Amazon’s market capitalization reached $2 trillion for the first time, attracting more attention from investors and traders. Since the beginning of the year, Amazon stock price has surged 27.5%, significantly outpacing the Nasdaq 100 indexโ€™s growth and making the company highly attractive investment.

The company’s Q1 reports indicate the recovery of the Amazon Web Services cloud business after a period of customer cost-cutting. Amazon management is confident that the boom in artificial intelligence systems will generate additional revenue in the future, which encourages investors. AWS remains a leader in cloud computing, with continued investments in this segment providing an additional income stream.  Moreover, Amazon is investing in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomous technologies, strengthening its market position and creating new growth opportunities.

Amazon’s stable and efficient management boosts investor confidence, allowing the company to continually grow and develop. The market views the post-pandemic layoff of 27,000 employees as an effective cost-saving measure, contributing to the company’s stock growth. Although Amazon has previously reached the $1 trillion capitalization mark twice, this is the first time it has hit $2 trillion. Amazon stock price dynamics are slower compared to other tech stocks like Microsoft, Nvidia, and Apple.

Currently, only four companies have a market capitalization above $2 trillion: Nvidia, Apple, Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft. These companies hold top positions in the world rankings, attracting investors with their innovative solutions and stable growth.

Amazon, primarily focused on technology and online commerce, has rapidly developed areas such as cloud computing, media services, and artificial intelligence in recent years, strengthening its position and attracting new investors. 

All companies with a $2 trillion market capitalization share a commitment to innovation, tnew technology development, unique product and service creation, and AI integration into their services and processes. Each company also has its unique features and long-term plans that enable it to compete successfully in the global market and attract new investors.

Amazon reaching the $2 trillion mark is just the beginning of its growth journey. Potential investors may see the company as a promising player in the technology and cloud services market, capable of generating profits and further energizing the market.