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Naked Shorting: Roger Hamilton Reaches out to AMC CEO

Market News: GNS CEO Roger Hamilton reaches out to AMC CEO.
Market News: GNS CEO Roger Hamilton reaches out to AMC CEO.

Genius Group (NYSEAMERICAN:GNS) CEO Roger Hamilton reached out to AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) CEO Adam Aron on Twitter to join forces and fight naked shorting together.

Just last week, Global Tech Industries Group (OTCMKTS:GTII) took legal action against naked shorts.

The Nevada corporation announced on Monday that its board of directors has authorized management to move forward with appropriate legal action in connection with what it believes to be illegal trading activity in the Company’s shares.

Roger Hamilton’s GNS was the first to publicly take action against manipulative short selling in the market.

The company’s plan of action includes creating a Board-led ‘Illegal Trading Task Force’ to actively pursue all possible actions together with the regulators in their discovery and prosecution of persons engaging in market manipulation involving the ordinary shares of Genius Group.

This Task Force will be led by Timothy Murphy, a Genius Group Director and former Deputy Director of the F.B.I., Richard Berman, also a Genius Group Director and chair of the Company’s Audit Committee, and Roger Hamilton, the CEO of Genius Group.

The Company has been in communication with government regulatory authorities and is sharing information with these authorities to assist them.

Now the CEO is urging AMC CEO Adam Aron to join the fight as retail investors show their strong support towards fighting for fairer markets.

Adam Aron Responds to Roger Hamilton

Market News: GNS CEO Roger Hamilton reaches out to AMC CEO.
Market News: GNS CEO Roger Hamilton reaches out to AMC CEO.

“I messaged Adam Aron and got both 👍&👎”, said Roger Hamilton on Twitter.

A poll shows that 75% of market participants say a CEO reaching out to another CEO in regard to naked shorting should ‘stand up’, oppose to stand down.

Many retail investors are in favor of companies and CEOs raising awareness of manipulation short selling in the market.

Adam Aron has said in the past that he’s seen no evidence of so-called synthetic shares.

The CEO has remained skeptical despite millions of shareholders raising awareness of Wall Street’s deceptive practices over the years.

Adam Aron is focused primarily on the fundamentals of his company rather than taking on the role of an activist in the community.

But Adam Aron is also tied down to an extent, limited by what he’s allowed to say and isn’t.

AMC’s CEO is binded by covenants that could result in serious legal damage to the company if breached.

The unfortunate reality is that the banks that are providing AMC Entertainment with its lifeline are also shorting the company.

“It may boil down to this. Many of you are frustrated, strongly urging us to address market forces that you are convinced are unfair. We continuously think about what actions would be wise and CREDIBLE. Certainly good ideas: Build up our cash reserves and smartly lead AMC forward,” said Adam Aron on Twitter.

Leave your thoughts below

There’s no question Wall Street has used predatorial practices against retail investors for decades now.

Chairman Gensler has said it’s not a leveled playfield for retail.

Naked shorting has been an incredibly big topic in the world of ‘meme stocks’ as the demand for shares has been suppressed by financial institutions through various loopholes.

What are your thoughts on GNS CEO Roger Hamilton reaching out to Adam Aron?

Do you think AMC’s CEO is in a tight bind or do you think he’s not paying enough attention to what’s happening in the world of retail investors?

Leave your thoughts below.

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How Do Hedge Funds Manipulate The Stock Market?

how do hedge funds manipulate the stock market.
Market News: How hedge funds manipulate the stock market.

Hedge funds have been manipulating the stock market for decades.

But it wasn’t until now that a community has risen to raise awareness of market injustices.

The shorting of both AMC and GameStop stock have uncovered a number of nefarious strategies used against retail investors.

What is the SEC doing to regulate these financial entities?

We’re here to find out.


Let’s get started!

Overleveraging Borrowed Shares

Hedge funds have an incredible supply of short shares available to borrow.

This advantage has allowed them to manipulate a stock’s share price by initiating short-ladder attacks.

While supply and demand are pushing a stock’s price up, hedge funds short the stock using an insane amount of leverage.

This predatorial strategy has yet to be announced as illegal nor has it been addressed by the SEC.

Off Exchange Trading

Hedge funds and market makers are getting away with being able to trade and swap stock in foreign exchanges where the stock’s price isn’t required to be disclosed.

They’re taking retail orders and, in a way, manipulating the circulating supply by not reporting accurate transactions.

We’ve seen this happen with Barclays.

Stock market manipulation
Barclays CEO, Jes Staley – Hedge fund manipulation

Reports by Finra have been made public detailing multiple fines on Barclays for inaccurate books and records.

Barclays is one of Citadel’s clearing houses.

Off exchange trading where transactions aren’t displayed on the list market such as the NYSE is a massive problem the SEC is still trying to figure out.

Though the SEC is trying to implement the D-Limit order that will allow stocks to trade under IEX, they’re having trouble from hedge funds and market makers.

Citadel has sued the SEC on this matter, we have yet to receive a public update on the case.

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Naked Shorting

AMC and GameStop have had an incredible amount of FTDs, or failure-to-delivers.

These are orders that have not been executed in options, and are usually a result of a ‘short party’ not owning or not having all of the underlying asset.

This has led retail investors to the educated assessment that synthetic shares are floating in the market; shares known as naked shares used to short a stock.

According to Investopedia, “Despite being made illegal after the 2008–09 financial crisis, naked shorting continues to happen because of loopholes in rules and discrepancies between paper and electronic trading systems.”

Naked shorting has gone mainstream with CNBC’s Melissa Lee and Fox Business’s Charles Payne bringing light to this predatorial practice in the market.

Retail investors must use their voice to address these issues to the SEC.

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The Use of Mainstream Media Outlets

According to The Fool, you should invest in this or that “instead”.

We’ve seen the headlines countless times.

The Motley Fool is a source that provides its subscribers with hand-picked stocks with potential gains.

With tremendous respect, stick to what you do.

The integrity of this company is to help investors pick winning stocks, not to divert them from a stock due to its potential upside that can cause hedge fund partners to lose billions of dollars.

And that’s exactly what happened.

No matter how many times mainstream media outlets tried to divert retail investors from buying AMC stock, it cost hedge funds a lot of money all year.

And at the same time, a lot of retail investors have a lot of unrealized gains.

This ladies and gentlemen is how the media has tried to manipulate the performance of a stock.

This influence can sway a new retail investor from adding to the surging volume of shares being purchased in the market.

To the new retail investor – make your financial decisions based on your own due diligence.

Not on what media sources get paid to write about.

Yahoo Finance & InvestorPlace

Platforms such as Yahoo Finance & InvestorPlace have also had their fair share of negative headlines to try and divert the public from skyrocketing AMC to the moon.

With InvestorPlace even throwing a jab at GME investors saying, “If You’ve Made Money On GameStop, You’re Not An Investing Genius”.

Perhaps not, but I’m pretty certain these investors are wealthier than the person who came up with that punchline.

These media sources have been discouraging new retail investors from investing in AMC since the beginning of the year although the stock is up year-to-date!

Manipulation In the Stock Market

robinhood stock market manipulation
Robing Hood? Stock market manipulation

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Robinhood scandal.

This is another form of manipulation in the stock market caused by the halt of buying power.

Robinhood prevented its users from buying stocks such as AMC and GME (GameStop) during GME’s bull run.

Although restrictions aren’t as tight anymore, we’re beginning to see trusted and beloved companies get exposed as hedge funds worst nightmares become a reality.

Today we’re seeing more people learn about how the stock market moves.

If more of the public is to understand how hedge funds pose a risk to our economy and businesses, we must expose these financial institutions for who they really are.

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A House of Cards, r/superstonks (Reddit Post)

A Redditor just posted an insane amount of DD on Reddit.

This long form post discusses the transition from paper filled orders in the stock market to the use of computers going tracing back to the mid 80s.

The post reveals the beginning of issuing naked shares.

We’re also learning that a lot of transaction are being held by the actual institutions that are shorting these stocks.

Robinhood routes more than half of it’s customers to Citadel.

This information has now been disclosed via the Washington Post.

You can read the full Reddit post here.

Trey’s Trades does a quick breakdown on this DD as well.

The video is embedded for your viewing pleasure.

It costs retail investors nothing to hold, but it costs shorts and hedge funds money every day.

It’s only a matter of time before a squeeze occurs, no matter how manipulated the stock market gets.

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Franknez.com fights The Fool, Yahoo Finance, and InvestorPlace


Franknez.com is fighting for the community against malpractice from all news media shunning AMC, GameStop, and other retail favorites.

This platform will serve as a positive media outlet for the community and only spread factual documentation, and news related cited-sources.

I will not encourage retail investors to take a position in any stock.

However, I will outline the facts and evidence to help you make your own personal financial decision.

How can retail investors bring awareness to the community?

Retail investors can expose false information on social media to shine light on manipulation tactics driven by hedge fund partners.

Sharing factual and positive articles relating to the performance or analytics of a particular stock is another way the investing community can stay united.

Franknez.com is a platform for the community.

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Avatar Exceeds AMC Entertainment CEO’s Box Office Prediction

Adam Aron AMC Entertainment CEO
Business News: Avatar: The Way of Water Exceeds AMC Entertainment CEO’s Expectations.

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) CEO Adam Aron said his predictions were easily surpassed as Avatar: The Way of Water exceeded $570.3 million domestically.

Adam Aron said on Twitter last week, “Next week, it has a good short of hitting $550 million domestic, $1.8 BILLION worldwide. Those who say movie theatres are an anachronism or dead are wrong, wrong, wrong.”

The CEO says the blockbuster movie could exceed $600 in domestic ticket sales and $1.8 billion globally.

The Avatar sequel’s fifth-week performance means it is now the 13th highest-grossing movie of all time at the U.S. box office, overtaking 2008’s The Dark Knight and 2019’s Lion King remake, according to Box Office Mojo.

While it remains at the same spot as last week in the worldwide all-time rankings, the movie is expected to overtake Spider-Man: No Way Home sometime this week and begin closing in on Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Cameron has previously stated that Avatar: The Way Of Water needs to earn around $2 billion just to break even. The sequel’s steep budget however includes the cost of filming Avatar 3 and developing the scripts for a fourth and fifth film.

Source(s): FrankNez, Forbes.

U.S. Box Office Rankings – Friday to Monday (est.)

  1. Avatar: The Way Of Water (Week 5) — $38.5 million
  2. MEG3N (Week 2) — $21.2 million
  3. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (Week 4) — $17.3 million
  4. A Man Called Otto (Week 3) — $15 million
  5. Plane (Week 1) — $11.6 million
  6. House Party (Week 1) — $4.4 million
  7. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Week 10) — $2.6 million
  8. The Whale (Week 6) — $1.8 million
  9. Whitney Houston: I wanna Dance With Somebody (Week 4) — $1.3 million
  10. Waltair Veerayya (Week 1) — $1.2 million

Movie titles continue to bring in millions of dollars despite Wall Street doomsayers short on the industry.

At some point, the narrative has to change.

Sources say Amazon is planning to invest $1 billion per year in the movie theatre industry.

The world’s largest online retailer aims to make between 12 and 15 movies annually that will get a theatrical release.

Amazon is still sorting out this strategy said people who asked not to be identified.

That number of releases puts Amazon on par with major studios such as Paramount Pictures, says Bloomberg.

Streaming Services Aren’t Enough

As “Avatar: The Way of Water” gets closer to the $2 billion mark at the worldwide box office, James Cameron says it’s a reminder that moviegoers still value the theatrical experience in an era of streaming dominance.

“I’m thinking of it in the terms of we’re going back to theaters around the world. They’re even going back to theaters in China where they’re having this big COVID surge. We’re saying as a society, ‘We need this! We need to go to theaters.’ Enough with the streaming already! I’m tired of sitting on my ass. Source: Variety.

The sequel to Johnson’s popular “Knives Out” opened in nearly 700 theaters, the largest release of any Netflix original film to date, 200 of which were AMC Entertainment theatres.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery starring Daniel Craig was released in the U.S. as well as the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

The film earned $15 million at the box office but CNBC says the showing could have made $200 million if it had been kept in theatres longer.

Unfortunately for the online streaming platform, hundreds of millions of dollars were left on the table.

Box office analysts say Glass Onion could have earned much higher earnings if Netflix had opted for a traditional wide release of 2,000 to 4,000 theaters.

CNBC stated, “Netflix has backtracked on its previous policies, including by introducing an ad-supported subscription option, leading many to wonder whether the company should rethink its resistance to the traditional Hollywood movie release model as it looks for new ways to grow revenue.

The Rise of The Movie Theatre Industry Is Here

Avatar has AMC Entertainment’s CEO Adam Aron laughing at short sellers who are betting against the company and movie industry as a whole.

Shareholders have been stating for years now that the theatrical movie experience is irreplaceable.

The public continues to prove that while online streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ are convenient, nothing beats the cinema experience.

But I’m curious to hear your thoughts on where you think the movie theatre industry is headed.

Leave a comment down below.

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AMC CEO Says He Will Not Sell Shares Any Time

Market News: AMC CEO says he will not sell shares.
Market News: AMC CEO says he will not sell shares.

Adam Aron just said on Twitter that he will not be selling AMC shares any time soon.

“Some of you forget that I currently own or will vest in about 3 million AMC shares and 3 million APE preferred units. That is an enormous incentive to do what is best for all AMC shareholders. I work in the best interests of AMC shareholders because I am one – and a big one!”, said the CEO.

Adam Aron made over $40 million between November 2021 to January 2022 when he sold millions of AMC shares while retail investors held.

The CEO has recently been criticized for not tackling the topic of naked shorting and dark pool trading considering AMC Entertainment has been victim to predatory short selling tactics.

However, many shareholders view the CEOs decision to freeze his pay raise this year and announcement to not sell shares as noble.

AMC finished 2022 down -84.65% after it had reached an all-time high of $72 per share the previous year.

The bull market in 2021 helped the movie theatre chain amass such a big following even as we entered a bear market in 2022.

And the apes aren’t leaving.

Where is AMC headed in 2023?

You can read the latest AMC Entertainment stock news and updates here!

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Stock market news: AMC CEO says he's not selling shares any time soon.
Stock market news: AMC CEO says he’s not selling shares any time soon.

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AMC CEO Asks for Pay Freeze as Shares Slide

Adam Aron AMC News
Market News: AMC CEO asks for a pay freeze as shares slide below $4.

AMC CEO Adam Aron announced he will not be receiving a pay raise for the new year.

His decision comes as shares of AMC Entertainment stock slide just under $4 per share.

The movie theatre chain leader said on Twitter that he does not want ‘more’ when shareholders are hurting.

“So, I recommended to the AMC board to red circle and freeze both my target cash and target stock pay for 2023. NO INCREASE.”

And shareholders are cheering the CEO for his noble gesture.

Adam Aron earned $18 million in salary and compensation last year, but he’s come a long way from his 2016 salary of only $10 million.

The CEO was able to capitalize on the ‘meme stock’ surge in 2021 earning $41 million while retail investors held their stock for their lives.

At the time, CFO Sean Goodman had sold all of his shares before receiving more stock from their executive compensation package.

At the time, representatives from AMC declined to comment.

Here’s the latest AMC news.

Adam Aron Becomes Shareholder’s Savior

Market News: Adam Aron CEO Pay Freeze News.
Market News: AMC CEO Pay Freeze News.

“I think that while Adam Aron clearly communicated his intent to liquidate some of his position in AMC shares by year-end (2021), many investors were caught off-guard by the extent to which he sold shares between early November and mid-December,” said Alicia Reese, an analyst at Wedbush.

“Sean Goodman of course already has more shares since he sold in November (2021), and all of the executives will continue to accumulate more shares as part of their compensation packages, but they’re walking a fine line by cashing in on the elevated share price while the retail shareholders have committed to holding at all costs,” she said.

Today, the CEO has forfeited a pay raise for 2023 in both cash and stock.

Many shareholders are happy to hear Adam Aron will be sacrificing his pay raise to make shareholders feel better.

Adam Aron says his motives are pure.

“I try as best as I know how to lead AMC through painful aftermath of this horrid pandemic.”

Many shareholders have made Adam Aron their beloved savior.

This will prove to be beneficial to the company as loyalists become the foundational customers of the movie theatre chain.

Others on the other hand beg to differ.

AMC stock is currently trading at $3.84 with a market cap rounded to $2 billion.

Also read: What an AMC 1-for-10 Reverse Stock Split Would Mean for Shareholders

What are your thoughts on this proposal?

Market News: Adam Aron CEO Pay Freeze News.
Market News: Adam Aron CEO Pay Freeze News.

Do you think Adam Aron’s pay freeze is noble?

Is this just a way to tame hopeful shareholders?

How does a pay freeze bring AMC one step closer to a short squeeze?

Leave your thoughts below.

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APE Shares Rise More Than 75%: Will They Keep Rising?

Market News: Will APE shares keep rising?
Market News: Will APE shares keep rising? APE Stock News + updates.

APE shares rose more than 75% on Thursday.

Volume skyrocketed past 177.6 million, up 158 million in trading volume from its average of 19.6 million.

Shares rose from $0.67 its previous closing day to $1.20.

The equity is currently up 5% after hours.

So, what happened?

And can we expect APE shares to continue rising?

Let’s discuss it.

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The Latest on APE Stock

APE stock (AMC’s Preferred Equity) has been the topic highlight since its inception earlier this summer.

AMC Entertainment was able to raise several million dollars from the equity to pay down its debt.

The price of the equity has since come down drastically as short sellers piled in forcing share prices to a low of $0.65.

APE stock price today
APE stock price today – APE stock news and updates.

And just as the possibility of the equity merging with AMC is announced, APE share surge more than 75% reaching $1.20.

CEO Adam Aron announced on Twitter today that there will be a shareholder vote to convert APE equity to AMC common shares.

He also commented on the possibility of a 1-for-10 reversal stock split for AMC stock.

It’s the biggest news in the AMC community thus far.

So, why did APE shares rise so much today?

And where did so much trading volume come from?

Retail investors are speculating insider buying triggered the massive price surge and heavy volume.

Others are alleging it’s the company’s way of injecting value back into the equity before APE re-merges with AMC common stock.

The truth is, it’s hard to say.

APE was never intended to be a valuable asset for investors, but more so a valuable asset for AMC Entertainment as a company.

Will APE Shares Keep Rising?

If insiders are injecting the equity with value before shareholders vote for the merge of APE and AMC, then it’s very possible the equity may continue to rise.

As of right now, where the immense amount of volume came from is undetermined.

What’s certain is many shareholders weren’t too happy about the creation of APE in the first place as it created unnecessary loss for shareholders.

Here are the CEO’s comments published on Twitter:

“Also, APEs worked exactly as intended to let us raise needed cash, buy back debt, explore M&A. But a huge discount in APE market price vs common stock must be addressed. We’ll hold a shareholder vote. It’s time to convert APE preferred into AMC common to eliminate that discount.”

APE shares have been massively shorted to cents, AMC stock is now trading below $5, a solution has to be addressed.

And so it has.

Adam Aron is proposing a 1-for-10 reversal stock split where shareholders will get left with 1 share of AMC for every 10 shares they hold in exchange for a higher share price.

The idea is to give shareholders the illusion of a higher share price by reducing the number of shares they hold.

The value of an individual’s portfolio would remain the same amount.

However, if an investor holds 10 shares of AMC, they will convert to 1 share.

If an investor holds 100 shares of AMC, after a 1-for-10 reverse split they will hold 10 shares.

All for the sake of making the value of AMC shares appear much higher.

With AMC currently trading around $4.50, a 1-for-10 reverse stock split would mean the stock will then trade at $45 per share.

Leave your thoughts below

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on what’s currently occurring with AMC Entertainment and its APE shares.

How do you feel about the entire situation at hand?

Leave your thoughts below for the community to see.

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AMC Entertainment Cancels Cineworld Acquisition Negotiations

Here's the latest AMC Entertainment News: AMC Cineworld acquisitions cancelled.
Here’s the latest AMC Entertainment News: AMC Cineworld acquisitions cancelled.

AMC’s CEO says talks have been halted with Cineworld lenders relating to the possibility of several acquisitions.

Adam Aron says all talks AMC Entertainment had about acquiring Cineworld/Regal movie theatres are now officially off the table.

“We are disciplined to use our cash or stock ONLY when we are convinced that doing so is in the best interests of AMC shareholders.”

According to the 8K filing, AMC Entertainment planned on using APEs (AMC Preferred Equity) as partial payment for the acquisitions.

Here’s the latest AMC Entertainment news.

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AMC Scraps Cineworld Acquisition Deal

Cineworld News | AMC Cineworld News today.
Cineworld News | AMC Cineworld News today.

On Wednesday, Adam Aron released a snippet of the company’s 8K-Filing stating the following:

“AMC participated in discussions with certain of the Lenders (the “Lenders”) of Cineworld regarding a potential strategic acquisition by AMC, through a consensual plan in Cineworld’s ongoing Chapter 11 cases, including following the announcement in the Cineworld Chapter 11 proceedings that the Cineworld debtors were exploring strategic alternatives.

The discussions focused on the acquisition of certain strategic theatre assets of Cineworld in the United States and Europe, which acquisition would be financed, in part, through the issuance by AMC of APEs and debt financing provided by the Lenders, and conditioned upon a liability management exercise with respect to certain indebtedness of AMC.”

“During the course of discussions, the Company did not provide any
confidential or non-public information, analyses, compilations, forecasts, studies or other documents to the Lenders.

A definitive agreement with the Lenders has not been reached regarding the terms of any proposal to be presented to the debtors in the Cineworld cases, and at this time negotiations are not continuing.

While AMC reserves the right to continue to explore the acquisition of value enhancing strategic assets, there can be no assurance that AMC will resume any discussions with the Lenders or, if it were to do so, that it would be able to agree with Lenders or any other party as to the terms of a mutually acceptable proposal.

The Company has provided this statement pursuant to the terms of non-disclosure agreements with certain of the Lenders.”

Shareholder Comments

Most shareholders are on board, but some are wondering why APE would be used as payment when it’s trading this low.

The CEO addressed the falling share price of APE earlier this week with many shareholders still resenting Adam Aron for issuing the equity without shareholder approval.

While many shareholders continue to criticize the CEO for not raising concerns on the heavy short selling of the company, many shareholders still stand closely by Adam Aron’s side.

What does the cancellation of the Cineworld/Regal acquisition mean for AMC Entertainment?

Simply put, the company is waiting for the right opportunities to present themselves.

If there’s one thing Adam Aron has proved it’s that he’s a master at raising cash out of thin air and is precise about where he puts it.

In the past year, cash has been used to upgrade the company’s projectors with state-of-the-art laser technology, invest in their first-ever online merchandising store, all while paying down their debt.

What do you think is next for AMC Entertainment as we enter the new year.

Leave your thoughts below.

Adam Aron Addresses Falling APE Shares

Market News: AMC CEO Adam Aron addresses falling APE shares in new press release.
Market News: AMC CEO Adam Aron addresses falling APE shares in new press release.

AMC shareholders have been urging CEO Adam Aron to address APE, AMC’s Preferred Equity as shares fall below $1.

APE has taken a nosedive from $7 to the current share price of $0.68.

Retail investors have demanded the CEO to speak out on what’s happening with the share price after bold announcements of a ‘pounce’ earlier this summer.

The CEO has now spoken out on the falling APE share price in a new press release shown below.

Let’s dive right into it.

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Adam Aron on APE Share Price

APE Stock Price

In a new press release by AMC Entertainment, the CEO released the following statement:

“Even though the APE units and our common shares are economically equivalent, it is disappointing that the APE units have since inception consistently traded at a significant discount to the AMC common shares.

While the trading prices of the two securities seem to reflect distinct market and trading dynamics, the APEs are serving precisely the purpose originally intended for them.

At a time when one or more of our competitors have been facing potentially devastating liquidity challenges, by contrast during the past 90 days, AMC has been able to raise $162 million of additional cash through the sale of equity thereby improving our own liquidity position markedly.

In addition, AMC reduced debt for the third time this year, including most recently by buying back debt at a substantial 61% discount and is able to contemplate various opportunities to add theatres to our fleet including just having successfully secured for AMC the attractive former Arclight Boston.”

Adam Aron added, “Our outlook for the industry is positive as we expect the box office will be larger in 2023 than in 2022.

Our liquidity position is strong, as we continue to demonstrate our ability to raise cash, thereby strengthening our balance sheet.

We also continue to enhance our footprint by acquiring superb theatres without significant capital outlays while at the same time exiting under-performing locations.

For so many reasons, we believe the future remains bright for AMC.”

APE Continues to Serve Its Original Purpose

Despite Adam Aron’s disappointment in the share price of APE, he says the equity continues to serve its original purpose to provide liquidity to the company.

APE is down -88.67% since its inception with majority of the float being held by retail investors.

Only 0.18% of institutional investors are currently holding the equity according to a Nasdaq report.

There was tension between shareholders whether to sell or hold the security once it became available in the market due to primarily being a liquidity tool for the company rather than an investment for retail investors.

In October, AMC Entertainment released a statement warning both retail investors and short sellers of the possibility of accrued losses through either the possibility of a short squeeze, or company capitalization.

Earlier in December, Yahoo Finance listed APE as the #1 top shorted stock on their list.

Are You Holding APE Shares?

What is your current sentiment on APE?

Will APE shares recover or is too much trading happening in dark exchanges that suppress retail volume from having an impact on share prices?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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Swipe and Choose! 👇

Wall Street Has Decimated APE Stock

APE Stock News
Market News: Here’s the latest on AMC’s Preferred Equity, APE.

Retail investors are angry at regulators for allowing Wall Street to decimate APE stock.

While AMC’s Preferred Equity (APE) was intended for the company to capitalize on, banks, institutions, and short sellers have abused shares to the ground.

The equity was meant to provide AMC Entertainment with liquidity in order to pay down their debt.

While AMC was able to reduce their debt by $106 million due to APE, shares have been shorted from $7 all the way down to $0.81.

APE momentarily made Yahoo Finance’s Top List of Most Shorted Stock.

Shareholders questioned how shorting APE was possible in the first place, failing to recognize that APE is a tradable security just like any other stock.

Faceless influencers within the AMC community led many retail investors to believe that shorting AMC’s Preferred Equity was impossible.

And unfortunately, this perception clouded many people from creating a proper investment strategy or embracing for what was to come.

Let’s discuss it.

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Retail Investors Seek to CEO for Answers

AMC and APE shareholders all have one common goal in mind, an AMC short squeeze and an APE short squeeze.

And although many shareholders have been transformed into paying customers, others are looking at AMC CEO Adam Aron for answers.

Loyalists don’t question the CEO and will condemn you for doing so, but if shareholders are still invested in the company, they have every right to yearn for answers.

Adam Aron has successfully maneuvered AMC out of bankruptcy, primarily thanks to its shareholders of course.

He’s utilized Twitter magnificently in a way that no other CEO has ever done so before.

And you can’t help but to admire the business personality in him that can raise cash out of thin air.

Even if it’s from his most loyal followers.

But the CEO has failed to address shareholder concerns on the decimation of APE, or the distribution of APE from Citigroup, who’s been short on the company.

Addressing shareholder concerns is important, whether you agree or not.

Does It Even Matter?

Some of you care about your money, your finances, your investments, and some of you simply don’t.

To some, being part of an embracing community, being known in a community, and embracing the movie theatre industry, but more specifically AMC Entertainment, is more important than monetary gains or financial abundance at this point.

And is that even a bad thing?

You just want to be heard; you want to fight evil in the markets without a care about money.

Or maybe you’re simply in the middle.

Let us know who you are – leave your story down in the comment section below.

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