List of The Best Stock Tickers to Day Trade

Best stocks to day trade
Options trading: Best stocks to day trade

Are you wondering which stock tickers are the best to day trade?

In this article I’m going to walk you through my personal favorite as well as some of the most common stock tickers to trade in the market.

Some of these symbols may yield very high profits while others are more conservative (for less risky traders) in price action but still very profitable.

Regardless of which symbols you decide to trade, here are the best stock tickers to day trade for both novice and skilled day traders.

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List of profitable stock tickers to day trade

I’ve been learning about options trading for over a year now but began my trading journey in 2022.

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Here is a combination of my favorite but also some of the most common stock tickers to day trade in 2022.

#1. SPY

SPY stock is one of my personal favorites but also one of the most common stocks to day trade.

Day trading the SPY

This stock earns the number one spot on the list of best stock tickers to day trade due to its stability.

The SPY is less volatile than most tickers making it a safer stock to trade.

This is primarily because it’s an index fund tracking the top 500 companies in the U.S.

I started trading the SPY in the very beginning of my day trading journey and continue to trade it today.

#2. TSLA

Number two on our list is Tesla stock (TSLA).

Oof, Tesla!

You do not need to be in a trade long enough to profit with TSLA contracts.

The great thing about trading TSLA is that you can scalp it and make a ton of profit in such a short amount of time due to its higher price action.

The only con is that it’s expensive to trade.

This means that if a trade does not go in your favor, any small losses can quickly turn into heavy losses.

So, before day trading TSLA stock, be sure you have enough capital to cover (if)any losses, but most importantly – have a proven strategy that works prior to trading a pricey position.

#3. IWM

IWM is the index for the Russell 2,000 ETF, which tracks 2,000 small-cap U.S. equities.

Like the SPY, IWM is another great stock ticker to day trade if you’re looking for something more stable and less volatile.

Best stocks to day trade
Best stocks to day trade

IWM follows the SPY very closely so if you’re looking to trade a slightly more cost-efficient stock, IWM is the way to go.

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#4. AAPL

Trading AAPL

AAPL stock is another popular stock ticker to day trade.

Although I don’t trade this company much, I have profited trading it before.

The strategy I use allows me to enter and exit for profit in just about any ticker.

However, I tend to stick to a very selected few without broadening too much of what I trade.

Apple stock tends to have high trading volume, making it a top choice for new and skilled day traders.

Do you trade this stock?

Leave a comment down below.

#5. QQQ

Invesco, or QQQ stock is an ETF made up of the largest non-financial 100 NASDAQ companies.

Like many Twitter users who day trade this ETF, I’ve also profited from this ticker.

I added this ticker to my watchlist when I noticed many users were making very profitable trades from QQQ.

While QQQ is not one of my most used tickers, it’s definitely on my top 5 list of best stock tickers to day trade, especially as an alternative in the tech sector.

This makes it a must to keep in your watchlist.

best stocks to day trade
QQQ ETF – best stocks to day trade

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