The digital nomad life has looked more and more appealing of late, with home ownership prices feeling out of reach for many. Thanks to software advances, taking your work with you nationally or even internationally has become a real possibility. Just get your California, Texas, or Nevada VPN up and running, and you can access all of your services from anywhere else you are with cloud systems bringing it all to you.

With that in place, you can start working anywhere just like you’re there in person, like many Americans who have migrated elsewhere in the last few years. With that said, once you’ve got those basics set up, here are a few extra apps you may need to have on hand to travel while you work.


We mentioned VPNs before, and those certainly come with a built-in layer of security, thanks to their ability to hide your IP address from potential fraudsters or attackers. However, given that your data will become even more essential to your lifestyle, investing in extra protection is a good idea.

The first thing you should always do is study the latest cybersecurity practices, as personal vigilance plays a big part in any security setup. Beyond that, having a robust antivirus and firewall in place can also help, so something like BitDefender for both mobile and laptop systems gives you that extra bit of reassurance.

Bargain Flights

One of the biggest draws to the nomad lifestyle is the ability to pack up and work somewhere else whenever the mood takes you. If you want to wander nationally, that just means hopping in your car and heading out. If you plan to head to somewhere like Malta, Germany, or as far afield as Asia, the prices for flights and so much more are going to add up quickly.

For the flight part, a bargain flight tracker can be worth its weight in gold. Apps like Skyscanner give you access to last-minute flights with massively reduced prices, allowing you to travel for a fraction of the regular cost, provided you’re not too picky about where you end up. If you consider yourself a globetrotter nomad, then this can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in a very short time.


These tips play a far greater role for business-builder nomads than for regularly employed ones. Anyone who has headed up a business or just worked self-employed before will know that keeping track of finances is hard enough when you’re staying in one place, let alone doing the same on the move. That is why investing in an app with remote accounting tools can be invaluable.

It doesn’t just come down to simple accounting, though. There are multiple different options out there, but the most comprehensive ones, like Xero, include invoicing, bill payments, and direct connections to business bank accounts. Very few of these apps are free, but if you’re looking to primarily keep your numbers in order, then the subscription fees are usually very reasonable.

Add these to the universal essentials like Google Suite and a good communication app like Whatsapp, and you should be all set to hit the road and start working in some all-new places!