Families Now Getting Bank Accounts Frozen by A US Bank

Market News Today - Families Now Getting Bank Accounts Frozen by A US Bank.
Market News Today – Families Now Getting Bank Accounts Frozen by A US Bank.

Families are now getting their bank accounts frozen by a US bank according to a new report from a user in distress.

Eric Begley says his family of four are being affected by Credit Karma’s bank partner, MVB bank and are on the brink of being evicted.

Payroll has been frozen and the family is working with local state reps to look into the problem.

“Our family with 2 children are being evicted Monday so please everyone pray for our family that this gets resolved for us asap.

C.K. is purposely holding up these simple routing numbers & now my family’s lives are suffering.”

The family says they have a 4-year old and a 15-year old who have no idea what’s happening.

But Eric and his family aren’t the only ones being affected by fraudulent activity and frozen bank accounts.

They reached out to FrankNez after a report was published on Green Dot Bank denying customers access to money.

A Green Dot Bank user says their family was almost evicted after the bank froze their account on ‘fraudulent charges’ and cancelled their card.

“After I had fraudulent charges on my account they cancelled my card and were supposed to resend one. This happened August 5 2023. I finally got a working card September 14 2023.

Was almost evicted, with my 2 children, missed countless bill payments and multiple days of work because I had no gas for my car. I’m beyond disgusted and in the worst financial position in my life. No Christmas or birthdays for my kids this year. Again,” says one user.

Customers from bigger banks such as Wells Fargo are also beginning to experience something similar.

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Wells Fargo is Freezing Bank Accounts in New Scandal

Market News Today - Families Now Getting Bank Accounts Frozen by A US Bank.
Market News Today – Families Now Getting Bank Accounts Frozen by A US Bank.

Wells Fargo is now freezing bank accounts according to new reports from a customer, which has now led to a lawsuit.

“Wells Fargo seized a customer’s funds and shut down his bank account over a legitimate $207,765 deposit.

Ethan Parker says he opened a new account at the bank late last year specifically to deposit a large check that he received after the death of his adoptive mother.

But 15 days after the deposit, Parker says Wells Fargo shuttered the account, took the funds and accused him of forging the check,” reports DH.

According to the lawsuit, Parker then obtained a letter from the firm that issued the check to confirm its legitimacy.

But the bank was not swayed and continued to deny Parker access to the funds without “adequate explanation.”

The lawsuit asks the courts to force Wells Fargo to release the funds, and says Parker has been damaged in an “amount to be proved at trial.”

Another Wells Fargo customer says the bank has prevented her from gaining access to her late husband’s funds as a beneficiary.

“I have been fighting with Wells Fargo and Bayport Credit Unition for almost 3 years. Wells Fargo moved my money from a 401K that was benefited to me by my late husband.

Bayport cashed 6 insurance checks and only put 2 in a savings account. The other 4 and a money market went in a account I have no access to. What can I do to retrieve my funds. I am about to lose my home. Is there any help for people like me,” reported Sylvia Brown to FrankNez.

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Market News Today - Families Now Getting Bank Accounts Frozen by A US Bank.
Market News Today – Families Now Getting Bank Accounts Frozen by A US Bank.

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  1. MsSal

    I believe these are just signs of things to come. It’s a low down dirty shame people work too dog gone hard to get what they have.

  2. Keith Sowder

    This is happening to my Wife and I even as we speak…with THREE different Financial institutions. Cash app, Chase and Credit Karma. Cash app froze her acct. in Jan. 2022, claiming there had been a security breech. They sent her a total of EIGHT cards…none of which worked they “claimed ” because she didn’t receive and attempt to activate them in time. Her money shows up as still there…she just can’t access it. Chase claims she had several fraudulent purchases she disputed, close her acct. and was going to send her her $1,700 in that account…that was in JUNE ! Still haven’t seen it ! Finally, she opened an account with Credit Karma…same deal, they froze that account for NO reason ! If anyone has any ideas on who we need to contact to get her access to her money…and to make these BASTARDS PAY….please let me know ! We have contacted Attorneys and State Reps…with absolutely NOTHING being done ! Thanks !

  3. Ri

    Bank of America has done this to me. It’s been 7 months and still no progress

    • Frank Nez

      They’ve frozen your account for 7 months??

  4. Frank Nez

    Leave your thoughts below.

    • Matt

      Something big is happening, trying to push us into a digital currency like fednow. Buy goldbacks or silver coins. Most of us can’t afford much but 20 some dollars for an ounce of silver every couple weeks is a good security

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