This Massive Grocery Now Makes An Abrupt And Unexpected Closure

This massive grocery now makes an abrupt and unexpected closure after it gave final shoppers only 15 minutes before shuttering.

Kroger reportedly rushed customers out of a store and shut down one of its locations due to a major health inspection failure, reports The-Sun.

The grocery store’s Indiana location reportedly had 17 violations during a health department inspection on Wednesday.

Customers had 15 minutes to leave the location after the health inspection determined the hazards that were in the building, Hometown News Now reported.

Most notable on the list of issues the store faced was a mice infestation.

The health department first put the Kroger on probation after to mouse droppings were spotted in multiple areas within the store since early last year.

They also found gaps and holes in walls, providing mice with ways to get inside the building.

The grocery store attempted to rectify the situation last year by hiring pest control, according to health department records.

Kroger also placed its own traps throughout the store, causing staff to find dead mice in areas like the deli section.

Many customers had reported finding holes chewed through their food packaging.

Records showed that even a bagel was partially bitten into and the wrapper of a mozzarella cheese ball had been gnawed through.

Others claimed they found droppings under bags of dog food, packaged candy, and other places.

On Wednesday, the health department uncovered other issues including dirt and food accumulating on the floors and mice droppings near boxes of cereal.

The store was previously threatened to be shut down in August if the complaints from customers did not stop.

However, the issues were never rectified, which led to Kroger being found in violation of its probationary status, resulting in a shutdown order.

Kroger confirmed that the store will be shut down indefinitely.

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Market News Today - This Massive Grocery Now Makes An Abrupt And Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – This Massive Grocery Now Makes An Abrupt And Unexpected Closure.

Customers are now warned as a massive restaurant closes 41 locations nationwide, affecting several open gift cards.

Outback Steakhouse customers with gift cards have been told get a refund if their local restaurants are closing.

The parent company is shuttering 41 locations nationwide – leaving some states without an Outback at all, reports The-Sun.

If you have an Outback gift card, but your local restaurants are all closing, you could get a refund.

The Department of Commerce, and Consumer Affairs Office of Consumer Protection in Hawaii, where all restaurants recently shut down, has told customers to act fast.

Executive Director Mana Moriarty told Hawaii News Now: “An important guideline with gift cards is to use them as soon as you can, because if a store closes or goes bankrupt, there may be little to no recourse for a consumer to recover an unspent balance.

“There is presently no time limit for affected consumers to seek a refund, but anyone holding these gift cards is strongly encouraged to promptly pursue their claims.”

Hawaii is just one state that now has zero Outback restaurants remaining after three closures last month.

The parent company, Bloomin’ Brands, is in the process of closing 41 locations nationwide across several banners.

To get a refund, you should contact Bloomin’ Brands via email at

In your message, include the front and back images of the gift cards, along with your full name and complete mailing address.

You can also loop in an investigator with your state’s Office of Consumer Protection in the email, reports The-Sun.

However, if you will still have a local Outback restaurant after the closures, your request for a refund is unlikely to be approved.

The 41 restaurants Bloomin’ Brands is closing are not just Outback locations.

The closures will affect other chains including Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, and Aussie Grill.

CEO of the restaurant group, David Deno, told investors last week that the company had decided to close its “predominantly older, underperforming restaurants.”

Most of these locations were “older assets with leases from the 90s and early 2000s,” he said.

Hawaii is not the only state that has been left without an Outback.

The chain also closed down its final location in New Hampshire last month.

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Market News Today - This Massive Grocery Now Makes An Abrupt And Unexpected Closure.
Market News Today – This Massive Grocery Now Makes An Abrupt And Unexpected Closure.

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