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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Adam Aron Selling AMC Shares

AMC CEO Adam Aron sells shares
AMC CEO Adam Aron Sells Shares

AMC stock has been steadily stumbling and retail investors holding the stock are wondering why in the world Adam Aron is selling his AMC shares.

If you’ve been following the market news for quite some time now, you’ll know that Adam Aron advised about this many months ago.

In fact, he mentioned it twice this year.

Retail investors shouldn’t worry however, and I’m going to explain why.

Welcome to Franknez.com – today we’re discussing why Adam Aron is selling off AMC stock since there seems to be some concerns regarding this.

Let’s get started!

Adam Aron Sells Shares to Diversify Portfolio

According to Adam Aron, selling AMC shares has been a long-term plan he’s had to diversify his portfolio for estate planning.

The CEO had been transparent with his shareholders earlier this year regarding cashing profits in increments later this year.

He claims that at 67, it would be wise to diversify his portfolio.

Which makes sense given he has not sold one single share of AMC stock in the 6 years he’s run the movie theatre chain.

In this SEC filing you can see Adam sold 625,000 shares at $40.52 per share.

Not every ape in the community is on board with the CEOs decision, and I get that 100%.

However, it’s important to remember that retail investors own majority of the float, even if the stock is temporarily on sale.

AMC CEO Hedges Against Tax Bracket

Another reason Adam Aron sold a chunk of his AMC shares was to avoid a heavy tax bracket.

By selling AMC stock, the CEO was able to pivot and strategize against extremely high taxes.

Adam Aron has a unique standpoint.

One I personally think the community should not directly compare themselves to.

AMC CEO Adam Aron Sells Shares
AMC CEO sells stock

Adam Aron is expected to receive more shares as company incentives going into the new year.

It’s not yet clear whether he plans on selling more AMC stock in 2022.

However, he has expressed that he still holds well over 2 million AMC shares and believes in AMC.

The media seems to be trying to portray Adam Aron rather negatively for selling his shares, something he anticipated in the Q3 earnings call.

Should Retail Investors Be Worried?

While there’s some sentiment of FUD arising from this news, I don’t think retail investors should worry when it boils down to a short squeeze play.

AMC’s current share price is an opportunity for shorts to cover and for retail investors to add to their positions.

AMC’s short interest is close to 19%.

This short interest percentage is extremely high according to Kiplinger.

Overall, the strategy to buy and hold to squeeze shorts from their short positions does not change.

Adam Aron’s move to sell AMC shares is equivalent to a whale cashing in profits on the way up.

Yes, it affects AMC’s current share price, but as long as retail investors don’t dump their stock, a short squeeze play is very well alive.

What Are Your Thoughts on Adam Aron Selling His AMC Shares?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Do you feel like Adam selling his shares was anti-ape or do you support his right to do so?

Do his actions influence your thoughts on the community, short squeeze play, or position in AMC?

Let the community know below.

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Till the next one!

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CEO Announces Second AMC NFT For All Shareholders

Second AMC NFT
Adam Aron Announces a second NFT for shareholders

AMC Entertainment just released their very first NFT for Spider-Man No Way Home.

The first 86,000 online buyers were able to claim this Spider-Man NFT.

This influx of online movie ticket buyers sparked the idea of a second NFT.

This time, however, will be for all shareholders.

Here’s how you can get yours.


Welcome to Franknez.com – if you missed the Spider-Man NFT like I did, great news is there’s another NFT coming.

Let’s get started!

Community, many of us have been holding AMC Entertainment stock all year.

It’s incredible to think at some point of this journey we would all be eligible for receiving an AMC NFT.

And although this is AMC’s second NFT, this will be the very first ever AMC shareholder NFT, not pertaining to a movie title.

This NFT is gold.

It will be a symbol of this historic time where the apes saved AMC.

Adam Aron Second NFT Announcement

Adam Aron took it to Twitter to announce the coming of this second AMC NFT.

The CEO stated, “Given AMC’s Spider-Man NFT success, our first ever NFT, I am thrilled to announce our second ever NFT!”

Adam Aron shared what the NFT looks like, and it looks pretty awesome if you ask me.

I love the fact that it looks like a medal and that it has a space background.

Do you like how this second AMC NFT looks?

Leave a comment below.

How Do You Get the Second AMC NFT?

AMC NFT investor connect
Investor Connect – AMC NFT NEWS

You can’t get this second AMC NFT unless you’re a shareholder.

If you’re not invested in the stock market you can read this step-by-step guide.

However, most of you are.

Create a profile on the AMC website for AMC Investor Connect.

Once you’ve created your profile, checkmark the setting confirming you’re an AMC shareholder.

AMC NFT for shareholders
AMC NFT for shareholders – AMC NFT News

Those who enroll by December 31st, 2021 will get this NFT for free.

The NFT will be distributed by the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX).

WAX is an energy-efficient, ultra-low carbon footprint blockchain and the first certified carbon neutral, meaning it’s eco-friendly.

WAX is also the world’s leading blockchain, processing 15 million transactions daily.

You’ll receive an email with the instructions to claim your NFT once they have begun to distribute them.

Can I Trade This AMC NFT?

This shareholder NFT will be tradable or sellable.

And if chosen to trade, AMC will be compensated a royalty.

Very, very smart on AMC’s part.

Would I trade this NFT?

Not a chance, it’s a stamp in history.

I imagine the value of this second NFT will soar in the future.

Especially after MOASS.

Don’t Bet Against AMC Entertainment

AMC Entertainment News

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the United States and in Europe with approximately 950 theatres and 10,500 screens across the globe.

The company has shifted to a more innovative business model and has attracted a diverse shareholder base worldwide.

AMC has introduced online streaming, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies, and now NFTs.

This is only the beginning of a new era for the century old movie theatre chain.

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Don’t Make This Silly Mistake With Your AMC Stock

don't make this silly mistake with your AMC stock
What will you allow your AMC stock to do for you?

AMC is forming a massive bullish pennant.

The stock had the same pattern months after the push to $20 per share back in January.

Five months later, AMC stock surged up to $72 per share in June.

Well now we’re beginning to recognize this massive bull flag again.

The next leg up will be massive.


Welcome to Franknez.com – I hope everyone has been having an amazing time with the family this holiday season. Today we’re discussing AMC stock.

Let’s get started!

Some of you apes have been wondering whether AMC will squeeze this year or not.

Some are hoping AMC doesn’t squeeze until next year to reduce those capital gains taxes.

How long this bullish pennant will last for is hard to predict.

AMC Bull Flag

The last bull flag lasted for five months before it skyrocketed.

This current bull flag is going strong on its fifth month now.

A breakout could technically happen any day.

What Price Will The Breakout Take AMC To?

AMC breakout

I’ve stated in previous articles that I believe the next breakout could take AMC well into the low hundreds of dollars per share.

AMC’s share price multiplied five times from $14 to $72 per share.

If we look at the consolidation price of $38-$40 per share and multiply it by five we get approximately $200 per share.

This brief summary is simply based on a repeating factor.

It could be less, or it could be more.

Will This Next Runup Cause Big Shorts To Cover?

I think we could be seeing a much longer play than we anticipated here.

Let’s look at GameStop for a second.

GME stock is trading above $200 per share and still has a high short interest of 10%, meaning big shorts are still very well in this play.

AMC currently has a short interest closer to 16%.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this number to see how much of the float is still being shorted after the next major runup.

Hedge funds shorting AMC stock could cut their losses, entering the new year with a clean slate.

Or they can lose other Michael Jordan’s millions upon millions of dollars.

Do you think hedge funds will cut their losses?

Or will they continue to take a nosedive into the new year?

Let me know your thoughts at the end of the article.

Don’t Sell Yourselves Short

AMC looks as if it’s right on the peak of this bull pennant, right before another massive leg up.

Don’t sell yourselves short now.

This could very well be the last time AMC trades at its current share price, ever.

I reached my number of shares goal a while back, but have added a few shares here and there, you can view my purchases here.

Here’s an example of selling yourself short:

I, along with other apes could have sold our AMC shares at $72 per share.

However, we would be selling ourselves short because of where this third runup could potentially go.

How high will it go?

I’m not certain, but I do know it will be higher than the second run based on its chart pattern.

Only time will tell whether this next leg up causes a chain reaction of short covering.

One Thing Is Certain

This play will require serious patience.

We don’t know whether this play will squeeze shorts similar to how Tesla did or whether it will be a massive domino effect of shorts closing their positions.

Keep an open mind to seeing AMC continuously raising the bottom over and over like Tesla did.

This means there could be a third runup, and a fourth, and a fifth, and so on.

Though most of us would like an instantaneous short squeeze, I believe we should be open to all types of scenarios as to how one can happen.

Don’t Wing It, Have A Plan

have a plan for your amc stock

I published an article expressing my personal thoughts on an exit strategy guide months ago to prepare apes for when the time comes.

This of course is just my opinion on how to exit your positions safely, having made a lot of money.

The point of the article is to simply have a plan.

When you plan, you will execute better.

Are You Excited For The Next Runup?


I sure am!

Are your family and friends investing in the stock market too?

If they’re not, link them to this step-by-step guide on how they can start.

I created it to save you time on personally walking them through.

With that being said, thank you for reading the blog today.

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How Will We Know When Shorts Cover AMC?

How Will We Know When Shorts Cover AMC

AMC stock is showing major resistance in the high $30-$40 levels. The short interest has gone down by 3.5% since it peaked, did shorts cover?

And if they did, shouldn’t the price have gone up?

This is a very interesting topic indeed. Let’s discuss it.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that gives retail investors a platform. Today I want to discuss some key attributes that will let us know when shorts cover AMC.

Let’s get started!

But before I continue, I want to thank every single one of you who continues to share the content and who’s been supporting the blog all these months.

Identifying Short Covering

Short covering is what’s going to ultimately get you astronauts to the moon.

It’s a battle of tug-a-war if you ask me.

Except it’s not physical, it’s a mental game of strategy. And the first to cave in, loses.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that the domino effect may fall upon either side of the spectrum.

This means both long shorts and long retailers are susceptible to influencing one another.

The difference is whether we lend strength to one another, or doubts and fear.

In my list of 6 things retail investors should know about AMC, shunning negativity is one of them.

And for great reason.

The same way we can pull each other up, we can also pull one another down.

Short Interest Data

To the best of my knowledge, there are two major factors that will allow us to identify when shorts cover.

The first is through the short interest data.

What does short interest data tell us?

The short interest helps us understand how much of a stock’s float is being shorted.

It’s the number of shares that have been sold short but have not yet been covered or closed out.

short interest calculation

For example, a heavily shorted such as AMC has a short interest of 16.56% (currently).

Apple on the other hand has an SI of 0.62%.

Apple has almost no shorts to squeeze from their positions where AMC has 16.56% of the float shorting the stock.

That’s approximately 106.82 million shares out on loan that have yet to be covered.

So in theory, as shorts begin to cover their positions, AMC’s short interest data should begin to decrease.

Price Action Change

Another common way to identify whether shorts cover their positions is through sudden price movements.

Short covering adds momentum to the buying pressure of a stock which results in a spike or bullish run.

What makes identifying when shorts cover is that the price action and short interest data don’t align at the same exact moment.

The reported short interest doesn’t happen right away.

It’s actually released a week and a half.

However, when we look at AMC’s runup back in June, we see that AMC peaked two days after it’s last report high short interest.

See below.

It took two business days for AMC’s small short covering to take AMC from $31.81 to an all-time high of $72.62 per share.

The chart from Ortex below shows us a drop in short interest between the dates of May 28th and June 9th where the stock began to cool down from it’s runup.

We saw the short interest drop from 20% to 14.76% by mid July before shorts began taking new positions, further driving the short interest up past 19%.

And I know what some of you might be thinking. Shorts haven’t covered! They never did!

Community, I’m presenting you with data that shows how price fluctuated based on the short interest updates.

Strangely enough, when the short seller, not hedge fund, Iceberg Research announced they closed their short position in AMC, two days later we saw a very small increase in price action though retail volume was low.

People were quick to dismiss Iceberg simply because it’s one analyst publicly shorting AMC but I though the news was super bullish.

In fact, I hoped other short sellers would follow in closing too.

Will AMC Squeeze Based On The Current SI?

AMC Short Interest October

AMC’s current short interest as of the date of this publication is 16.39%.

You can keep tabs on the short interest update here where I update it daily from Ortex so you don’t have to buy it.

AMC’s current short interest by definition is considered to be extremely high.

There is more than enough juice to get some serious price action out of AMC with this data.

And of course, if more shorts begin taking positions in AMC then the short interest percentage will continue to go up.

Otherwise, we can expect it to stay the same if they continue to hold, or decrease even if very small short positions are indeed being closed.

With AMC’s short interest slowly going down and an incredible amount of short shares being borrowed, I’m curious whether their exit strategy is to heavily short the stock while closing smaller short positions.

You can see how many short shares are being borrowed daily via. StonkOTracker.

Tinfoil hat on but I can see a strategy where the amount of overleveraged shorting is countering any small short covering.

Even then, this scenario is just speculation to be quite frank.

If you have any idea why the short interest is slowly going down I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

I’m confident others would like to as well.

A Short Squeeze Requires Apes To Play Offense

I just published an article on what will trigger AMC to short squeeze.

If you have not read it I strongly suggest you do so.

In short, heavy volume and buying pressure is what initiated strong price movement back in January and this past June.

The community has set a new bottom for AMC in the mid to high $30 levels.

Holding will merely sustain the stock there, and low volume will not create momentum.

If the AMC community is to squeeze shorts from their positions, momentum will be the number one factor to creating another runup before the end of this year.

Could an even bigger third wave shake bigger short sellers?

I absolutely think so.

The next runup would force new shorts to close at a higher price then the previous wave of short sellers did.

Again, this is based on what the short interest data and price action have reflected.

We’ve raised the bottom during every runup, we’ve raised the market cap, and we’ve raised the all-time high.

There’s no doubt in my mind we can finish the mission through continuous buying pressure.

What About Synthetic Share Covering?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of identifying the process of synthetic share covering.

The safest way to track this short squeeze play is through the data that is provided, such as the short interest data.

And although at times it may be skewed due to being self-reported, it’s one way of tracking the information.

Synthetics shares are one of those things that regulators have been turning their heads on.

While the community is aware of them and acknowledges the use of synthetics, I find it’s counterintuitive for us to rely on information that is not being publicized as precisely.

Especially if we are to make big money from this short squeeze trade.

Be open to it, dig deeper to fuel your conviction, but also have a plan and be prepared for anything.

Stay true to your conviction, and make sure you make an awesome trade as shorts begin to cover.

How High Will AMC Go?

At this point, the short interest percentage is our fuel.

We cannot predict exact numbers based on the data available.

However, the data does show us that with enough applied pressure, AMC’s share price will skyrocket.

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s no way you cannot make money from this play.

It will be up to the community as a whole to be engaged, and continue playing offense.

In a war of mental tug-a-war, this third wave could be our grand win.

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Will SNDL Stock Skyrocket To $1 Per Share Soon?

SNDL Stock short squeeze

Ladies and gentlemen, SNDL stock has not had this high of a short interest or utilization since it squeezed to almost $3 per share. Keep in mind this stock’s IPO price started above $10 per share back in 2019.

One thing I’ve learned about investing in momentum stocks is that the data does not lie.

I’m going to go over the Ortex data and provide my personal SNDL stock predictions.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where you can digest content on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and trending investing topics.

Lets get started!

What Is SNDL Stock?

sundial stock
Sundial Growers (CNW Group/Sundial Growers Inc.)

SNDL stock is the stock for Sundial Growers Inc., a licensed cannabis producer based in Canada that promotes health, happiness, and well-being.

Sundial Growers stock became popular on Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets when retail investors discovered how heavily shorted this stock was.

Retail investors were able to squeeze a few shorts out of their positions, allowing Sundial stock to rise nearly up to $3 per share.

But how soon will it reach $1 again?

Sundial stock is trading just cents below $1 per share.

The last time we saw SNDL stock at $1 per share was back in June.

Friday’s rally pushed the stock to $0.92 with 877,850,670 volume.

SNDL Stock Volume

The average volume is around 99 million.

Will shorts finally get squeezed out of their positions?

How Do You Buy SNDL Stock?

how to buy sndl stock

A few of you may be wondering how to exactly buy SNDL stock.

If you aren’t investing in the stock market yet you’ll need to open a brokerage account first.

Once you set this up and fund your account, you will be ready to go!

You can ready my step by step guide on how to invest in the stock market for beginners here.

But if you’re already holding the stock, lets dive right into the data!

Short Interest Has Been Surging Again

sndl stock short interest

Retail investors all want to know, will SNDL go up again?

I certainly think it will. But it will need momentum from the community to bring it back to life.

See what happened was that when retail investors squeezed some shorts out of their positions, other shorts got in and made money during the selloff.

They were able to borrow high and take profits low.

Is SNDL Stock Being Shorted?

According to Ortex, Sundial’s short interest is a whopping 15.73%.

Sundial sits right in the middle where 10% short interest is considered to be high, and 20% is considered to be extremely high.

The short interest is what tells us how much of the float is being shorted.

So, is SNDL stock being shorted? Absolutely, at 15.73% the stock is heavily shorted.

Utilization Is At Almost 100

Sundial’s utilization is currently at 98.27/100.

The utilization shows us how much of the float is being borrowed.

This means SNDL stock is in high demand for short shares compared to the shares that are available.

Community, this means Sundial can squeeze again.

If the short interest and utilization were low, then we’d know juice has run out.

However, a new wave of short sellers have jumped in on SNDL stock in the past months which means they can certainly be squeezed from their positions too.

All it’s going to take is massive buying pressure to pump the stock back up beyond $1.

And if retail investors hold the stock, well then it can easily establish new levels of support and create a bigger foundation.

Can Sundial Reach $10 Per Share?

Sundial Growers can certainly reach $10 per share, it just needs a community who believes in it.

It cannot be a quick pump and dump like it was the first time.

We took AMC from $2 per share to $70 per share. It fell back down to $30 but it set a higher level of support.

AMC is currently trading around $40 per share.

This happened with GME stock as well. It’s the communities that are holding these stocks up.

If we want to see SNDL stock reach $10 per share, we’ll not only need to buy the stock but we’ll also need to hold it through gains.

And if retail investors don’t take action to pump the stock back up, the company will get there with time.

As for me, I’ve been holding this stock for months now.

I’m excited to see some growth.

Will SNDL Stock Go Up Again?

As long as retail investors continue to buy the stock, Sundial Grower’s stock price will go up again.

My prediction is that as more investors learn about how high the short interest and utilization is again, a bigger community will jump in to squeeze these new shorts from their positions.

For daily short interest updates on SNDL stock, bookmark this page here.

And lastly…


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How The AMC Apes Cracked Wall Street [Explained]

how the amc apes cracked wall street

CNBC just released the short documentary, “How The AMC Apes Cracked Wall Street” and highlight the strong sentiment behind the AMC and ape movement.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve gone mainstream. You’ve gone mainstream.

I knew we’d get here eventually, perhaps after MOASS though?

Let’s have a little discussion on just how far we’ve come.


Welcome to Franknez.com – all year we’ve been fighting against the mainstream financial platforms who never wanted us to get this far. But we made a ruckus.

Let’s talk about it!

The Ape Community Gets Recognized

#AMC #SaveAMC #AMCStrong #AMCtothemoon #AMCSqueeze #AMCShortSqueeze #AMCnotleaving

Our community of degenerates has been recognized by politicians, influencers, and the mainstream media.

We are a beacon for change, apes.

This documentary by CNBC opened my mind.

I mean, I knew the change we were making was going to be recognized some day.

But to see how much we’ve accomplished in less than a year is truly remarkable.

What originally became a quick money play ended up transforming our lives and became a movement fighting against market corruption.

While the short squeeze play is still on the table, I feel like we’ve given much bigger meaning to this community.

Do I believe massive moves are still in AMC’s future? Absolutely.

Have we done enough as a community? I think we can do more and I’ll tell you why.

We’ve done an amazing job at addressing real problems in the market.

However, we’re not done yet.

How Has The Ape Community Changed The Market?

The ape community has brought light to many significant problems within the markets.

Payment for order flow, or PFOF has proven to be one of the biggest concerns retail investors have faced.

Payment For Order Flow CNBC

Market maker Citadel Securities, who is also a hedge fund and dark pool, processes nearly half of all retail investors trades by paying for order flow from brokerages such as Robinhood.

Citadel Securities is one of the top 3 financial institutions shorting AMC stock.

The ape community was able to drive AMC’s stock price to all time highs due to the community buying in masses.

Citadel Securities along with other hedge funds have suffered billions in losses due to these retail rallies.

PFOF creates major conflict of interest as it makes decisions that are in the best interest of a specific party 📊.

Now the SEC says that considering banning PFOF is on the table.

Apes Have Exposed Dark Pool Trading

dark pools cnbc

While dark pool trading was somewhat considered to be a myth, the AMC community first raised the possible existence of them when AMC’s share price was skewed despite its heavy volume.

Sure enough, short interest data platforms such as S3 Partners have been able to calculate the percentage of trades going through dark pools.

Dark pool trading has been suppressing AMC’s share price to prevent hedge funds from eating daunting losses like they did with GameStop.

Apes made no hesitation to reach out to regulators via Twitter and express their concerns.

#DarkPoolAbuse has been a commonly used hashtag within the community expressing the concerns in the market.

As apes got louder, we gained the recognition from Charles Payne of FOX Business and Melissa Lee of CNBC.

Dark pools were mentioned on national television and were accepted as being a real problem for retail investors.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has mentioned that his team is looking real closely at dark pools and hedge fund business models.

While dark pools have not been banned yet, our community has made enough noise to grab the attention of regulators and influencers with the power to make real change happen.

We’ve Created An Investing Culture

amc apes

Originating from Reddit, then progressing to YouTube and journalism, our community is spread across many social media platform groups.

And although content creators and influencers all share very similar narratives, we all provide a different type of value to the community.

You might have gotten into AMC through an article or video you came across.

You were exposed to apes, rockets, memes, community, friendships, battles, laughter, and so much more 🔥🚀🌔.

Every ape is so different, but every ape has a ‘why’.

A reason for why they got in the short squeeze play of a lifetime.

This is how we connected at a very deep level and why the community grew so strong.

We’ve created an investing culture where we can find plays to make money and also be a voice for change.

Nothing makes me feel more proud than when apes say I have one of the most educational Discord’s in the community.

This is what it’s about.

It’s about helping others and exposing life-changing opportunities to our people.

Apes Will Evolve Over Time

Apes might have originated from GameStop and AMC but I believe that as we diversify our plays and learn about other opportunities, our community will have a positive and abundant impact on other communities too.

As the ape community grows, there will be an abundant amount of content that will help new retail investors understand our culture.

We’re not going anywhere unless it involves the moon, Mars, or Pluto.

We Saved A Century Old Movie Theater Chain

apes saved AMC

That’s right, you did that 🍿.

You played a major role in the company’s success even if you only own one share.

Because of retail investors, AMC was able to raise more than $2 billion dollars in cash, allowing the company to prosper and innovate.

And although the company is still paying off pandemic debt, no one wants to see their favorite movie theater chain go away.

Adam Aron has been an amazing CEO.

He strategically worked with shareholders to ensure the survival, innovation, and growth of this century old company.

Now we’re the ones that get to tell our children, “we saved this movie theater chain” when we take them out to a movie.

I don’t know about you but I think that’s something every single one of us should be pretty damn proud of 💪.

Apes Are Cracking Down On Corruption

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

The ape community is a beacon 🗼 for change.

For change in the markets, change in the way we trade and how we transfer information for the greater good of the community.

I’ve been saying for months that for change to happen we need to make a ruckus and you’ve made a ruckus.

CNBC just covered you. They just covered your voice. The mainstream media said “I acknowledge you”.

Celebrate the win apes and keep your eyes open for more abundant opportunities.

If you haven’t watched the documentary CNBC just released on the community I strongly suggest you do.

How The AMC Apes Cracked Wall Street

Final Words And Thoughts

Keep fighting.

Our mission is not over yet.

We must still ban dark pool trading, PFOF, and ensure that we do whatever it takes to ensure a fair market.

Make money, make lots of it; but don’t ever forget how powerful your voice is.

Your voice is a catalyst.


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Is AMC A Pump And Dump? [Details]

Is AMC A Pump And Dump?
Is AMC A Pump And Dump?

I’ve recently come across some speculation that AMC is some sort of pump and dump that’s being promoted for a select few to benefit from.

And although mainstream media has been saying this for quite some time, have you ever really given it any thought?

I have to cover this because I want to protect you. Somebody has to ask the hard questions right? Is AMC a pump and dump?

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Welcome to Franknez.com – information landed on my lap last night that led me to some deep digging and serious thought. Let’s identify what a pump and dump actually means.

Let’s get started!

How Did The AMC Movement Start?

The GameStop fiasco was going on for quite some time before it became mainstream. GME stock didn’t begin to move up until some time in late October and began to squeeze in late January.

It wasn’t until Redditors noticed AMC was also being heavily shorted early this year. A few of these retail investors were able to buy AMC stock before it gamma squeezed to $20+ per share.

One of the retail investors who was able to get in just days before the runup was Trey Collins from Trey’s Trades. I got in as the stock was coming down, I had not seen Trey’s content at this point.

It was during this time that Robinhood halted buying GameStop, AMC, Blackberry, and other heavily shorted stocks, and the scandal began.

Trey saw that AMC stock still had high short interest and a high utilization rate. These two data figures is what allowed us to build a strong conviction towards a higher share price.

High short interest meant shorts could potentially get squeezed out of their positions with enough momentum and buying pressure.

The data spread like wildfire.

People were excited about the data. Retail investors heard of what happened with GameStop and experienced FOMO to some degree knowing AMC could potentially have a similar runup.

Retail investors at this point are getting in for a short squeeze play.

AMC Retail Investors Get Ridiculed

The media was quick to ridicule average people buying stock. See, opportunity in the stock market in general is not meant to get passed down to the general public.

It’s a game that’s been hidden from ‘average people’ so to speak, to keep classes in line.

When Franknez.com went live on January 1st of 2020, my goal was to spread financial literacy, teach people how to begin investing in stocks, and to help people create a plan to build wealth.

My platform has always been a place for self-education.

When The Fool, MarketWatch, Benzinga, InvestorPlace, and other financial platforms began attacking the community, I couldn’t bear to see people get pushed around.

If you’ve heard my story before, I didn’t want to write about AMC on my blog. But something told me that this platform was created for the purpose of harnessing information that could change the lives of people.

So, I took it upon myself to stand up for the community and publicly share the information that Trey and other TA analysts were discovering. Before I knew it, we were fighting corruption and our goal has been to make real change in the markets happen.

Only then will we see proper price action in AMC and GME stock.

What Is A Pump And Dump?

A pump and dump is where a group of investors promote a specific stock to pump its price up through buying pressure and then selling off during high runups. Pump and dumps are usually orchestrated from the get-go and die off rather quickly.

Here’s the definition from Investopedia:

“Pump-and-dump is a manipulative scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock or security through fake recommendations. These recommendations are based on false, misleading, or greatly exaggerated statements. The perpetrators of a pump-and-dump scheme already have an established position in the company’s stock and will sell their positions after the hype has led to a higher share price.” – Investopedia

How Do We Compare This To AMC?

How can we use this information to separate what’s occurring with AMC and what an actual pump and dump means?

  1. Retail investors have been spreading knowledge, not recommendations. Real apes, people – not bots.
  2. The information provided has not been false or misleading. High short interest, high utilization rate, naked shorting, dark pool trading, it’s all real. These are all facts provided by software that tracks this data in the markets. No one is making this up and mainstream media has finally shed light on this real problem.
  3. The AMC community has not sold their stock, even during the highs. Selloffs from institutions combined with short laddering explains why AMC’s stock price has been going down after spikes. That is something our community ultimately has no control over.

See, the media portraying AMC to be a pump and dump fails to touch topic on the high short interest rate. They fail to present the manipulation suppressing the stock’s price.

It’s for this reason why I’m breaking this down today. When people looking for opportunity ‘Google’ whether AMC is a pump and dump, I don’t want The Fool to mislead people or scare them from their money.

How about let’s put everything on the table and let the public decide based on the information provided. Maybe they don’t want to put an effort or join a cause fighting for a fair market. Perhaps it’s too much for them.

But at least fair information and facts would have been provided. Community leaders are not trying to convince people to buy the stock. Anyone who bought AMC months back when we published the data is up more than 1000% in gains.

That is a choice retail investors made based on the information that was provided. That same information is why we continue to hold the stock. What’s limiting the data at hand is the increased manipulation in the market.

The AMC Community Demands A Fair Market

The reality is very few retail investors are facing losses in AMC and seasoned investors in the community continue to hold the stock.

Why are we holding the stock? Because it’s being suppressed by hedge funds and market makers who get to mold the rules to their benefit.

We’re seeking regulations from the SEC that will prevent short sellers from creating counterfeit shares and stop dark pool trading once and for all.

Once these unethical strategies are eliminated, retail investors will begin to experience the bigger fruit of their trade. AMC should runup as transactions are no longer masked through dark pools.

This is a serious matter that financial platforms nor hedge funds have addressed. However, the community has made enough noise to get CNBC’s Melissa Lee and FOX Business’s Charles Payne to publicly touch base on this very real matter.

Scandals of Ken Griffin lying under oath have awoken Citadel on Twitter after 9 months of complete silence. Boston and Dallas Fed Presidents, Kaplan and Rosengren have been fired after buying securities while creating monetary policies. AMC now stands for more than just money.

The AMC community has been a beacon for change in the markets. Financial institutions are going to realize very soon just how much they have underestimated each and every one of us.

So, Is AMC A Pump And Dump?

AMC is the reason why a new era will be replacing its current leaders. AMC is not a pump and dump, it’s a beacon for change and a fair market.

I’m going to be the first to say you don’t have to own any AMC stock to fight against corruption within our community.

Owning AMC stock is a bonus. We have the knowledge and data to stick to our convictions and make a life-changing play for ourselves and our families, if we want. We don’t need anyone’s validation anymore.

Buying AMC stock is a ticket to the moon, there’s no doubt about that. However, fighting for a fair market will be the community’s legacy.

A chance at a fair market will increase our probability of squeezing shorts from their positions. The weight of the wait would have been worth it.

Whether you decide to buy, hold, or sell your stock, don’t stop fighting for the community. But remember, diamonds are created under pressure. Your voice is a weapon, use it.

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BBIG Stock Has Very High Short Interest Data

BBIG Stock
BBIG Stock & Short Squeeze Data

Community, it brings me great pleasure to provide you with some more high short interest data. Some of you wanted to know my personal thoughts on BBIG stock.

Right away, I can tell this is a great play and see why many of you were holding this particular stock. Lets talk about it.


Welcome to Franknez.com – you already know what’s going on, haha! I’m going to be publishing a new YouTube video every Monday and Friday so be sure to subscribe at the end of this article. I’ll be leaving the link below.

Lets get started!

Vinco Ventures, stock ticker symbol BBIG, is a company that acquires brands and grows them using their Honey Badger and Social Pulse Media platforms.

This company is fairly new to the market. Its IPO price started around $5-$6 per share back in 2018. The stock is currently trading around $6 per share.

BBIG stock has been trading double its average volume which shows a massive interest in this acquisition company. I could go over earnings reports and other fundamentals but we’re not here to talk about fundamentals.

BBIG stock is currently heavily shorted.

BBIG Stock Short Interest Data

Lets go over the latest Ortex short interest data to see just how heavily shorted this stock is. BBIG’s short interest is considered to be extremely high at 23.61%.

The amount of shares being loan is a whopping 26.91 million and the utilization is currently at 98.80!

The demand for borrowed shares to short the stock is insane! Our community has identified that stocks with these high short interest numbers means its possible to squeeze shorts from their positions.

We’ve also noticed that gamma squeezes and quick runups actually take months of buying and holding to manifest. BBIG stock was trading $1.25 back in January of this year.

If you bought the stock then, that means you you 10X’d your initial investment. 1,000 shares of BBIG stock would have earned you $10,000.

Despite the f’ery in the markets, you have to admit the stock market is an amazing tool to multiply your money.

Will BBIG Stock Keep Going Up?

will bbig stock go up

BBIG stock certainly has the potential to continue surging. Retail investors will have to keep a bullish sentiment and attitude towards the stock in order to see higher gains come to fruition.

BBIG is at an all-time high right now and it’s possible retail investors begin to selloff and begin taking profits. This where short sellers can double down on their positions and further bring the stock price down.

BBIG shareholders will have to refrain from selling if they are to set new levels of resistance and support. See, the crazy thing is that shorts have not covered their positions in this stock and you can tell due to the massive short borrow fee rate and short interest.

Short sellers are paying a 146.02% to borrow the stock! If you’re already paying 24%-32% on your credit card, imagine their fees!

With proper momentum, retail investors can certainly experience a BBIG short squeeze, where short sellers are forced to close their positions driving the stock price up.

How High Can BBIG Stock Go?

I cannot make a prediction on the stock price ceiling since BBIG has recently passed its initial IPO stock price. However, what I can tell you is that the stock has much more room for growth than it’s current trading price of $6 per share.

Should You Buy BBIG Stock?

I’m going to be one hundred with you guys because your success is extremely important to me. I don’t hold BBIG stock but have it on my list to buy. If you’re looking to diversify your momentum plays, this could be a stock with lots of potential.

Of course, it’s the community that holds the sentiment behind these massively shorted stocks. And I think that as more retail investors begin to diversify, these stocks will continue to soar in the long run as long the stock is being bought and held.

If you’ve been reading FrankNez for quite some time then you know AMC is my main play, no questions asked. This article isn’t to convince you to buy BBIG stock, but to merely present to you the short interest data so you can make a financial decision for yourself.

I’m personally bullish on this stock and can see it gaining more traction as more retail investors buy into it. Something to keep in mind is that after significant gains a stock is usually quick to drop. And this is primarily due to some investors taking profit combined with short sellers doubling their positions or new short sellers getting in.

If you’re thinking about buying the stock, I would personally wait for a dip; especially after seeing these all-time highs. Because the short interest is so high and the utilization is so high, BBIG stock could prove to provide significant gains down the road as it already has for early investors.

And lastly…


I’d love to know your BBIG stock story. Are you an early investor or are you looking to get in? And, what other momentum stocks are you holding? Would you like me to publish an article on other stocks? Let me know in the comment section below.

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With that being said, thank you for taking the time for reading the blog and for being here right now. It means more than you could ever know.

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4 Meme Stocks Causing A Disruption In The Market

Meme Stocks Reddit
Meme Stocks List

Meme stocks have been causing a disruption all of 2021. You might have heard of the infamous GameStop and AMC rallies that originated from the Reddit group, r/wallstreetbets.

Here’s a list of meme stocks causing a disruption in the stock market.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where you can digest content on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and trending investing topics.

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What’s A Meme Stock?

A meme stock is a heavily shorted stock discovered by retail investors, usually on forums such as Reddit or other sub communities.

Retail investors will then hype these so called ‘meme stocks’ and immensely increase the buying pressure of a particular stock to drive the share price up.

How Long Does It Take For A Meme Stock To Go Up?

We’ve seen that these stocks may take a month to several months to see some serious upswings in the market. Retail investors pump the price by buying the dips and holding the stock until their mission is a success.

While not all meme stocks are pump and dumps, the concept is to pump a stock and hold it to further elevate the floor.

The end goal is to squeeze shorts from their positions to drive the stock price ‘to the moon’. Here’s the most current list of meme stocks seen in the community.

#1. GameStop, GME Stock

GameStop Meme Stock

Number one on my list is GameStop. GameStop notoriously put many short sellers and hedge funds under stress, starting this incredible retail movement.

GME stock began squeezing just below $500 per share before Robinhood halted buying pressure from retail investors, ultimately limiting its growth potential back in January.

This meme stock is currently up more than 1000% year-to-date. Retail investors continue to hold the stock in order to squeeze the remaining shorts from their positions.

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#2. AMC Entertainment, AMC Stock

AMC Meme Stock

And by far the most popular meme stock at the moment, AMC Entertainment stock. Retail investors who missed getting in early on GME stock saw AMC stock was heavily shorted and decided to bulk up on this meme stock.

The stock sharply rose up to $20 per share in late January before ultimately coming back down to $5 per share. After several months of ‘apes’ buying and holding the stock, AMC Entertainment stock rose to $72 per share and found a new bottom around $32 per share.

The meme stock has been trading in the low $50 range and is currently set up for a short squeeze.

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#3. GREE Stock (Formerly, SPRT)

Before its merger with the blockchain compamy Greenidge, SPRT stock had reached a high of $35 per share before ultimately plummeting back to $11. It has now merged with Greenidge and its ticker symbol is now GREE.

This meme stock perhaps lost its status as it still had potential to squeeze higher prior to the merge. However, this stock still caused quite a disruption for short sellers shorting the stock.

This stock has now become a long-term stock depending on your conviction towards blockchain technology.

Read: What does an SPRT merge with Greenridge mean for retail?

#4. Vinco Venture, BBIG Stock

Vinco Ventures Meme Stock

BBIG stock is a meme stock that surged from $1.25 to close to $11 per share. The stock’s retail momentum has it up more than 500% this year-to-date.

In order for you to have made massive moves with these stocks you would have had to opened a position in them earlier this year.

While investors who bought these stocks early this Summer still profited, investors who bought after could be breaking even or under significant gains.

These Meme Stocks Still Have Room To Squeeze

What’s mind boggling is that these meme stocks are still heavily shorted by hedge funds and short sellers.

I update the short interest data daily here for these stocks plus other retail favorites.

GME has been in the high $100s but has now reached $200 again. AMC finally broke its floor of $30 per share and is trading in the low $50s again. The other meme stocks show an increase of short interest data which means they still have room for growth.

Want To Stay Updated On These Momentum Plays?

If you’re thinking about investing in one of these momentum stocks, be sure to do your due diligence first before putting some serious cash first.

Once you have the data at hand, make an honest assessment for yourself and decide whether it is the right financial decision for you to make.

The AMC community has proven to be one of the most open, accepting, and positive communities so I definitely recommend checking it out even if it’s to see what the discussions are about.

Luckily, I update the community with trending stocks and keep an eye out on the data so you’re up-to-date on the next stocks to buy before they blow up. My readers who found out about AMC early this year are now up tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars!

And lastly…


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SPRT Stock Has The Perfect Setup For A Short Squeeze

SPRT Stock Short Squeeze
SPRT Short Squeeze

Many of you might be wondering what happened to SPRT. The stock climbed before plummeting back down. Even today the stock continues to trend downwards.

If you’re holding SPRT stock for a short squeeze, don’t worry. Some retail investors cashed in and shorts continue to massively short it. But the data doesn’t lie.


Welcome to Franknez.com – if you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel then you saw my announcement about this particular article. Today I’m going to discuss SPRT stock and its short squeeze potential.

Lets get started!

Disclaimer: this is not financial advice but merely my opinions based on the data that is out there. I am a strong believer in the data and so it is my duty and obligation to share it with you.

SPRT Short Interest & Utilization 🚨

I want to begin by saying that I personally took a position in SPRT stock when I saw that the short interest was at 75%. The utilization was around 90 and I decided to park some money in this momentum play.

I’ve been tracking the short interest data to see whether I had made a bad investment and should cut my losses, or whether this power play was only the beginning.

It turns out that although SPRT stock has been taking a nosedive, both the short interest and utilization have skyrocketed!

The current short interest at the time of this publication is: 93.52%

Utilization is at: 96.41

For daily updates on the short interest, bookmark this article here.

Ladies and gentlemen, shorts have not fully covered their positions in SPRT.

Why Is SPRT Stock Going Down?

We have a selloff going on right now with some retail investors still holding some, or all of their stock. Shorts continue to attack the stock in efforts to make money as investors also take profits.

We saw SPRT go below $20 and retest above it again. It’s still too early for me to identify whether this will be a new resistance level or perhaps a new floor.

What I can tell you however is that as the stock price has gone down, the short interest data has surged. This tells me new shorts are getting in on SPRT and perhaps even doubling down on their positions.

SPRT Short % of Free Float

SPRT short percent of free float

On the latest updated short interest history data from Ortex we can see that the short percentage of the free float has been steadily increasing all year.

And although we can’t see the settlement date for September yet, we know from the short interest and utilization alone that this number is only increasing.

So what the guys who discovered this play really did is just expose this ‘other‘ short squeeze play.

This article is not to tell you to jump in on this play. But rather to let you know that if you’re holding this stock and are negative, don’t cut your losses because there’s a strong possibility this stock can jump back up.

Since the short interest continues to skyrocket, I will be holding my position in SPRT. I would have cut my losses if the short interest data was plunging.

If the SI was continuously going down it would let me know that shorts were getting out of their positions, or the stock wasn’t being heavily shorted anymore.

But when the short interest is this massively high, retail has the power to squeeze shorts from their positions.

SPRT Short Squeeze Prediction

A lot of retail investors who caught SPRT early took profits from the pump to our beloved AMC or GME plays. Kudos to you!

Personally, SPRT is a side mission like it was for many of you. My main play is AMC and I continue to buy AMC. If you’re on my Patreon, you get notified when I add to my position on any play.

If we look at the data from AMC and GME, we’ll find that these plays will have moments of consolidation, upward trends, new floors, and repeat.

Looking at the SPRT stock chart, we can see this pattern too.

Retail has the power to bring heavily shorted companies back to life. SPRT had an IPO price of about $90 per share when it first became publicly traded.

Short sellers have been shorting this stock for years. Their increased positions signals they feel threat from retail investors. Our community is the biggest threat to short sellers right now, and moving forward.

I believe squeezing shorts out of their positions can easily put SPRT stock above $100 per share.

Should You Buy SPRT Stock?

If you’re looking to diversify your momentum plays with another high short interest stock, SPRT could prove to be a profitable trade in the long run.

The float is smaller than AMC’s and GME’s, the short interest is higher, and there’s absolutely opportunity to make money here, at least according to the data.

I’m personally just holding my position in SPRT for now. If add to my position, it will be after I add to AMC or crypto first.

Are you holding SPRT for a short squeeze?


What’s your SPRT story? I’d love to know. Did you get in on the stock early, after the runup? Do you have more information I don’t? Leave a comment below.

But before you do that, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read the blog and I appreciate you being here.

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