MULN Stock News: Company Makes Round of Deliveries in Ireland

Market News Today: Mullen Automotive delivers I-GO in Ireland.
Market News Today: Mullen Automotive delivers I-GO in Ireland.

MULN Stock News Today: Newgate Motor Group has confirmed that the Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ:MULN) I-GO has been delivered in Ireland.

Although Mullen Automotive has not officially made the announcement, Newgate Motor Group has a banner on their website that states Mullen “has arrived in Ireland”.

The dealer sells Mercedes Benz, BMW, KIA, Renault, Dacia, and now Mullen.

Mullen Automotive announced in November that Newgate would become the “marketing, sales, distribution and servicing agent” for the I-GO in the U.K. and Ireland.

The company also said it would sign a dealer agreement with Newgate that would encompass the initial units of the I-GO for demonstration and the purchase of 500 I-GOs per year.

Latest Mullen Automotive News

Newgate Motor Group stated that pricing for the I-GO would be announced soon.

Mullen previously announced in October that it would sell the I-GO at a starting price of $11,999, plus value-added tax (VAT) and local transportation costs.

Additionally, the I-GO will be equipped with a 16.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack that will offer a range of 124 miles.

The vehicle’s compact nature will help it complete deliveries for Europe’s narrow roads.

In late December, Mullen disclosed that sample I-GOs had arrived in Europe, but not yet in the hands of Ireland’s Newgate.

The original delivery date had been set to Dec. 20, while Mullen attributed the delay to Covid-19 shutdown issues in China.

A new date of delivery was set to early January.

At the time, Newgate General Manager Jim Ring added the following:

“Over the last month, we’ve received a significant uptick in interest and inquiries on the I-GO EV […] We are definitely excited to receive the initial sample vehicles and look forward to showcasing them for our customers firsthand.”

Recent MULN Stock News

MULN stock news: Mullen makes round of deliveries in Ireland.
MULN stock news: Mullen makes round of deliveries in Ireland.

Mullen Automotive has partnered with Menzies Aviation in a 60-day pilot program that will evaluate the Class 1 electric vehicle cargo vans in several use cases across its operations at LAX.

Menzies Aviation is the world’s largest aviation service company and it’s looking for innovative solutions to support its ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2033.

Menzies has a global fleet of 27,000 ground service equipment, including over 8,000 vehicles, at 250-plus airports worldwide and is committed to switching to electric wherever possible to reduce emissions in line with its sustainability strategy. 

If all goes well with Mullen’s Class 1 EV cargo van, Mullen Automotive could become a pioneer in electrifying airports around the world.

Loop Global Inc. will also be partnering with Mullen and Menzies to provide charging infrastructure, a solution to one of the challenges in today’s EV world.

This is big news for the automotive company.

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FrankNez News and Updates: Mullen Automotive delivers I-GO in Ireland.
FrankNez News and Updates: Mullen Automotive delivers I-GO in Ireland.

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