Crypto Investors Now See Bitcoin (BTC) Surging to Whopping $100K

Crypto investors now see Bitcoin (BTC) surging to a whopping $100K sometime after the upcoming halving event, according to a new study.

The research, issued by crypto trading platform Bitget, surveyed 9,748 crypto investors from different regions across the globe, including West Europe, East Europe, South East Asia, East Asia, MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Latin America.

Bitget found that a majority of the thousands surveyed are optimistic about the future of Bitcoin.

Some 84% of respondents believe Bitcoin will surpass the prior ATH (all time high) of $69,000 in the next bull run following April’s halving event, when miners’ rewards are cut in half.

The report also notes that 55% of those surveyed believe Bitcoin will enter a stable trading range between $50,000 and $100,000.

A smaller group of respondents expect Bitcoin to exceed $150,000.

More than half of those surveyed predict that Bitcoin will have a trading range between $30,000 and $60,000 around the time of the April halving.

About 30% believe Bitcoin will exceed $60,000 in April, reports TDH.

The survey also showed that 70% of the crypto market participants plan to increase their digital asset investments.

Bitget managing director Gracy Chen made the following statement:

“The findings reflect a broad spectrum of expectations and investment plans, indicating that 2024 will be a significant year for the Bitcoin market.

We are pleased to see such positive sentiment emerging as market conditions continue recovering.”

Bitcoin is trading for $43,180 at time of this publication.

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Market News Today - Crypto Investors Now See Bitcoin (BTC) Surging to Whopping $100K.
Market News Today – Crypto Investors Now See Bitcoin (BTC) Surging to Whopping $100K.

A veteran trader now becomes super bullish on Bitcoin BTC once the cryptocurrency begins to close at a specific level.

A closely followed trader says he’ll become one of Bitcoin’s (BTC) biggest bulls if the crypto king manages to stay above a key resistance level, reports The Daily Hodl.

In a new strategy session, veteran trader Tone Vays tells his 122,000 YouTube subscribers that Bitcoin is trading within a very tight range, but he sees a path for BTC to break out and rally to $48,000.

“In a perfect world, we would start to rally here real soon, get back to the top of the range ($44,000) then fall back down to the bottom of the range $40,000, get some people scared, touch the [128-day] moving average [at $40,000]… and then rally from there.

Or just continue to consolidate and allow the [128-day] moving average to catch up.”

Tone Vays - Bullish on Bitcoin (BTC).
Tone Vays – Bullish on Bitcoin (BTC).

According to Vays, he’ll become “super bullish” on Bitcoin once BTC starts closing above $43,500 as it would suggest that the crypto king is gearing up to break out of its range.

In late December, Vays said Bitcoin would likely gather strong bullish momentum if it moves above $50,000. According to the analyst, sidelined traders would likely chase BTC at that point, ultimately leading to more rallies.

“The only other high to deal with [after going above $50,000] is going to be the $65,000 closing all-time high.

I think if Bitcoin starts to establish itself above $50,000, FOMO (fear of missing out) is going to break loose. Like the ultimate FOMO is going to break loose, everyone is going to be rushing in.”

At the time of this publication, Bitcoin is currently trading at $43,215.

You can watch Tone Vays’ Bitcoin (BTC) market analysis down below.

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Market News Today - Crypto Investors Now See Bitcoin (BTC) Surging to Whopping $100K.
Market News Today – Crypto Investors Now See Bitcoin (BTC) Surging to Whopping $100K.

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