Customers Now Report Missing Money From a Giant US Bank

Several customers now report missing money from a giant US bank and are looking for compensation following continued troubles.

A Bank of America customer posted a tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, and said the bank refused to talk to him due to “extenuating circumstances.”

“There’s a Bank of America issue where Zelle transfers after 1/9 aren’t being reflected in the balances of your bank account,” said the user.

“I almost lost my mind when I saw $2,000 was missing from my account. CALL ME!!!” he pleaded.

However, this experience was not an isolated incident, as other customers shared their frustrations under the social media post.

“I am going through this too!” said a user.

“They need to compensate us for this inconvenience,” said another user.

“You know how embarrassed I felt when I paid in-store and it said payment declined, and I know my account had money. Am still upset.”

The user who first tweeted about this incident offered advice to those interacting with his post.

“If you have Bank of America, go into the app, go to the Zelle transfers, and then go into your activity,” he said.

“Start screenshotting the transactions that are missing, the confirmation numbers, and the amounts so you have a record of the transaction.”

“If this is a hack issue and Bank of America is being honest then you just have a few screenshots,” he continued.

“If Bank of America is stealing, then you have your proof when it’s time to sue. There are no records of the Zelle transfers except for in the Zelle activity, not your bank activity.”

The-Sun reports that Bank of America eventually solved the problem.

Zelle, the platform used by major banks to transfer money to other people, said the problem was with Bank of America and not them, reports NPR.

“Transactions on the Zelle Network outside of Bank of America are not impacted,” a company representative said.

Other Zelle representatives responded to angry customers directly.

“The Zelle App & Network are up & running. We are aware of an issue that is impacting Bank Of America customers when sending & receiving payments.

We recommend contacting Bank of America’s customer support team for additional updates,” tweeted the Zelle Support account.

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Other Banking News Today

Market News Today - Customers Now Report Missing Money From a Giant US Bank.
Market News Today – Customers Now Report Missing Money From a Giant US Bank.

New York gets hit by an unexpected wave of bank closures according to the latest data from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

A new list of bank branches that will be closing in New York has been released.

So far in December, the following nine locations in New York have recently been listed to close, majority being Citizens Bank.

  • Valley NB. 579 Fifth Ave, New York
  • Webster Bank. 865 McLean Ave, Yonkers
  • Webster Bank. 40 Church St, White Plains
  • Citizens Bank. 3500 Main St, Amherst
  • Citizens Bank. 2101 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo
  • Citizens Bank. 6150 South Park Ave, Hamburg
  • Citizens Bank. 184 South Cascade Dr, Springvale
  • Citizens Bank. 700 Thurway Plaza Dr, Cheektowaga
  • Citizens Bank. 6363 Transit Rd, Depew

These locations are the latest bank branches closing in New York, according to the latest OCC data.

Below is a list of bank branches that were listed during the last week of November to shutter in New York:

  • JP Morgan. 500 Joseph C Wilson Blvd, Rochester
  • Bank of America. 72 Second Ave, New York
  • Citizens Bank. 2345 Buffalo Rd, Rochester
  • Citizens Bank. 4250 McKinley Parkway, Hamburg
  • Citizens Bank. 301 Meadow Drive, N. Tonawanda
  • Citizens Bank. 5150 North St, Canandaigua
  • Citizens Bank. 3865 Union Rd, Cheektowaga
  • Citizens Bank. 4777 Transit Rd, Depew

Between 2017 and 2021, nine percent of all branches — almost 7,000 locations— shut their doors, and New York had the third most closures of any state.

The increase in bank closures is leading to ‘banking deserts’, which results in people having to travel further to reach their nearest bank, primarily impacting vulnerable and older customers.

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Market News Today - Customers Now Report Missing Money From a Giant US Bank.
Market News Today – Customers Now Report Missing Money From a Giant US Bank.

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