Institutional Investor Says Ken Griffin is On the Same Side as Retail

Market News: Ken Griffin's Citadel and other hedge funds go long on AMC
Market News: Ken Griffin’s Citadel and other hedge funds go long on AMC

Institutional Investor just published a somewhat odd article trying to convince readers that Ken Griffin is on the same side as retail investors.

I know, smells fishy already.

But the article seems rather misinformative.

According to the article, Citadel and other hedge funds previously shorting AMC are now going long.

They did not provide any evidence, but I was able to find some intriguing data.

Let’s take a look below.

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Ken Griffin on the same side as retail investors?

Multi-billionaire and owner of hedge fund Citadel Ken Griffin is actually on the same side as retail investors?

The same hedge fund that was betting against AMC Entertainment in hopes to profit from its downfall?

I’m not sure if that aligns with the aspirations of retail investors but I’d love to hear from you on this one in the comment section.

I couldn’t find any evidence of the claims Institutional Investor was making, but I did find some data from Fintel.

According to Fintel, Citadel Advisors LLC opened 6.5 million calls for AMC Entertainment stock reflecting in August and bought roughly 670k shares.

The hedge fund opened 3.2 million puts during the same month.

Institutional Investor says Citadel owned approximately 2,305,711 shares of AMC but neither Fintel nor MarketBeat show this to be true.

Other hedge funds that were previously short on AMC and purchased shares were Millennium and Wolverine as shown below.

It looks like aggressive short sellers are now going long.

This is big news for AMC Entertainment.

Has the company finally convinced Wall Street of its worth?

Why are hedge funds going long on AMC now?

Citadel buys AMC stock
Citadel buys AMC stock? Why are hedge funds going long on AMC?

The answer is quite simple, hedge funds are simply hedging their losing bets.

They are going long as momentum spurs and going short during cool-off periods.

It makes sense, but does it mean Ken Griffin is on retail investors side?

I think that’s a little too much.

Ken Griffin’s Citadel takes advantage of retail investors by trading their orders in foreign exchanges, profiting from better trading deals outside the lit market.

The hedge fund also has the power to suppress stocks from moving up based on retail demand by overleveraging their short positions and flooding the market with selling pressure.

This is why retail investors disdain Ken Griffin and Citadel.

Market makers and hedge funds have prevented AMC from fully squeezing which means they’ve tampered with retail’s money.

And retail will never be okay with that.

Institutional Investor says Ken Griffin is on retail’s side because Citadel is going long on AMC.

Are they trying to clear their name with this hit?

What do you think?

Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. kuncimain

    Is the investment profitable?

  2. Jeff Lindemann

    Ken Griffin is today what he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. He has parlayed his abilities to walk a very fine line between what would appear to be ( to most of us) illegal and only questionable. No doubt his enormous political donations prove beneficial. What a sad state of affairs for our country.

  3. Albania.1994

    A wolf changes his hair not his habit .

    • Pricilla Triplett

      A wolf is what it is. Sneaky, sly & only out to devour anything smaller than itself. The Grifter can flap his lips all he likes, but they’re falling on deaf ears.

  4. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

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