How To Solve Issues Within The Retail Community

AMC Retail Community

There has been a massive boom of new investors within the retail community.

The community has grown on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit ever since the rise of GameStop, AMC, and other ‘meme stocks’.

What is keeping this new wave of retail investors alive?

For most it’s the drive to make a life changing trade.

For others, it’s more than just the money.

It’s about fighting against market corruption.

As the community grows, we’re beginning to see a little bit of division.

While not everyone in the retail community might see eye to eye, there are certainly ways to solve common issues.

Welcome to – if you’re a retail investor you’re going to gain so much value from this article. I hope you enjoy.

Let’s get started!

Finding Common Ground

retail community

It’s important to identify the common ground when facing issues within the retail community.

Whether you agree with someone or not, are their actions going to affect your money?

Your trade or your investment?

And if so, is it positive or negative?

The retail community, but most specifically the ape community, has a common goal to squeeze short sellers from their positions.

The common ground here is the retail community wants a mother of all short squeezes.

The retail community as a whole isn’t divided, we’re simply beginning to understand our differences.

We’re beginning to identify a variety of scenarios and ideas that may cause a short squeeze within AMC for example, and not everyone agrees.

Or, some retail investors are inclined to think there is only one short squeeze play, whether it’s AMC or GameStop.

What’s the common ground here?

Retail investors are saving companies they believe in from hedge fund culprits.

Eliminate Cheap Influencers

If you’re growing restless from Twitter drama, it’s more than likely because you’re following influencers projecting drama energy.

I’ve mentioned this in the past.

The retail community needs to look out for their well-being and identify which influencers are actually providing valuable information and content.

AMC was clout for the online personalities you see now that don’t provide real value to you.

It’s never been easier to identify these people than it is now.

Solve these headaches by eliminating influencers from your timeline that provide no true value to you.

Some issues within the retail community are much simpler to solve.

The type of energy you follow is what the AMC community will mean to you.

And to the influencers reading this, what you say matters.

You have the power to shun all negativity, don’t feed it.

Respect Valuable Influencers

The reason many retail investors have been able to make a massive amount of money on paper is primarily due to a number of valuable influencers.

At one point you read, or watched a video on what was happening with GameStop or AMC earlier this year.

Whether you hold now because of that influencer or not is 100% up to you.

But you cannot deny, disrespect, or attack a valuable influencer for simply being an influencer.

While yes, I agree that some personalities have more influence than they should, you have the power to exclusively follow those who bring real value to the table.

So what’s a valuable influencer?

These are the influencers that have been providing you with value nonstop, year round.

Drama-free, just giving.

They’re the ones fighting for a fair market and look out for the community as a whole.

The ones who actually care about you making tons of money.

The Content You Consume Matters

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, there are so many ways to consume content from the community.

This content can be a simple Reddit post or a tweet.

I believe most issues the retail community is facing at the moment is due to consuming content that manifests mental exhaustion.

Because you already know how easy it is to HODL.

The content you consume matters, community.

The Data Hasn’t Changed

amc retail community

An issue the retail community is battling against in the macro is that of overleveraged hedge funds.

The financial system is polluted.

These momentum stocks continue to be heavily shorted.

And hedge funds will eventually have to cover.

The way we can solve these issues surrounding hedge funds is by being consistent about the message.

A proper short squeeze will require either serious buying pressure or honest regulation.

But it’s up to each and every one of us as individuals to make a ruckus and make each day count.

Final Thoughts

Disagreeing with a fellow community member does not mean it should be the end of the world.

We must shift our focus towards squeezing shorts from their positions.

Because in the end, when a short squeeze happens, no one will argue the point in how it happened.

Stick to your convictions, respect one another, and enjoy the awesome and positive things about this rare retail community.

I’m in the middle of publishing some market news for you, stay tuned.

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  1. ZZZman

    Great article as always. Very good timing, I definitely relate to the mental exhaustion you mentioned.I think in the beginning Apes filled their time by educating themselves, DD, and helping one another in communities like this the best one. These pursuits gave people a feeling of community and insight into the markets, which was jarring because of how corrupt it is, but still a positive because at least we had identified the problem and we resolved ourselves to try and make things better. As time went on and OG Apes and new retail investors joined up, crypto became the new way we past our time. I believe this was a turning point that changed the movement. Crypto trading is addictive and has taken the attention away from the things that made the Ape community so special. Anyway, just my opinion and I’m trading crypto so I’m talking mostly about my experience, but I feel like it applies to many others out there.

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks brother. I think the community is evolving. New retail investors have been exposed to a variety of money-making opportunities.

  2. Alfredo Iznaga

    As I have said other times there is no English, I am using the Google translator, I just want to say that investment in AMC has only been to know about this community and Frank, I am honest I do not know anything about this, but I made my purchase of shares and I buy although It is a weekly in the descents, and what I am sure is that I will maintain until the price goes to the moon, nothing, and no one will influence me to lose faith, when I see an article or writing about AMC and I see that it is something negative, I do not finish reading it, here it was always said that it was a long battle, and that whoever gets mentally tired loses, so fill up with positive things and stay firm until the trip to the moon arrives.Holdear, Holdear y Holdear.

    • Frank Nez


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