Florida Governor Now Says He Will Eliminate The IRS

Florida governor Ron DeSantis now says he will eliminate the IRS if elected president when responding to a question on taxation.

On January 4, speaking at a televised Republican presidential town hall event, Florida’s governor and presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, shared his thoughts on various topics including immigration, the legal-woes of his opponent – the one-term former president, and everyone’s favorite topic; money.

“Wouldn’t you like to eliminate the IRS? I would want it.

I would eliminate the IRS and have a single rate (of federal income tax) and do a flat tax… I think that would be the ideal tax system… Florida is a good example of this,” the governor said on CNN.

Addressing notions that Floridians enjoy a lower income tax than many other tax, and whether this could be broadened to the wider United States if DeSantis were nominated and eventually elected to the White House, he spoke in definitive terms.

He later posted a video of the exchange on Twitter with the headline “I want to eliminate the IRS”.

Some of the more outspoken figures in the Republican movement including Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Florida’s self-appointed ‘firebrand’ Republican – Congressman Matt Gaetz – have been outspoken critics of the federal government agency.

When it was announced that Democrats were seeking to recruit an additional 87,000 agents into the IRS, presumably to enable more effective investigation into citizens and collection of taxes, MTG and Gaetz both declared their intention to block the initiative.

Taxes have been increasing nationwide, posing a threat to wages on every spectrum of the bracket.

The United States government is now the richest it has ever been.

What are your thoughts on the tax system? Leave a comment down below.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - Florida Governor Now Says He Will Eliminate The IRS.
Market News Today – Florida Governor Now Says He Will Eliminate The IRS.

A massive US company is now laying off a whopping 900 workers nationwide according to the latest WARN act filings.

Delivery truck maker Morgan Olson will lay off a total of 908 workers from its plants in Michigan, Tennessee and Virginia, the company disclosed through the states’ Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act systems in October.

Morgan Olson produces aluminum delivery trucks and vans for companies such as UPS, FedEx and Aramark, according to their website.

The layoffs will begin Dec. 22 and will be complete by the end of the year, according to the WARN letters.

Fortunately the workforce cuts at all three locations are only temporary, according to a statement from the company.

“Major parcel delivery companies have communicated to Morgan Olson that new vehicle purchase orders will be delayed due to the current economic conditions and forecasts,” the company said in a statement to Manufacturing Dive.

“As a result, Morgan Olson will temporarily be reducing their workforce at all three Morgan Olson locations in Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia.” 

Of the three facilities, the Ringgold, Virginia, facility will have the most layoffs with 435.

The number of workers losing their jobs at Morgan Olson’s plant in Loudon, Tennessee, is 290, followed by 183 workers in Sturgis, Michigan. 

The Ringgold site is the company’s newest location, which it established in a former Ikea facility in 2020, and had been projected to create over 700 jobs when it opened. 

In its Virginia WARN letter, the company said it hopes business improves so it can rehire.

“Ongoing production will continue at all locations as the company looks forward to the return of the parcel delivery market demand and new product offerings,” Morgan Olson said in a statement.

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Market News Today - Florida Governor Now Says He Will Eliminate The IRS.
Market News Today – Florida Governor Now Says He Will Eliminate The IRS.

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