of Work to the Proof of Stake.

Now investors and institutions have their own expectations. Let’s seep deep into the study to have a better understanding.

What Is Ethereum Merge?

what is Ethereum merge?

Ethereum, the world’s second-largest Cryptocurrency, shifted from energy-intensive technology offering sustainability systems to play.

They are calling it “Merge.”

The community built a new engine and a hardened hull.

They shifted from the Proof work system to proof-of-stake.

Proof of work involves a wide network of computers.

Under the system, if investors are to mine crypto, they must solve puzzles to mine crypto.

The level of the puzzles increases with mining.

This complex and energy-intensive technology was used to add new blocks to the system.

The Proof of Stake mechanism is an alternative technology that consumes less energy and computing power.

According to findings, POS consumes one-tenth of the energy to mine Ethereum.

Here one needs not to devote less energy and fuel consumption to run the illustrious computer systems.

What Institutions And Investors Should Expect

With a major technological shift, Ethereum has attained a paradigm shift, at least in terms of adoption-friendly technology.

They attained an advantage against Bitcoin, their rival and the largest Cryptocurrency in terms of market value.

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Now this change will bring in positive into the business ecosystem.

The institutions and the investors now have different expectations of the change. The section focuses mainly on the changes. 

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

As discussed above, POS technology consumes a 99.5% decrease in energy consumption.

Now, the reduction of Carbon foot printing has a significant impact on institutions.

Our world is grappling with a carbon footprint, and its rapid increase in power negatively affects the environment.

You might have heard about the Paris 2015 environment summit, where it was found out the stakeholder had constructive planning, including the Net Zero programs, to stop the rise of the sea water level.

Now, with the Proof of stake, the stakeholders can mine Cryptocurrency with lesser power consumption, which syncs with the Net Zero targets of individual nations.

Hence the step provokes to be helpful for institutions, government, and the environment.

With this major technological high long jump, the companies are able to obtain their own sustainability goals and objectives.

2. Improved Security

Economic and trading democratization has always been the need of the hour.

The business entities investing heavily in Cryptocurrency needs are all driven by energy security and sustainable development.

They are always looking for alternative energy to increase their business opportunities.

But the traditional system economy, centralized in nature, stopped them from this.

With Cryptocurrency, they were able to get the technological shift.

With Proof of stake, the use of Blockchain became more common.

We all know that the Blockchain is an advanced data maintenance system storing data in a decentralized network.

Once the information is entered, it is entered forever. It can’t be manipulated.

Another reason for the improved technology is that the cost of attacking networks has dramatically increased.

Presently more than 45000 Ethereum have been staked so far.

Even 51% of the attacks would cost over $11B.

With improved security, more new investors are expected to join the system and gain growth in this ecosystem.

Closing The Discussion

The Ethereum merger has more for the investors and the institutions.

Now with the merger, cross-team economic collaborations have increased. It is good for increasing business opportunities.

This produces an ecosystem for business growth and stability.

The induction of POS has enabled client diversity and interoperability. They are important steps toward the growth of Cryptocurrency.

These are the advantages the institutions and investors are going to get with the help of the Merge.

How Much Bitcoin Should You Buy: Factors to Consider in 2023

how much bitcoin should you buy
Educational: How much Bitcoin should you buy?


Bitcoin has been the bread and butter of the Cryptocurrency world for quite some time.

Even if people cannot get into other Cryptocurrencies like Ether or Dogecoin, Bitcoin will still remain the king.

Many call it an achievement once they start trading through Bitcoin.

Therefore, it is understandable that there are novice investors who are still asking this question, “How much Bitcoin should I Buy.”

Afterall among all the Cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin is the most volatile one.

Probably because of its hot & cold reputation.

At one point, it is high in demand, and the next day everyone is against Bitcoin, and the prices seem to fall drastically.

We are here to rescue you from evergreen curiosity.

Once you read this article, you should understand the amount you should be investing and the other factors to keep in mind when investing.

How Much Should You Invest?

how much bitcoin should I buy

Let’s pull over some percentage here, shall we?

When it comes to your first-time investment, then you should always have a total investment amount set with you.

Without this, you can start treating this as a gamble when you get a taste of big profits.

Once you have this investment amount set aside, it is time to place only 10% of that amount in your first investment.

Some might even prefer a total of $100 investment in your first year and begin with a mere $10.

Do not invest it all at once and have a scheduled time for investing.

For example, the first investment, and then after every three months.

This will essentially prevent you from giving in to tempting offers with nothing to base them upon.

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Other Factors to Keep in Mind

Here are the other factors which you should keep in mind while investing in Bitcoin for the first time.

1. Do Not Give Into FOMO

FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out.

This is when a novice investor gets too excited about any new investment.

Especially if they see their fellow pals earning major profits; however, you should remember that not every piece of knowledge is the same.

When you find someone earning thousands from one move, there is a lot you need to factor in.

How many years have they been investing, was any calculation involved in this move, or was it plain luck?

No matter what you do, do not blindly believe in someone.

Sometimes when you get a higher profit from one investment, it is easier to get blinded by temptation.

This is why a set amount of investment rules is perfect to start with.

2. Strategize Loss Tolerance

If you are not strategizing your loss, you can never learn from them.

The very first rule of Cryptocurrency is always invest the amount you can lose.

This is known as “loss tolerance,” i.e., how much loss you can tolerate.

If the loss is too much, neither will you be able to learn from it nor have the confidence to invest again for a very long time.

So, before investing, understand the amount you will be okay with losing, and then start investing through profit-maximizerapp.com.

This is a smart move upon anticipating that you will be losing your very first investment, and you are doing so to educate yourself.

What About Minimum Investment?

Upon reading the last point, many might think of investing very little in their first investment in Bitcoin.

Some might even think about investing as little as $2.

But we, along with experts, would suggest otherwise.

No matter the platform you choose for investing, there are fees attached to trading and Crypto investment.

Upon trading with a meager amount, you will end up paying more fees than your investment.

Another crucial suggestion would be not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Cryptocurrency losses are inevitable, so divide your capital and invest in different digital coins.

In this way, you will have another to fall into in the event of a big loss for one.

Google and Bitcoin: How the Company is Adopting Crypto?

how is Google adopting crypto?

The giant search engine Google has always entered all the significant areas. From starting social media with Orkut to entering even the live sciences field many more, it has targeted every industry the company finds fruitful.

Google has a few companies with Alphabet as its parent organization. They are estimated to acquire one company a week.

With these companies, the giant search engines make their presence felt everywhere. So is the case with the Bitcoin and crypto world, which keeps growing faster.

Now, if you look at the company, its CEO – Sundar Pichai, has claimed that they are currently exploring the domain of Bitcoin and the technology supporting the same, which includes Blockchain.

So, it is fair to claim that the company is now making inroads in the digital money domain. They have announced their investment place with increasing revenue coming up with a market capitalization of 2 trillion USD.

Pichai claimed they are now looking for Blockchain as it remains a powerful technology in the market, giving broader applications.

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The Google Investment 

The announcement of Pichai worked on the way Google can help in adding value to the current technologies like the current web three innovations, which offer Blockchain solutions that they intend to support with the best solutions. The company also helps in making Blockchain based business apps only to help in their cloud computing services.

All these are now helping people to develop NFT in the market with their web platform and then play a vital role in understanding the payment option of crypto in the market. Now, Google is planning to help many more Blockchain-based businesses gain good market revenue.

The technology giants need to follow in the footsteps of many more Silicon Valley-based companies in the market that can embrace web 3 with more significant efforts to work in the leading roles for the crypto sector. Also, the invitation to leverage Blockchain technology in its way.

It may be seen going slow at the moment. But these are now working with the embraced web3 in the market with the leaders of the crypto-based domain. Also, you can find some slow initiatives in Blockchain technology that give the market a quick flow. 

We now see the company is planning to take up a couple of technology conferences, and soon they will have one in the African Arab country known as Morocco. They have started their company, which is called the bleeding edge working smoothly on the Blockchain revolution. When you were seen in the market, they came along with Satoshi Nakamoto, who went with the Blochcian-based group known as the Digital Assets Team.

The announcement came quickly, and we had their reports in the market with the group DailyFX. You can even allow much more critical traction with the competitive domain.

They said that they are now affirming the very presence of the arrival of many more regulatory systems that can give decent growth in the market. Also, the company is joined by many other groups like Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Amazon and Goldman Sachs.

Google and Crypto 

As per reports, Google Cloud can now explore different opportunities that tend to remain in touch with customers and allow them to make crypto payments.

They have been using the bullish signal for the crypto world in the market, including BTC and ETH.

The general statement from Google is now adding a presence in the market with Google Cloud and then enjoying the complete blockchain transaction history to come along with other cryptos in the market.

These include Doge, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin, to name a few. They have also invested in other popular crypto-based tokens.

The maker is now bouncing up, with the Bitcoin going quickly at a 4.5% rise in the market.

Similarly, ETH soared by 12.3 % in the earlier months.

The market reacted as per the bounce rate. Earlier in Jan, the giant company claimed that the crypto intention was in the market.

They get the chance to enjoy crypto transactions with proper care and professionalism.

Together they can evolve many more people in this regard. 

Wrapping up

This way, you can determine how Google plans and moves inside the crypto world.

As it moves ahead, we can expect something with their investment in the market. 

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Gaming to Earn Bitcoin While Bitcoin to Game Earning

Money is one of the essential topics that people usually take very seriously.

Hence it would help if you were very serious about the fact that they are grown with adults to wait and then beat the news for many more options to gain the consumer’s prices and interest rates.

Also, there is a good impact on the idea of productivity and consumer price. All these have a good effect on the ideas of productivity and wealth.

However, if you can tell what goes behind the money, you find several games people play to get the objects and rules behind it.

Money is a symbolic thing, and we can always use it to achieve the significance and value of the objectives in the life of people.

However, everyone plays a game with different rules and regulations when discussing money.

How about checking them in the following paragraphs for details?

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The Idea of Critical Money 

People are often stressed when they think of money as it brings threat and fear. The prices of different products and services keep increasing, while the asset prices may fall.

Some people may feel lucky and go on a bust. Too often, you get the chance to create anxiety in the market, and they are not ready to evolve in the proper role and gain the meaning of money.

It is not very surprising to see how they tend to get frustrated. They know the rules of the game. They are also limited in their view when we talk about money. It comes up with the whole idea of checking things the right way. Also, it can evaporate, and then they can adopt things rigidly.

Also, you have many more people who tend to fall in a different level to gain confidence. You get clear examples linked with money and games, and then we tend to retain figurative methods and allow the games to work with having some personal philosophy in the market. 

However, the first disclaimer about this subject is that money helps you equate things with gambling and gaming. You can easily hold and make everyone enjoy the same. Also, it is worth checking how active participation is added to the economy’s education to take the skills to the next level.

You can even allow people to make money and then check the views to get a trivial sense of the market. It can allow you to develop a strong relationship with money and then employ political corruption in the market. Also, you need to pay heed to the economy and then allow the meme stocks to function.

During the Gamestop moment, as found in 2021, traders can help by playing different games to expose the market. During the GameStop moment in 2021, we saw many more people attempting to explore the market with fiat machines and allow things to be the best.

Bitcoin and the Gaming World 

People are attracted to Bitcoin as it helps gain a good game for the network consensus that further depends on the clarity and precise rules.

Also, some bonuses allow you to gain a good view of everyone.

It is also straightforward to share the love of Bitcoin for one and all.

You can enable any typical Bitcoin transactions working for a zero-sum in different terminologies for the net value and the P2P network going for exceptional gains as in the society.

As of now, we can find a typical bitcoin transaction with zero-sum in the various terms of the net value in the market.

Gaming on PC, consoles and mobile phones is a huge need that allows you to adopt quick frontiers in the market.

They remain connected with the idea and start with the match you make with the games and Bitcoin.

Also, many more statistics talk a lot about the opportunities you have to be a better player while going for the technology.

It adds incentives for developers and even allows many more people to gain titles in the market.

Wrapping Up 

As internet growth has recently increased, many more people are now enjoying portable access to the platform in the market.

As a result, many more collections are adding up the digital market and laying off big deals to gain cash.

This may be how you can understand how games are closer to Bitcoin and the coin is closer to the game.

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Freedom, Politics, and the Future of Bitcoin

future of Bitcoin
Educational: Is Bitcoin the future?

If you look at Bitcoin, it is a decentralized P2P electronic cash system. It would help if you did more while drawing things in the right direction. It gives new ways of thinking regarding politics, economics, philosophy, society, and human rights as you check the details on sites for more.

As you check in detail, we will realize how Bitcoin is ready to focus more on the store of value, which remains the key to exchange working as an investment vehicle. So, if you are planning to trade with Bitcoin, you must choose the best platform like bitcoin profit. It works like a government that overreaches the market.

However, there is more to this when we hear Bitcoin coming with its politics and philosophy that it represents in the market. Several political systems are now becoming tougher for people to make them understand and then focus on things they want to do in life.

Also, while working hard on the system and worrying about the future, global citizens are now working hard to gain the most money and secure the growing value. You can further explore it on the above site and get an idea about it. Now, we give a look at the same in the following paragraphs:

Bitcoin As a Critical Player In the Market

Educational: is Bitcoin the future?
Educational: is Bitcoin the future?

If you look at Bitcoin, it works perfectly with the political systems anchored in controlling the fiat money and then managing the temptation to boost up the supply for citizens in the market and inflating the cyclical recessions.

On average, you can find that global citizens are now free to do their best and even divert their attention to gain money. Also, they very quickly understand how inflation erodes while buying power with time and money. They devote a vital amount of time for the income and money managers to gain the investment choice of funds.

The reasons are evident as the political systems are working fine with the increasing inflation and the regular recessions. An average global citizen is now working with complete liberty, and they ensure to do their best only to divert the attention that comes to be the subject of any money.

They very well understand the inflation that erodes the market and then get the chance to have purchasing power in the coming times. Therefore, it is highly significant to develop good money management skills to invest a lot of money in it.

Suppose you look at the global citizens in the proper elements that can further complete the liberty of the same and gain the attention to make good money out of it. Also, you need to understand the inflation that erodes the market and earn a good buying power that works fine with it.

Also, it would help if you devoted an excellent income to hiring for money management for buying good options in the market. At the same time, you need to put more money in the market and gain a tough time for time-consuming activities.

A good number of delegates are now working fine with their money seen with the financial institutions and then over the financial instruments that barely give any issues to the inflation. Also, you need to check the value of money and find out the global citizens who work for free to focus on developing things the best.

The Philosophy of Bitcoin 

Educational: is Bitcoin the future?
Educational: is Bitcoin the future?

The idea of Bitcoin is liberty and free from politics without paying a single heed to geographical borders.

If you can act like any stable and competitive store of value, it can gain a four-year time horizon with failed timing and global citizens in the market.

It can have a good freedom level to focus more on the systems that control the third party for spending good time management and storing value.

It would help if you remembered that Bitcoin is borderless, and it gains proper jurisdiction over the planets.

If you find the mission of Tesla man – Elon Musk to achieve success, you can get a good case for sorting out the global competence linked with the wide range of states using the fiat currency with different quality of work.

For example, you can find the emigration problem in nations with lousy money, ready to move to countries developed with good money and free Bitcoin adoption in the market.

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Fiat Vs. Crypto: Who Is Losing the Battle?

Educational: Fiat vs Cryptocurrency.
Educational: Fiat vs Cryptocurrency.

We live in a digital era where we see everything is governed and moved by these technologies.

There are central banking systems that govern fiat currency, and now we see digital currency replacing the new system.

One of the classic cases that comes into the picture is the official currency, known as Bolivar, which remains the permanent state that can work with four-digit hyperinflation.

The government is now busy printing many paper currencies that can help make socialism work.

The only outcome you get through the entire nation is ruin, chaos, and poverty.

It is tough to create any calamity over one of the peaceful nations that remain over the regime that swears to execute socialism in the market.

However, the only concern that comes into the picture is the destruction of the currency, and everyone is thrilled to get a first-hand report from the said company.

It talks about how fiat competes with Bitcoin or crypto in the market. We can see how it is struggling to sustain itself. 

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Crypto Vs. Fiat Money 

crypto vs fiat money
Educational: Crypto vs Fiat Money.

The government deals with fiat currency, and its central bank covers the story for the same.

Also, it comes with unlimited money to consider socialism work. You can even throw away the entire country into poverty with great ruin and chaos in the market.

At the same time, it is very tough to create the calamity of the once peaceful and prosperous nation that can help govern the market’s regime that can work with implementing socialism. It can even help in gaining the idea and implementing the same.

With this concern, we can even damage the money and then we are thrilled to see how the first-hand report is now added in this country. Two years later, Bitcoin started catching up, and in 2017 it took good shape in the market.

The popularity of Bitcoin has bumped with some severe issues being resolved. The result came with the alternative; the bright coin now makes everyone survive faster.

However, the concern about the same is the destruction of money, which makes everyone thrilled about getting a first-hand report from the group. People are also offering everyone with troublesome economies that are seen with the idea of managing and transporting the value in the market while using crypto when needed.

Without worrying about it, you can see the big mess by the government that seemed to make things around. Also, you can find too many more companies are coming forward to start something by the end of 2017 in the market. The year brought a good surge of Bitcoin and other cryptos in the digital currency market.

All these currencies are now traded and actively involved with the government fiat that remains in touch with it. Crypto is currently working with counterparty risk, which reminds the payment system coming along with the relationship that gives the money in that way. Also, it can help in getting inexpensive and quicker methods of the option. You may even need some intermediation in the market. 

The Crypto Advantage 

Interestingly, the banking and financial market crisis became one of the more significant reasons to bring out crypto.

Bitcoin was the byproduct of the recession held in 2008, and it plagued the matter worse, allowing people like Satoshi to think about an alternative currency to fiat money.

The process is challenging, and we see both hard/soft forks are now working as cryptos in the market.

We can see many more things happening in this domain, and fiat currencies like Bolivar are losing value.

Similar is the story of other cryptos in the market, which tend to remain the same.

Now, if you look at the other aspects, the idea of moving ahead is engaging with the thriving business in the market and then coming along with the two forks.

Government is busy responding to the market in the best way, and we are keeping things intact with the plotting of issues and the petro that give you authentic and structured crypto in the market like that of Bitcoin.

Also, you can find too many more people are now working in this direction to give you the best in the market.

So, with so many benefits attached to crypto, fiat will lose the edge in the market and thus give you the best results.

Lastly, if you want to check what comes with Bitcoin or crypto, these are a better deal when compared to fiat money.

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Fiat vs Crypto: How Crypto Will Affect Money Printing

Educational: Fiat vs Crypto.
Educational: Fiat vs Crypto.

When Bitcoin came into the market, you can find one of the terms used a lot: magic internet money.

Many called it an exciting description that talks about the magic of the currency or any other currency.

Crypto is a currency with a system that follows a different role than fiat money.

The key to understanding crypto is comparing the contrasts with fiat money.

Also, if you are planning to transfer funds, you can count on investing in crypto.

One of the critical elements of understanding the coins is to rely on putting the money and then explain the pros and cons of the same.

If you are willing to invest in it, you need to know whether it is better than fiat currency.

Here we look at the comparison between the two and then check more about it.

Understanding Fiat Money Vs. Crypto 

If you look at these currencies, both are money, with different mediums of exchange and stores of value.

We can find many more differences that are seen under:

  • Things that give you the value
  • They are governed differently like fiat controls government, while crypto has a network of people linked with it.
  • The value needs to be understood. 
  • Check the pros and cons of having the investment in fiat and others

We will now check the details or differences between the two in the following paragraphs: 

Fiat vs Crypto Value

fiat vs crypto
Educational: Fiat money vs crypto.

Fiat currency is a legal tender supported and issued by the government. They derive the value from the government and then check the economy with excellent stability and many more factors in the country.

When a country is undergoing any financial mess, the value of fiat currency is seen working with the hyperinflation in the market. 

On the other hand, crypto is digital money that comes through the Blockchain network.

We see the value of crypto is based on various factors, which are enlisted below:

  • Utility or the way it is applied
  • The technology that comes into the picture
  • The management team
  • Popularity in the market 

Popularity may not extend how the currency’s value is measured but comes with many more examples, as in the crypto market.

We can find many more available coins like Doge in the market that come with the value and are pushed ahead with a skyrocketing pace in the market.

You can even find some competitive benefits over other cryptos.

Fiat vs Crypto Governance

The central banks are now working with the monetary authority that can help in controlling the fiat money.

It comes with the monetary policy, which defines how money is circulated, and these are pushed ahead with a more excellent supply.

Crypto has a different nature, and it is decentralized with the governing authority in the market.

The store in the market will boost the idea of working with different kinds of crypto, and these work along with their own rules and regulations.

For instance, Bitcoin applies the Bitcoin mining process that further validates both the new coins and transactions.

The process can now bring out ten minuses and then mine around 21 M B coins that are seen in circulation.

Also, many more cryptos follow specific unique systems in the market.

For instance, you can find the complete supply from the start, and then gradually, it comes with the circulation in the market.

Fiat vs Crypto Exchange

 If you look at Fiat currency-based exchanges, these are more used over trade currencies coming from different parts of the world.

These are often used by people who travel a lot and when they get good cash for the money invested by the trade exchanges in the market.

Crypto exchanges remain the typical place to trade, buy and sell.

Many more major crypto exchanges are giving away the option to buy crypto with the help of fiat money through bank account transfers, wire transfers and payment cards.

These are also known as exchanges that help enjoy crypto trade with the idea of converting fiat money.

If you look at crypto, one of the best places to buy, invest or sell is the crypto-based exchanges.

Many crypto exchanges allow you to buy crypto with the help of fiat money, and then they get a bank account for money transfers.

You can even check the payment cards with it and wife transfers provided it is supported by fiat money.

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AVAX vs SOL: What Crypto to Choose?

Crypto News Weekly: AVAX vs SOL | Avalanche vs Solana.
Crypto News Weekly: AVAX vs SOL | Avalanche vs Solana.

The central part of the crypto community’s attention has been focused on Ethereum and Bitcoin lately.

Ethereum has been the center of the smart contract industry since its migration to PoS, while investors follow Bitcoin closely to predict the next move the market will make. 

That being said, some of the more recent blockchain protocols, like Solana and Avalanche, also have a lot to offer, even in this bear market.

In this article, we analyze these projects and compare AVAX vs Solana to see whether one has the edge over the other. 

To achieve this, we will provide some fundamental analysis of each of these tokens and gather some price predictions from experts around the internet.

This should give you a good idea of which is better: Avalanche or Solana. 

What Do We Know About Avalanche?

Avalanche Crypto
Crypto News Weekly: Avalanche vs Solana.

Avalanche is an open-source smart contract protocol released in 2020, just before the major part of the bull market of that period.

This allowed it to experience some very strong upside price action right after launch. 

More importantly, we should note that Avalanche gained a lot of popularity in the smart contract industry by providing a much more scalable network than Ethereum.

This allowed users to launch DeFi dApps that were cheap to use and extremely fast. 

To reach this high scalability, Avalanche uses PoS and a triumvirate of chains: 

  • The exchange chain, which serves to transfer assets. 
  • The contract chain, which runs the smart contracts. 
  • The platform chain, which coordinates the validators and staking mechanisms.  

By handling a portion of the computational strain, these chains allow Avalanche to achieve 50k+ transactions per second and conserve very low gas fees. 

AVAX Price Prediction

The AVAX token was one of the high-performers of the bull market in 2021, reaching as high as $146 per token.

That said, the bearish conditions have pushed the price much lower now, around $16. 

Even so, analytic websites are still very much hoping that the token will grow in value in the upcoming years.

Digitalcoinprice.com provides a target of $28.99 for 2023 and goes as high as $91.97 for 2030. 

Priceprediction.net is a lot more bullish, with a forecast of $28.44 for 2023, and a target of a staggering $405.84 for 2030.

Consequently, this might be a great opportunity for purchasing this token on exchanges like Godex

Key Facts About Solana

Crypto News Weekly: Solana (SOL) news.

Solana is one of the most highly praised blockchains of the past couple of years.

This ultra-scalable chain uses Proof of History in tandem with PoS to achieve 100k transactions per second, which makes it one of the fastest smart contract networks on the market. 

This has allowed the chain to gather thousands of developers deploying various dApps on the chain, in all categories.

Consequently, it has become one of the main rivals to Ethereum and managed to enter the top 10 cryptos by market cap. 

SOL Price Forecast

Like AVAX, the SOL token performed admirably in the bull market.

From a median price of $0.5 in 2020, SOL reached as high as $260 at the peak of the bull market.

It has currently retraced around $28 per token. 

Priceprediction.net hopes to see SOL reach $52.58 by 2023.

For 2030, their forecast targets the $605.14 mark. 

Digitalcoinprice.com is less enthusiastic, with targets of $51.43 for 2023 and only $165.52 for 2030. 

Main Differences Between AVAX and SOL

Here’s AVAX vs SOL at a glance:

Network ValidatorsBlock TimeConsensus MechanismTransaction FeesEVM Compatible 1,229~2 secondsPoS$0.01Yes2,093400 millisecondsPoS + PoH$0.00025No

Is AVAX Better Than Solana?

Avalanche and Solana have similar use cases, although their architectures are vastly different.

Solana remains faster and cheaper than Avalanche, while the latter has the advantage of being EVM-compatible. 

In all fairness, both blockchains have their benefits and drawbacks, and from an investor’s point of view, they are equally interesting to have in your portfolio. 

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The Most Popular Online Payment Solutions in India

Online payment in India

Nowadays, people are getting more and more comfortable with making online transactions. Online payment solutions have greatly improved throughout the years in terms of security and convenience, and it’s no wonder why Indians are starting to transact online more.

Worldline reported that India saw 20.57 billion online transactions in the second quarter of last year valued at around Rs 36.08 trillion

Amazon India, Flipkart, and Alibaba are some of the most popular e-commerce sites in the country.

The important thing is that whether it’s for shopping, paying utility bills, or gaming, there are now different ways to transact online. Here are the most popular online payment methods in India.


Unified Payments Interface or UPI is a system that powers multiple bank accounts into a mobile bank. Only participating banks apply and this is regulated by India’s central bank. It was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India in 2016 and has since then become a popular option.

 “UPI P2P accounted for 49 percent in volume and 67 percent in value but in terms of merchants’ transactions, UPI P2M emerged as the preferred payment mode with a market share of 34 percent in volume and 17 percent in terms of value,” Worldline’s report detailed.

While payment transactions are typically instantly processed with this option, bank withdrawals via UPI when playing at online gaming sites can sometimes take up to a week. Also, not a lot of offshore-based online businesses accept this option.

Still, in the second quarter of last year, UPI transactions reached a total of 17.4 billion or Rs 30.4 trillion in value.

Bank Cards

Even if UPI is India’s most popular way to transact online, many are still using their credit and debit cards when paying online. Worldline reports that card transactions hit 973.12 million for last year’s 2nd quarter and was valued at Rs 1.91 trillion.

“While UPI remains a dominant payment mode, adoption of credit cards is growing at a healthy pace it remains the preferred mode for high ticket size transactions,” Worldline’s report added.

India’s popular bank card networks are Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, and Discover.


Bank transfer is still a popular option in India, and this is known as net banking or Internet Banking. This is using a bank’s website or mobile application to transfer funds or process transactions.

Bank transfers that are person-to-person in India are usually processed instantly. However, if you’re playing online games with real money, it could take a few business days for payouts to be processed.

That doesn’t deter locals from using this option. It’s still one of the most convenient to use like 10CRIC, a sports betting and online casino site with the best payment methods in India are one of the popular online gambling sites in the country. Some of the most popular banking apps in the country are Kotak-811, HDFC Bank Mobile, Yono Lite SBI, and Axis Mobile.

Mobile and Digital Wallets

Digital wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller also have a lot of users in the country. The same goes for mobile wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and Apple Pay.

Mobile and digital wallets function the same way. Both need an online connection so you can access your funds, but a mobile wallet is more accessible since you can use this on the go. Nowadays, mobile wallets have a QR feature.

All you need to do is use your phone’s camera to scan a QR code from a seller and complete a payment. Online platforms now use QR Codes too.


online payment in India

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash are also booming in India.

About five years ago, it was as if no one cared about these digital currencies, but that has significantly changed especially in 2021 when the value of Bitcoin reached a new all time high which was around 65,000 USD per coin.

Times of India reported that as of August last year, the country has around 7.3% of cryptocurrency owners, and that makes India one of the biggest crypto markets. Based on this report, India ranked 7th.

Other countries where cryptos are also popularly used are Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Singapore, Kenya, and the US.

Overall, the estimated number of crypto owners in India is over 115 million. The most popular cryptocurrencies right now in the country are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, BNB, USD Coin, Ripple, and Binance USD.

The most used crypto trading/exchange apps by Indians are Delta Exchange, WazirX, Binance, CoinSwitch Kuber, and Zebpay.

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