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Are There Differences Between Trading Crypto and Shares?

Trading Crypto and Shares
Differences between trading crypto and shares | cryptocurrency regulation + more.

Published by FrankNez Team.

When it comes to trading, there are a lot of different options out there.

You can trade stocks, commodities, forex, and even cryptocurrencies — also known as “crypto”.

So, which one should you choose?

Before you can make that decision, you should have in-depth knowledge of each asset class and the differences between trading them.

To help you begin, we will discuss the differences between trading crypto and shares in this article.

Let’s get down to it!


SEC crypto regulation

The first major difference between the two is the regulation.

When it comes to trading shares, there are a lot of different regulations that need to be followed.

These regulations are put in place by organizations like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is not as regulated.

While there are some regulations in place, they are not as stringent as the ones for shares.

This lack of regulation can be seen as a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.

For some people, the lack of regulation is a good thing because it allows for more freedom when it comes to trading.

Others see it negatively because it could lead to more scams and fraud.

Exchanges and Market Access 

Another difference between the two is the exchanges that they are traded on.

When it comes to shares, they are usually traded on accredited stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq.

These exchanges strictly follow market timings.

For example, NYSE is open from Monday to Friday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm EST.  

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are not traded on accredited exchanges. Instead, they are traded on crypto exchanges.

These exchanges are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This difference is important to consider because it will affect when you can buy and sell your assets, which in crypto is literally anytime.

Some of the popular crypto exchanges are Binance, Coinbase, and the Independent Reserve.

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Shares represent an ownership stake in a company.

When you buy shares of a company, you become a shareholder. As a shareholder, you have certain rights.

These rights could include the right to vote on company decisions or the right to receive dividends.

On the other hand, purchasing cryptocurrencies does not necessarily represent an ownership stake in a company.

These are digital currencies without an intrinsic value.

That’s why their face value is subjective and often fluctuates.   

However, there are also some cryptocurrencies that do represent an ownership stake.

These are called “security tokens” and they function similarly to shares.

Some notable security tokens are Polymath and tZERO. 

So, when deciding to buy cryptocurrencies, keep in mind that they vary widely in terms of their intended use and what they represent.

Make sure you do your own research before you choose to trade in crypto. 

Market Volatility

Another key difference between the two is market volatility.

When it comes to shares, their prices are usually more stable because they are not as prone to sudden changes.

On the other hand, crypto prices can be very volatile because of a number of reasons. These include:

  • The lack of regulation
  • Presence of “whales” — traders who own a very large amount of crypto
  • Early stage of the market
  • A large amount of speculation

Due to this volatility, crypto prices can rise and fall very quickly. This could present both opportunities and risks to traders.

If you’re someone who likes to take risks, then trading cryptocurrencies might be a good option for you.

Because the higher the risks, the higher the rewards. 

However, if you’re someone who prefers stability, then you might want to stick to trading shares. 

One thing worth noting here is that this comparison between trading crypto and shares is not to say that one is better than the other.

The decision of whether to invest in crypto or shares really depends on your preferences as a trader.

Both have their own set of pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

Here are some pros and cons of trading each asset.

Pros of trading crypto

  • The market is open 24/hours a day, seven days a week
  • Can be traded from anywhere in the world
  • Decentralized nature
  • A rapidly growing number of digital coins

Cons of trading cryptocurrencies

  • Highly volatile
  • Cybersecurity risk
  • Prone to scams and fraud
  • The lack of regulation could be seen as a con by some
  • Most cryptos don’t have an intrinsic value

Pros of trading shares

  • More stable prices
  • Accredited exchanges offer more protection against fraud
  • Better regulation 

Cons of trading shares

  • Market timings are limited
  • You might need to be an accredited investor to trade on some exchanges
  • Low potential for extremely high gains

Now that you know the key differences between trading crypto and shares, it’s time to make a decision.

Choose wisely and happy trading!

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Altcoins You Should Know About [Crypto Traders’ Guide]

Popular Altcoins – What are Altcoins?

Published by FrankNez Team.

Cryptocurrency is on the rise! Over the past decades, cryptocurrencies have innovated and created a revolution in the world of finance.

For this reason, several cryptocurrencies have been developed over the past years.

If you are an interested crypto investor, it will be hard for you to decide which crypto has the best potential out of the thousands up there in the crypto market.

We have researched the best altcoins with excellent market potential.

This article will list three of the altcoins you should know about. According to the crypto industry experts, these three altcoins have great fundamentals, reflecting their potential in the market.

Also, we will provide the price predictions for these altcoins from reliable media sites. So that by the end of the article, you will be able to find out whether the altcoins listed will be an excellent addition to your crypto portfolio.

Top Altcoins You Should Know About | Great Market Potential According to Experts:

  1. Ethereum (ETH)
  2. Ripple (XRP)
  3. Cardano (ADA)

Let’s get to know each altcoin on the list one by one. If you are ready, let’s start!

What are Altcoins?
Crypto News: What are Altcoins?

1. Ethereum (ETH)

The first altcoin on our list is Ethereum (ETH). The second-best cryptocurrency in the market and the strong competitor for Bitcoin.

The Ethereum network is an innovative attempt to improve blockchain technology. It is a comprehensive platform for developers to develop Decentralized Apps (DApps).

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Network Founder, built Ethereum intending to design a blockchain network that goes beyond the technology of the world’s leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

It attempts to create a more functional network wherein ETH holders (the native token of the Ethereum network) can not only do crypto trades but also for developers to have a platform to create their DApps and even cryptocurrencies.

These processes are executed not just through multiple blockchains that make the Ethereum network run. These primary characteristics set the Ethereum network apart from Bitcoin’s blockchain technology.

Ethereum’s key features include smart contracts and Ether. Ether is considered the “gas” of the Ethereum network. This term is attributed to Ether since it is necessary to keep track of and facilitate all transactions that happen in the network. Even if you can create your crypto in Ethereum, you still need to own Ether to run the command you want to execute in the network.

On the other side, smart contracts are another critical feature that keeps the Ethereum network up and running. Smart contracts are transaction account that provides transaction execution records to ensure that each command runs effectively and accurately in the fastest way possible.

Smart contracts assure that transactions happen without error since any code that runs in one node will also run in all other nodes in the blockchain. Due to this, Ethereum can provide support to any created crypto in the platform without you having to worry about fraud, limitations, or third-party involvement.

These great fundamentals and critical features are what make the Ethereum prices soar. Since its launch in the crypto market, it has situated itself as the second-best crypto with a current trading price of $2,070 and a $244.67 billion market cap.

Despite the market fluctuations, its prices continued to go up. Experts are also expecting its prices to go higher before the end of the year.  According to an article entitled, Experts, Predict How High Ethereum’s Price Can Go, published by Time, ETH prices can go between $6000-$7,500 before 2022.

Buy Ethereum with Coinbase!

Ripple XRP
XRP – Popular Altcoins

2. Ripple (XRP)

The second altcoin you should know about is Ripple (XRP). Ripple (XRP) is another altcoin in which cryptosystem and blockchain technology has been developed and improved for over a decade. Ripple provides solutions to the slow, expensive, and complicated traditional financial institutes. Over the years, Ripple’s transactions have been more transparent and more cost-effective than any traditional finance services.

XRP is the native crypto of the Ripple Labs. It is used to pay settlements, exchange assets, and remit currencies in a faster and more secure platform. XRP can be used by the network of banks and financial intermediaries for fast international money transfers.

The crypto is pre-mined, and Ripple uses a less complicated mining method than that Bitcoin. Due to this, transactions are confirmed faster and cost cheaper.

Experts expect great future prices for Ripple. According to the Ripple Price Prediction article of Eclac, analysts are very optimistic about the XRP price forecast. Inhouse technical analysis by the crypto media site has shown predictions to be $5 and $8 by December 2025.

Cardano Altcoin
Popular Altcoins – Cardano (ADA)
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3. Cardano (ADA)

Last but not least is Cardano. Cardano (ADA) is a Proof-of-Stakes Blockchain technology which aims to give innovators and visionary organisations a platform to improve world-changing practices. Its founder Charles Hoskinson made Cardano develop interoperability and scalable financial system with the ability to verify the validity of smart contracts.

Cardano, like Ethereum, has a smart contract functionality. This means that ADA investors can create Decentralised Apps (DApps) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) throughout the Cardano blockchain. Additionally, Cardano is praised for its mathematical principles utilised in its consensus mechanism and unique multi-layer architecture.

Furthermore, the Cardano blockchain overcomes traditional finance and other blockchain technologies’ scaling, interoperability, and governance problems. It is created to cater to investors’ needs by giving technical expertise and support 24/7 via online customer service.

Good fundamentals indicate strong market potential. Experts see a bright future for Cardano once it gains more adaptation in the years to come. According to Digital Coin Price, ADA will reach the five-dollar mark by 2030. The site declares that the ADA price would reach the maximum price of $5.59 in 2030.

Final Thoughts

According to crypto experts, this article listed the top three altcoins you should know about, for they have excellent crypto market potential.

You have come to know the fundamentals of Ethereum, Ripple, and Cardano.

In addition, you’ve even come to know the price prediction for each altcoin made by experts and media sites.

Remember that before investing your hard-earned money in specific crypto, it is necessary to conduct research.

Research and data analysis limit risks and ensure that your money is on a suitable investment.

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Successful Bitcoin Trades. Best Crypto Traders’ Tips

Bitcoin Trades
Bitcoin Trades – Best Crypto Traders Tips

Published by FrankNez Team.

Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency. However, traders need to fight the volatility Bitcoin investment comes with. Because of this volatility, as well as the security concerns that come with digital assets, risk management is the most critical aspect of a bitcoin trading strategy.

This article has gathered five Bitcoin trading tips you should know. These trading tips can help assist you along your trading journey.

Top Five Tips for Successful Bitcoin Trades

Here are the five Bitcoin trading tips you should know and apply to increase your chances of getting lucrative trade positions and minimize your assets’ risks.

  1. Examine, Study, and Understand The Crypto Market
  2. Don’t Go All In; Take Small Steps
  3. Be Wary of Scams and Frauds
  4. Make Sure that Your Crypto Wallets are Secure
  5. Create a Crypto Trading Strategy Suited To Your Goals and Skills

Let’s go over each one of these Bitcoin trading tips one by one. Let’s start!

Bitcoin Trades
Bitcoin Trades

1. Examine, Study, and Understand The Crypto Market

Doing your homework and getting to know the industry are the only surefire ways to become a good Bitcoin trader.

This is a difficult task because many methods used to assess other financial markets do not apply to Bitcoin.

It’s a mostly speculative field, and the impact of global news and events on the value of Bitcoin is highly unpredictable.

However, there are actions you may take to improve your knowledge.

Take the time to practice reading Bitcoin charts and recognizing patterns so you can better influence your trading techniques with technical analysis.

Other traders’ Bitcoin advice should likewise be avoided.

Many people are waiting to profit from the novice because of the market’s nature.

These same folks would gladly inform you when it’s the perfect moment to buy in the hopes of inflating value and allowing them to profit handsomely.

Never take advice at face value; always do your homework before investing.

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2. Don’t Go All In; Take Small Steps

When going into a new investment, you must take caution and proceed after knowing how everything works out; if you think you can take the effort and have the skills to trade, you can start investing little by little.

Remember to start with a capital that you can afford to lose.

Although it’s an exciting market with a reputation for generating the lucky few large riches in a short time, trading Bitcoin is far from simple and comes with many risks.

In general, cryptocurrencies are quite volatile.

Avoid the urge to go in all guns blazing and instead select low-risk trades.

Crypto Fraud
Bitcoin Crypto – avoid scams

3. Be Wary of Scams and Fraud

The Bitcoin market, with no central exchange and no oversight, is regrettably an excellent habitat for scammers.

  • Phishing is a frequent scam in which bogus emails link you to scam sites that seem just like the platforms you use to acquire sensitive quests.
  • Ponzi schemes, which operate on a pyramid structure, reward investors who recruit new investors with higher profits and should be avoided at all costs
  • Cybertheft, when a hacker gets a hand of your keyphrase and gets access to your account or wallet, they can easily transfer your funds to their accounts.
  • Malware is a problem, and if you don’t take proper security precautions with your bitcoin wallet, you risk having your account drained.
  • Fake Endorsement is a marketing technique scammers use to hook in traders. They make traders believe that a popular celebrity or endorser is endorsing the trading platform.

These are only a few of the frauds to be aware of, and because bitcoin trading is such an open, intricate, and young market, new dangers emerge regularly.

One way to solve these scams and frauds you may fall victim to is by signing up with a legit crypto system like Immediate Edge that can connect you to a regulated crypto broker.

If you want to know more about the site, you can refer to the Immediate Edge review article published by the reliable media site Dart Europe and confirm if the system is the right one for you.

4. Make Sure That Your Crypto Wallets Are Secure

Because your Bitcoin wallet serves as a haven for your digital assets, it’s critical to pick properly to maintain security and accessibility.

There are numerous solutions available, each with its features and capabilities.

Wallets are classified as hot or cold; Because hot wallets are connected to the internet, they are vulnerable to hackers, whereas cold wallets keep your funds offline and are typically thought to be safer.

In reality, you’d use both since you would need to be online to manage your Bitcoin trades and investment, keeping a little bit of cash on hand while keeping most of your money safe offline.

Crypto Trading
Crypto Trading – Bitcoin Crypto

5. Create a Crypto Trading Strategy Suited To Your Goals And Skills

Before you even consider establishing a position, you must consider what kind of trader you want to be.

This will be determined by the amount of time you have to devote to trading and market study and how soon you want to make a profit.

Bitcoin traders are often divided into four groups: The most active traders are scalpers, making numerous deals daily for little profit.

Day traders profit from short-term market changes by entering and exiting the market within 24 hours.

Swing trading is another strategy that uses in-depth technical analysis to capture market patterns.

Finally, you might want to consider becoming a passive trader, maintaining your positions for the long term.

Passive traders opt to HODL their Bitcoins for an extended period.

It may take a year or even a decade before they sell their Bitcoins.

Bottom Line

Whatever bitcoin trading technique you choose, you must prioritize security and risk control.

Because it is such a volatile market, first-time traders should never invest more than they can afford to lose.

You should combine these Bitcoin trading tips with other reliable resources to give yourself the best chance of becoming a successful Bitcoin trader.

Doing these will help you understand the market and its pitfalls, know how to conduct strategic technical analysis, and create a detailed risk-management plan.

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5 Best Degrees to Study Blockchain

degrees to study blockchain
Degrees to study blockchain technology

Published by FrankNez Team.

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about blockchain lately.

It is one of the hottest words out there.

Although you may still be unclear what it means, the term represents a huge revolution not only in the economic sphere but in many other areas as well.

What makes blockchain special is that it eliminates intermediaries so that all management is decentralized.

Thus, control over the process belongs to the users.

Simply put, you could say it’s like a ledger.

In this ledger, records (blocks) are linked and encrypted to protect the security and privacy of transactions.

In other words, it is a secure distributed database.

If you’re interested in learning more, stay tuned!

We’ll talk about blockchain and what you can study to become a professional in this field.

At the end of any program, you will have to defend your master’s thesis.

By contacting the dissertation assistance service, you will get a unique and correctly edited paper.

Keys to Blockchain


As we said before, the application of this huge database can be extrapolated.

That is, it can be applied to all kinds of transactions that don’t have to be economic.

However, blockchain was originally invented to support the digital currency, bitcoin.

It is the first cryptocurrency that was not issued by a central bank.

This means that those who buy and pay with bitcoins do so on a public network.

Going back to the blockchain, there is one important requirement: it must have multiple nodes.

By node, we mean every computer participating in a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

These nodes are responsible for validating these transactions to confirm them so that the block corresponding to that transaction is written.

This is a very secure network because, being a distributed technology where each node in the network stores an exact copy of the chain, the information is available at all times.

However, if this information is stored in encrypted form, its confidentiality can be guaranteed.

Thus, only those who have the key to the cipher can access it.

Moreover, if an attacker wants to cause a denial of service, he will have to disable all nodes in the network.

Since it is enough for at least one of them to be operational to get the information.

So, what you should study?

Professional Training in Networked Computer Systems Administration

You will be trained to perform tasks such as administering server operating systems, installing and configuring software, in quality conditions to ensure the system works; administering network services (web, e-mail, and file transfer, among others) installing and configuring software, in quality conditions or even administering users according to work specifications to ensure access and availability of system resources.

International Trade Course

Here are some of the topics covered: international means of payment, guarantees and collateral in international sales transactions, international taxation, the use of e-commerce in collection and payment facilities, and foreign currency.

Master in Blockchain and Fintech

You’ll learn the basics of these new payment and financing methods so you can apply them to any business.

Postgraduate Blockchain, DLT, and Cryptoeconomics

This grad school will give you the opportunity to, among other things, discover the distributed ledger and crypto-ecosystem, its participants, services, and applications.

You will also learn how to contextualize the cryptocurrency market and appreciate the scope of the new and emerging economy by writing a lot of research papers.

Postgraduate Expert in Bitcoin and Blockchain

You will learn about blockchain technology and the basics of bitcoin.

As part of your graduate studies, you will also gain an understanding of blockchain security and research, and the legal aspects associated with cryptocurrencies.


The beauty of blockchain is that in addition to its application in a financial environment, where we cannot deny its enormous potential, it can be applied to any transaction that requires verification.

This is an area of research that has high hopes for future growth.

However, if you want to get started professionally, you can choose any of the above options.

In addition to giving you concept about blockchain, some of the alternatives will give you other knowledge.

Which one you choose is up to you!

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5 Cryptocurrency Trading Best Practices You Should Always Follow

cryptocurrency trading
Best cryptocurrency trading practices

Published by FrankNez Team.

Cryptocurrency has come a long way in a little more than a decade after Bitcoin, the first digital coinage, was launched.

From a niche interest confined within the circles of tech enthusiasts, this type of asset is now widely accessible, even to casual investors.

There are more than ten thousand different cryptocurrencies and tokens in the market that people can choose to invest in and trade, each with its own qualities that appeal to different markets and demographics.

What’s more, the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed in the past few years, transforming the lives of the people who bet on it in its early days.

Still, it’s important to remember that putting your money in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Monero (XMR) comes with its own set of risks.

Trading in cryptocurrencies is not an assurance that you’ll always come out on top, but there’s a good chance that you’ll enjoy greater profits if you’re able to make some smart trading decisions.

To maximize the odds that you’ll make the best of your investment in cryptocurrencies, take note of these trading best practices. 

Choose the Right Tools

XMR Wallet
Secure your cryptocurrency with XMR Wallet

There are two things that you need to have when trading cryptocurrencies: a digital wallet and a trading platform.

The cryptocurrency you want to own has an impact on your wallet and trading platform choices, as some wallets only work with specific coins and some markets don’t use certain coins.

For example, if you’re trading Monero, you should have an account with an XMR wallet service that works with the coin.

The same can be said of trading platforms.

The good news is cryptocurrency markets now accommodate an extensive range of digital coins, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find an option that works for you, especially if you’re thinking of trading with a popular coin.

Take note of the fees, if any, that these tools require of you, and check that they have the means to keep your assets and trades secure. 

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Select Coins Carefully

cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency trading – best practices

Again, there are thousands of coins in the market today, some of which are exclusively for the use of certain groups, but a good majority of which are accessible to everyday consumers.

If you’re a bit intimidated by the high price of Bitcoin and other popular digital currencies, it might be tempting to find an alternative coin to invest in.

Who knows?

You might even stumble upon a Bitcoin-in-the-making and turn up a huge profit some years down the road.

But before you give in to this thought, be sure to research the coin you want to trade—such as its history, the community behind it, and if there’s a good chance that it will remain viable in the future.

Otherwise, you might be throwing your money away on currencies that will never take off. 

Diversify Your Trades

diversify when trading crypto
Be sure to diversify when trading cryptocurrency

Diversifying your trades is a good move when dabbling with traditional assets as well as when putting your money on alternative assets like cryptocurrencies.

When you’re uncertain about what the future holds for your investments and trades, you’ll be thankful for having the foresight to diversify the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio.

By trading using different types of coins, you can balance the amount of risk you assume, and your portfolio will take less of a hit in case something goes awry with one of the coins that you are holding. 

Beware of FOMO

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is real when you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies.

As an asset type, cryptocurrency is volatile by nature, and as such, it can be quite exciting to maximize the opportunities that the market presents.

But don’t let your emotions get the best of you–giving in to FOMO is the downfall of many cryptocurrency traders.

To make smart decisions in such a charged moment, it’s best to have trading objectives in mind and a strategy that you can stick to.

Know right from the start that you’ll be required to make quick decisions, so prepare for them by making guidelines that will help you arrive at the best possible outcome when using a trading opportunity as it is presented to you.

Clearly Define Your Purpose

trading crypto
Define your purpose when trading crypto

Trading cryptocurrency is an experience in itself, but it’s also a means to an end.

Being clear about your financial goals from the get-go will help you set guidelines and select strategies that are aligned with your overall objectives.

What’s your purpose when trading in cryptocurrencies?

How would you define being successful in this endeavor?

What signs should tell you that it’s time to cut your losses and fold?

You’ll have to answer these questions at some point, so it’s best to ponder on them now so that you can make a firm decision when the moment asks for it. 

Keep these best practices in mind when trading.

Following this guide will help you maximize your chances of earning a profit while also deeply immersing yourself in the trading experience. 

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Apps for Crypto Trading

apps for trading crypto
Apps for trading crypto

Published by FrankNez Team.

Today, the global market capitalization of all types of cryptocurrencies is 2.6 trillion dollars, this amount is equal to the 6th largest economy of GDP — France.

Cryptocurrency is at the peak of popularity, so many companies are creating applications and products for operations with it.

Cryptocurrency applications are smartphone software that provides up-to-date data on virtual coins, allowing them to solve various tasks.

With their help, users can invest, get information about courses, earn money on purchases and sales, and so on.

The most popular apps at the moment are TabTrader and Finance.

apps for trading crypto
Apps for trading crypto

Cryptocurrency trading applications allow users to track and control the flow of cryptocurrency funds, and exchange tokens for fiat money or vice versa.

Here are the main reasons for the popularity of trading apps:

  • decentralization — blockchain frees cryptocurrency from strict control, which means that the authorities don’t dictate the rules to its owners;
  • fast and unlimited operations — clients don’t have to wait several days for the money to be available on the account, and there are no restrictions on the number of transactions;
  • low commission worldwide — the commission is significantly lower than for other financial transactions;
  • anonymity, — if the crypto address isn’t openly confirmed, no one will know the data of the sender and recipient.

The main thing that any trader needs is for the application to be convenient, work quickly, and without errors.

On an exchange where the price can change several times in a second, a “slowing down” app is a complete failure: in the process, clients may lose money and time.

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The Main Types of Crypto Applications

Apps for crypto trading
Apps for crypto trading

All cryptocurrency apps are divided into three large groups: a crypto wallet, a cryptographic data aggregator, or a cryptocurrency trading application.

Crypto wallet. It can safely store cryptocurrency, as well as related transaction records. Mobile crypto wallets simplify and speed up transactions — this is a cheap way to transfer, and decentralization provides anonymity and protection.

Cryptographic data aggregator. This option is more suitable for experienced traders. Aggregators provide users with up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies. Prices, market capitalization indices, indicators of trading volumes are regularly updated there, and data on markets and ratings of exchanges are published. Investors use this tool for in-depth study of the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency trading applications. Apps for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies are intermediaries between sellers and buyers. Most often, through these platforms, people simply buy, sell or exchange virtual money for fiat money.

Indicators of a High-quality Application

crypto trading apps
Crypto trading apps

Since trading affects the user’s personal assets to one degree or another, the application for selling and buying crypto should be chosen carefully. Below are the main indicators characteristic of high-quality programs:

  • high liquidity — at first, you’re unlikely to have sufficient trading turnover, so connect the service to an external liquidity pool;
  • a large number of currency pairs — follow the principle of “the more, the better,” but don’t forget to check the reliability of tokens;
  • reliability and safety — consider the security of the service so that it can process hundreds of thousands of transactions.

In conditions of the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, its participants should have quick and easy access to the most up-to-date data.

Therefore, various services related to cryptocurrency launch mobile applications that repeat the functionality of the main site or are independent products.

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Buy BTC with Switchere.com in a Few Simple Steps

Buy BTC with Switchere.com
Switchere.com – Buy BTC in a few simple steps

Published by FrankNez Team.

BTC is a coin that has made a revolution in the financial world. It has many advantages over traditional currency.

For example, a possibility to stay anonymous when you make transactions.

You can use BTC as a payment method on many websites.

If you hold Bitcoin, you can earn on value fluctuations.

Even if you aren’t a trading guru, you can earn a good profit from cryptocurrency.

Would you like to own BTC but have no idea where to get it?

Today, it’s as easy as ABC.

You can enter a website Switchere.com and buy bitcoin with credit card no verification without specific skills and experience.

It’s a place where you can sell, buy, and exchange cryptocurrency through a user-friendly process.

Find out how to buy bitcoin with a credit card or debit card without any problems.

Getting BTC Is as Easy as ABC

Everyone who wants to buy BTC with debit card/credit card can do it in less than a minute.

You just need to enter the already-mentioned site and follow the steps on the listing below.

  • Pass through a fast registration process (You can buy Bitcoins with credit card no verification but if you get verified you can increase the exchange limit).
  • Provide all the necessary exchange details (Enter the cryptocurrency you need and fill in the amount. Then, choose a payment method).
  • Fill in your receiving crypto wallet address and make a deposit.

You will get the necessary crypto amount within seconds.

BTC will be transferred to your crypto wallet as soon as the exchange is done.

As you can see, the exchange process doesn’t require any specific skills.

It’s just one of the advantages you will enjoy if you use the easiest way to purchase crypto online.

Learn about other cool pros you’ll find on the Switchere platform that provides licensed financial services at a competitive price.

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Buy Crypto Online and Get Tons of Benefits

Why do more and more people choose Switchere to buy Bitcoins with debit card/credit card?

It isn’t surprising as this provider offers many great advantages.

First of all, it is the simplicity of the entire exchange process.

You can convert coins online by using a mobile app.

It will take you a couple of minutes to buy BTC with credit card and sell coins even if you do this for the first time.

Secondly, it is a low commission.

You can be sure that you’ll exchange crypto without hidden fees.

Evaluate the final result before you make a deposit and get as many coins as you can see on the screen of the calculator.

It’s possible to swap coins or buy crypto for fiat money (USD/Euro).

Thirdly, it is fast processing and delivery.

You shouldn’t wait for long to get as much crypto as you need.

The listing of pros is really long.

The best way to make sure that the exchange service can meet your expectations is to use it on your own.

According to many positive testimonials, you won’t regret your choice. The platform we are talking about is a reputable one.

The provider of the financial services guarantees that each crypto exchange takes place anonymously and is 100% safe.

They secure each bank card transaction with 3-D technology.

Do you still have doubts that it’s a good place for you to buy BTC?

If you still have questions, you can go to customer support and get answers round-the-clock.

Specialists will come back to you with the most effective solution instantly if you face an issue.

So, enjoy a risk-free exchange process that takes little time and effort and become an owner of BTC.

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Which Transcription Services Are the Best for Your Crypto Business?

Transcription Services Crypto Business
Transcription Services for your crypto business

Published by FrankNez Team.

In the process of rapid development of information technology, new tools of economic management appear every day.

The economies of most countries are improving and developing, and people are always looking for something better and more convenient.

This led to the emergence on the market of an analog of traditional currencies – cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology, i.e. data encryption.

Such currency does not have a physical form but exists only in electronic form.

Its main characteristics are security, anonymity, and decentralization.

Crypto provides a convenient and fast way to conduct anonymous transactions with a high level of data protection, without the participation of banking institutions and paying a fee for payments.

Currently, there are about 2,000 cryptocurrencies in the world, but the most valuable are Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency), Litecoin, Ethereum, Peercoin, NXT, etc.

Characteristics of Several Varieties of Crypto Business

transcription services for crypto business

Blockchain technologies are developing at an astonishing pace, creating a favorable environment for entrepreneurs who want to start their own cryptocurrency-related business.

There are many promising opportunities in this area today.

For example, you can earn on getting a guaranteed return on investments in the most reliable and popular currencies, such as Ether and Bitcoin.

And since their emission is strictly limited, the only way to satisfy the payment demand will be an exchange rate increase.

You can also organize your own mining and hand over the mined cryptocurrencies, receiving a reward for this.

Some consider it profitable to invest in the so-called future ICO projects, engage in trading, or earn on inter-exchange rates.

Another type of crypto business is staking.

This is an effective way to get passive income from digital currencies based on the PoS algorithm.

For earning money, you just need to keep coins in your electronic wallet.

Having a wallet with coins will allow you to take part in the mining of crypto assets.

Stakers generally make an income from supporting blockchains based on Proof of Stake.

Pay attention that if you have crypto, it can be transferred to third parties at a percentage.

This is called landing.

This is another type of crypto business popular today.

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Benefits of Getting Transcription Services for Crypto Business

No matter what kind of crypto business you are involved in, you certainly want to make it better and even more profitable.

This is possible through the use of quality transcription services.

By documenting business audio and video files through transcription, you can get the most out of their content.

This explains why many crypto business owners perform audio-to-text transcription to back up their logs, relevant industry news, and other statistics.

By visiting a reliable transcription website and getting audio to text conversion, your business will enjoy a number of favorable benefits, including the following:

  • Achievement of established legal or regulatory goals;
  • Assistance in backing up critical business data;
  • Transcription of advertising audio content for delivery to customers or publication on the Internet, etc.

List of Best Transcription Services for Crypto Business

If you want to get high-quality audio transcription online, pay attention to the list of the best transcription services for crypto business:

  1. Transcriberry. This transcription service rightfully takes first place in our ranking of the best transcription services for crypto businesses. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it combines automated and manual transcription in order to provide customers with the highest quality services. Using the service is very simple. You just need to upload your audio or video file and start converting it. The powerful voice-to-text software generates online transcriptions within minutes, and professional human transcribers perform subsequent editing to ensure high transcription accuracy. Transcriberry creates editable Word, TXT, SRT, etc. files. You can download them immediately after the decryption is finished;
  2. Amberscript. This is also one of the advanced platforms that provide audio and video to text transcription services. It supports 35 languages and has one of the most advanced voices recognition AI. Therefore, high-quality decoding is always ensured. You can improve the quality of the decrypted text even more if you use the editor available on the website. You can add timestamps and use other available features there. It is possible to export text to one of the popular formats such as Word, TXT, JSON, SRT, VTT, etc.;
  3. Rev. If you don’t have the time or energy to type the text of your audio recordings yourself, you can use the Rev. This service will do everything for you. The process is very simple – you upload the audio to the site, pay for the services and receive the high-quality transcription by email. Pay attention that the service is very reliable and safe. Your recording will not be decrypted by a computer but by real people. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the services provided, you can always request a refund. The price of the work is about 1 dollar per minute of decoding. The waiting time for completion of work is from 24 to 48 hours. In some cases, the price and terms are too high and many crypto business owners are looking for other services on the Internet;
  4. Sonix. This service makes transcription of audio and video files as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. Sonix is ​​regarded as one of the best automated transcription services. It uses the latest AI technology to create the most precise automated transcriptions on the market. Word error rate is a typical metric for assessing accuracy, but features such as Sonix Custom Dictionary allow users to make custom dictionaries and improve accuracy even further;
  5. Vocalmatic. This automated transcription service is great for journalists, podcasters, students, crypto business owners, etc. It works on the basis of speech recognition technology that analyzes the recording second by second, determines which word was spoken each second, and stores each word in the transcription. After the process is completed, the computer issues a set of words that have been recognized. The most significant advantage of Vocalmatic is that you can actually reduce the time it takes to transcribe an audio or video file into text manually. As for the pricing, you can choose from three packages available depending on the required decryption time: minute packages (30 minutes for $8 USD); hourly packages (3 hours for $36 USD); high volume packages (25 hours for $199 USD);
  6. Transcribe. This service provides instant transcription immediately after you upload an audio or video file to the site. There is nothing easier. However, the result will not be perfect at all, so editing and proofreading will still be required. With the Transcribe editor, you can time-stamp your finished text, listen to recordings at a slower speed, and correct passages that are incorrectly recognized by the service. Transcribe is free to try, but you’ll need to buy a subscription for $20 a year to use the service regularly. For additional features like machine transcription and automatic time codes, you will have to pay another $ 6 per hour. The service is in English, but supports many other languages;
  7. RealSpeaker. This is a very effective tool for users who want to decrypt audio tracks and video files. The converter runs in a browser and supports English. The principle of its work is simple. You select the source file, upload it to the service, and click the “Transcribe” button. After a while, a window with decrypted text will open in front of you. It will require proofreading and editing. Pay attention that the service is paid, so you will have to pay for text decryption of files longer than one and a half minutes. However, the site does not prohibit uploading several short passages at once, so you can get around this restriction if you have patience;
  8. Speechlogger. This online service can recognize language and instantly convert it to text. You can save the finished document in .txt, .doc, and .srt formats, upload it to Google Drive, send it by email, or print it out. No registration is required. The service also provides the ability to decrypt audio and video files recorded in .aac, .avi, .m4a, .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, .ogg, .raw, .wav, .flac. But this feature is included in the Premium package and is paid for.
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So, summing up all of the above, we should indicate that many people think about building a business on cryptocurrency as digital money is becoming more common today.

There are many effective ways to do this, some of which have been described in this article.

But in order for any crypto business to be more efficient and bring you maximum profit, you should think about using transcription services.

On the Internet, you can find many services that offer high-quality transcription of audio and video into text.

You can choose reliable transcription websites yourself, or you can use the list above.

All services from our list are distinguished by their reliability, safety, and quality of services provided.

The first place in the list is taken by Transcriberry, as it is considered the best today.

Visit it and bring benefits to your crypto business already today!

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Stocks and Crypto Are Under Attack by Banks and Hedge Funds

Stocks and Crypto

Stocks and crypto are falling.

SPY stock (S&P 500) has fallen below $400 per share and is now down more than 17% this year to date.

Bitcoin is down more than 37% this year and has fallen below $30,000 again.

Banks and hedge funds have been selling off both the stock and crypto markets as the need for liquidity rises.

Will stocks and crypto go back up again?

Let’s discuss it.

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Banks and hedge funds tank the markets

Banks and hedge funds have been responsible for essentially every market crash in history.

But nothing has truly been done about the systemic risks caused by these financial institutions.

Today we’re seeing the collapse of both stocks and crypto.

Massive selloffs in the market are providing liquidity to institutions in order to keep their losing short positions open.

On top of these fire sales, the amount of shorting has increased to hedge against losses from last year’s bull run.

Short sellers lost billions of dollars last year when the ‘meme stock’ frenzy took over Wall Street.

Today, hedge funds are liquidating the markets to keep up with increased margin requirements this new year.

But at what cost?

Investors invested in great companies are losing money not because of business fundamentals, but because of the lack of regulation in the financial system.

Crypto developers say crypto crash was coordinated

LUNA and UST developers said this week’s crash was caused by a coordinated attack from hedge funds and big banks.

It comes as no surprise since hedge funds and big banks have been colluding to short specific stocks in the market.

The fed has opened investigations looking into these serious issues.

Goldman Sachs’ dark pools are currently under investigation, Archegos founder Bill Hwang was recently arrested with 11 criminal counts, and the list goes on.

Subpoenas went out to several hedge funds and banks earlier this year – one of the hedge funds under investigation is Citadel, according to Bloomberg sources.

Word is spreading on Twitter and Reddit and BlackRock and Citadel are responsible for the massive selloffs in the crypto market too.

Deeper due diligence is being done on this matter.

Citadel or not, coordinated attacks on securities is something the government should be taking seriously.

Will stocks and crypto bounce back?

It’s difficult to look ahead when the markets are bleeding, after all you are seeing your net worth drop quicker than it took for it to reach new heights.

If you’re worried about today’s markets, you might have been introduced to a short-term way of investing.

While certain plays could be short-term trades, majority of the market tends to be a long-term speculative game.

We bet that the companies we’re investing in will do great over the span of 10 years or so and let the markets go through the ups and downs, at least in the case of the stock market.

Crypto has and will always have greater potential than it has previously seen.

And crypto heads know this.

Is this the end of the stock and crypto markets?

Absolutely not.

What we’re seeing today has happened several times over the course of both markets.

After a climb, there’s always some setback that scares investors momentarily.

But if there’s something we can always learn from historic patterns, it’s that stocks and crypto have always gone right back up and set even bigger all-time highs.

Is now the perfect time to buy?

is now the perfect time to buy stocks and crypto?
Is now the perfect time to buy stocks and crypto?

It seems both stocks and crypto are having a difficult time finding a bottom.

And trying to time it has always proven that no one can time the markets perfectly.

Searching for a good entry point could just as likely end up hurting you if the markets were to suddenly go through a reversal.

Skilled long-term investors know that when the markets are red, you buy and hold.

Because the price of securities always goes up after a dreadful period of nonstop downtrend.

The upcoming reversal will have you wishing you’d have stocked up on stocks and crypto today.

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Will ApeCoin Continue to Skyrocket in Value?

Will ApeCoin continue to go up in value?
You can now buy ApeCoin with Coinbase – Will ApeCoin keep going up?

Should you get in on ApeCoin or stay the hell away from it!?

ApeCoin was made available to retail investors on Wednesday, March 16th.

The cryptocurrency comes from a partnership between The Bored Ape Yacht Club and a decentralized company, ApeCoin DAO.

The new cryptocurrency has gained the attention of the retail community primarily invested in NFTs and crypto.

But stocks, crypto, NFTs, that’s what the new generation is all about.

ApeCoin started at $1 per token and is currently trading over $14!

Will the cryptocurrency continue to go up in value?

Let’s talk about it.


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What is ApeCoin?

ApeCoin is a cryptocurrency deriving from the Ethereum blockchain launched by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

If you don’t know who BAYC is chances are you might have seen their popular NFTs online at some point.

They depict creative and stylish bored apes that sell tremendously high on the market!

Below is a gallery of their work.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTS

The company Yuga Labs is the creator of both the Bored Ape Yacht Club and now ApeCoin.

ApeCoin is owned and operated by the ApeCoin DAO, a decentralized organization where each token holder gets to vote on governance and use of the Ecosystem Fund.

What is the purpose of ApeCoin?

ApeCoin ($APE) is a token for culture, gaming, and commerce used to empower a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3.

The cryptocurrency is essentially creating a token for members of its community to further enrich its NFT culture.

Will Yuga Labs’ new cryptocurrency have the same ‘status’ as Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs do?

It’s certainly possible, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section at the end of the article.

The project is looking to create value within the blockchain culture, which has many possibilities that are still to this date unknown.

Just like when the internet was new, this new culture of blockchain technology is going to change the world.

Crypto, NFTs, and everything that we currently know in the space is just the beginning.

Where can you buy ApeCoin?

Buy ApeCoin with Coinbase
Buy ApeCoin with Coinbase

You can buy ApeCoin through a crypto exchange such as:

  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • FTX

Something curious happened when the new cryptocurrency launched, it was available on every major crypto exchange.

The crypto is still fairly new and I anticipate as it continues to gain more attention, more retail investors will take a position.

How many ApeCoin tokens are in circulation?

ApeCoin circulation - ApeCoin supply
Will ApeCoin keep going up?

ApeCoin has a total max supply of 1 billion tokens and 277.5 million are currently in circulation, which equivalates to only 28% of the total supply.

ApeCoin’s total max supply is less than Cardano (ADA, 45b), Ripple (XRP, 100b), and Algorand (ALGO, 10b).

While the new cryptocurrencies circulating supply is relatively low compared to its max supply, investors must be aware that developers may increase the circulating supply at any moment.

Increasing the supply (like any other cryptocurrency) would lower the price of ApeCoin.

The cryptocurrency is still a highly speculative play and investors should always due extensive research to identify and estimate whether the cryptocurrency will continue to go up in value.

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Interesting facts about ApeCoin

Will Ape Coin go up

The creators of ApeCoin distributed the cryptocurrency for free to every Bored Ape Yacht Club holder.

For each Bored Ape you own, you’re entitled to 10,094 $APE.

That’s equivalent to $150,000 today.

So far, around 110 million APE tokens have been claimed by NFT holders.

Yuga Labs is getting 150 million APE, 10 million of which (“or equal value”) will go to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation.

140 million $APE will go to the companies and people that helped initiate the project.

The 80 million $APE going to its founders of Yuga Labs will be locked for the first 12 months so holders cannot cash out and tank the price.

So, is APE worth buying and holding for a year?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

How is ApeCoin being used?

Benji Bananas
Will Ape Coin go up

A mobile game called Benji Bananas, developed by Animoca Brands (whose co-founder, Yat Siu, is on the board of the Ape Foundation), is adopting ApeCoin as a kind of in-game currency. 

For 25 ApeCoins, you can buy a Benji Bananas Membership Pass, which lets you earn “special tokens” in-game.

Those tokens can then be swapped for actual ApeCoins.

So far, this is the only utility of APE as it’s relatively new.

ApeCoin is part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s ecosystem and I expect a lot more utility will be offered in the future as we enter the metaverse and blockchain technology becomes more familiar.

What we do know is that APE will be used to access merchandise, events, and services later on.

How much is $APE worth?

At the time of this article, ApeCoin is currently trading in the market for $23.85.

Its current market cap is $7.1B with a typical hold time of 25 days according to Coinbase.

An improvement from earlier this March as seen below.

APE Market Stats – Will Ape Coin go up?

If retail investors decide to go long on APE then we can expect the typical hold time to increase.

ApeCoin is up more than 2,300% since its inception and has gained a lot of popularity across multiple crypto exchanges.

The $12-$13 price range seemed to be a foundation for APE although the cryptocurrency has begun to set new ATHs.

Granted, it’s only been two months, but I’d love to know your thoughts on how high this crypto asset can go.

Open an account with Coinbase

Is ApeCoin a buy?


It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out on it.

What are your thoughts on APE?

Are you buying the new cryptocurrency or are you giving it time and keeping an eye out on more crypto news?

Join my newsletter for updates.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas on what’s coming next with $APE.

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Ape Coin – should you buy in or not? Will Ape Coin go up?

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