This Massive Retailer Is Now Removing Self-Checkout

This massive retailer is now removing self-checkout from select stores to recalibrate personal reliance and a new experience.

Walmart is removing self-checkout kiosks at select locations, including two stores in Shrewsbury, Missouri, and Cleveland, in favor of associate-staffed checkout lines, Business Insider reported last week and a Walmart spokesperson confirmed to sister publication CX Dive Monday.

The retailer already removed self-checkout lanes from three stores in New Mexico last year.

“We currently have no additional conversions to announce,” a Walmart spokesperson told CX Dive.

The decision was based on feedback from employees and customers, shopping behavior and business needs at those particular locations.

“We believe the changes will improve the in-store shopping experience and give our associates the chance to provide more personalized and efficient service,” a Walmart spokesperson told CX Dive.

Walmart is now joining other large retailers such as Target and Dollar General in scaling back or amending its self-checkout processes.

Last month, Target limited self-checkout lanes to 10 items or fewer and gave store managers more control over the ratio of self-checkout lanes to cashier-operated lanes.

Dollar General also said in March that it would reduce self-checkout at thousands of locations and remove it entirely from 300 locations most prone to shoplifting.

At the same time, Dollar General is increasing staffing for checkout assistance.

“While self-checkout has contributed to the convenient proposition for our customers in certain stores, it does not reduce the importance of a friendly, helpful employee who is there to greet customers and assist while the checkout process is happening,” Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos said during an earnings call in December.

While self-service can be beneficial to a customer who doesn’t want to speak to a store associate, self-checkout has its limitations.

It can sometimes add friction to the process, especially during payment or if an associate isn’t nearby to help if there is an issue, reports Retail Dive.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - This Massive Retailer Is Now Removing Self-Checkout.
Market News Today – This Massive Retailer Is Now Removing Self-Checkout.

A massive shoe retailer now announces a new wave of layoffs to hit headquarters this summer, affecting over 700 employees.

Nike has announced its ‘second phase’ of mass layoffs, effective June 28, according to a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) filing.

A total of 740 employees will be impacted in the retailer’s home state.

The layoffs are part of the 2% workforce reduction Nike announced in February, which is taking place across two phases, the company confirmed via email.

Nike said job titles and the number of employees in each category would be provided at a later date, once the company has determined them.

Bumping rights are not available for the impacted employees, reports Retail Dive.

“Nike’s always at our best when we’re on the offense. The actions that we’re taking put us in the position to right-size our organization to get after our biggest growth opportunities as interest in sport, health and wellness have never been stronger,” Nike said in a statement.

“While these changes will impact approximately 2% of our total workforce, we are grateful for the contributions made by all Nike teammates.”

The layoffs are tied to a cost-savings plan Nike unveiled in December, which is aimed at generating up to $2 billion in cumulative savings over three years.

Based on the company’s last annual report, the layoffs to 2% of its total workforce will impact more than 1,600 people.

Savings from the plan are set to be reinvested in driving growth, innovation and profitability.

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Market News Today - This Massive Retailer Is Now Removing Self-Checkout.
Market News Today – This Massive Retailer Is Now Removing Self-Checkout.

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