Moving to Malta appeals to foreigners in many ways.

The pleasure of doing business under the Maltese tax system is worth it!

In addition, citizens of the island state get the opportunity to travel without paperwork, receive quality medical care, and study at major universities in the country or abroad.

However, in order to make a decision, not only the privileges received but also the cost of living with Maltese Permanent Residence are evaluated.

To learn more about the procedure, please contact Vladlena Baranova of the Immigrant Invest agency, and the current prices for accommodation and food are listed below.

Housing and Real Estate expenses in Malta

Renting a property if you don’t have one to live in is a significant part of your budget.

The difference between renting a one- or two-bedroom apartment for yourself and your family is modest – only 200-300 euros.

To clarify the pricing policy of local landlords, pay attention to the cost of living in Malta per month for housing:

  • A one-bedroom apartment in the central districts will cost from $835 per month and up;
  • one-bedroom apartment in the northern districts – from 650 dollars;
  • two-bedroom apartment – 1000-1300 dollars.

The cost of housing does not include utilities.

You have to pay extra for this. The average cost will be 85 dollars and up per month.

The price of maintenance increases depending on the required conditions of comfort in the room.

Air conditioning and heating increase this item of expenditure.

Everyday Expenses

The amount of daily expenses is 100 dollars a week for one person. This includes buying healthy food, going to a restaurant, and cooking at home. The amount can be adjusted up or down to take this into account.

Use the sample rates for making your calculations:

  • meals in cafes: from 6 to 20 dollars per person;
  • dinner in a restaurant: from 15 to 30 dollars, depending on the segment;
  • gym membership: about $50 a month;
  • Transportation: An average ticket costs 2 euros;
  • Internet: from 34 euros per month.

Based on approximate calculations, the Maltese spend about 1600 dollars monthly.

But there is no limit to the cost of living in Malta.

The total amount depends on the preferences of a particular Maltese resident and the availability of their own transportation.

Healthcare and Medical Costs

In order to move to Malta, you must have a valid insurance policy, and after the expiry of the specified period of time, you must obtain it from a local clinic.

Care in public hospitals is free of charge, and the insurance organization partially or fully covers the cost of treatment.

But when Maltese want to consult a private doctor, one must be prepared to incur costs.

A visit to a general practitioner for an adult costs 20 dollars or more.

The price of a visit depends on your region. You will have to pay 50 dollars and up for visits to specialists.

Education and Schooling

Preparation for school starts at the age of four.

Private kindergartens cost 300-350 dollars per month.

Public educational institutions do not require payment for services rendered.

But much depends on the city and the rules that apply in the chosen region of the country.

Schools and lyceums, which belong to private individuals, set their own rates for children’s education.

If we take an international school teaching in English as an example, tuition costs from 7 thousand dollars per year.

As for public schools, there is no tuition fee.

Education in higher education institutions cannot be averaged.

The total cost is influenced by the chosen specialty, the status of the university, and the location.

For detailed calculations, it is necessary to define your requirements and specify your wishes regarding the required level of education.

Leisure, Recreation, and Lifestyle

Tourists respond well to the conditions created, so locals have much to choose from.

So, spas and fitness clubs are of particular interest.

A monthly subscription costs, on average, from 50 dollars per person.

However, the cost changes if the service includes a swimming pool, sauna, and other recreational areas.

The country’s restaurants are delightful in their variety. In every city, finding places with Italian, Maltese, or Japanese cuisine is easy.

In addition, pricing is also influenced by the class of the chosen restaurant: middle-class establishments offer dinners for 15-30 dollars.

To improve the comfort of living in Malta, add 500 dollars per person to the total cost of expenses for living in Malta.

Thus, the average rates are:

  • coffee starts – $2.50 and up;
  • a bottle of wine – $20 and up;
  • fuel – from $1.5 per liter.

Local hotels offer guests a wide range of services, so a comfortable vacation on the coast is guaranteed.

You can go on excursions, diving, or quad biking for an additional fee.

Thus, a holiday with family will cost from $500.


According to the calculations, monthly expenses will be no more than 2 thousand dollars per person.

Couples with two children spend 3,000 dollars a month.

Recreation and additional services increase monthly expenses by 500-600 dollars.

It isn’t easy to calculate the approximate cost of living in Malta based on someone’s preferences.

The results depend on how much you are willing to spend to ensure your comfort.

However, it becomes clear that wealthy investors will easily open their businesses and will be able to return their investments in a short period of time.