Football is often referred to as the most important unimportant thing in life. The masses that it gathers, the cultures and religions it overcomes, and the love it generates is amazing. It is one of the most played, watched, and richest sports disciplines in the world. The final game of the FIFA World Cup, which is held every four years, is the biggest broadcasting spectacle there is. Football clubs are now companies, earning billions and having consumers on every continent. The sales, the marketing, and the whole structure of the club are set as a conglomerate, and it is only logical that some of these clubs are out on the stock market.

The Presence of Football Clubs on the Stock Market

It is not that unusual to imagine the presence of football clubs on the market. Football is so much more than a sport today; we can see it in different industries. Betting on the matches on sites like STRAFE is extremely popular, so why is it a surprise to see the stocks of a football club also available for investors? That is why the visionary thinking of the owners has been rewarded. The revenue of the top football clubs on the stock market has increased over 7 times since the year 2000. It skyrocketed from just over 1 billion EUR to 8.2 billion in the past year.

As the clubs overcame the financial troubles that were imposed on them during the pandemic of coronavirus, analysts expect the barrier of 10 billion to be breached in just a couple of years. That makes investing in this type of stock easy even for beginners. Most of the top clubs are from Europe naturally, as they generate the highest income, have the best players, and have the most valuable sponsorship deals. To add to this, they also have the biggest and most loyal fan bases, the biggest stadiums, and the most developed marketing strategies.

Manchester United (MANU) 3.18 B USD

The stumbling giant is on the ropes when it comes to sports results, but the stock market displays only success. From the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils are nowhere near the top level of football. They are struggling in the English Premier League, where they look like they are light years apart from their fierce town rivals, Manchester City led by Pep Guardiola. Even the arch-enemies Liverpool are looking better than ever in comparison.

Their appearance in the UEFA Champions League represents an incident rather than a successful campaign. United couldn’t qualify from the group stage even though it faced Copenhagen and Galatasaray. However, the stock market shows only success. They are a leading football club, with a market cap that stands at 3.18 billion USD. The value of their stocks is at 19.5 USD, which shows slight growth from the start of the year.

Juventus (JUVE.MI) 0.6 B USD

Another club that was in the company of the greats yet had a season to forget in 2022/23. They were not looking good on the pitch, and the situation got a lot worse for them when the UEFA financial report came out and accused them of fraud. They were banned from European competition this season, but they used it to grow. They replaced Andrea Agnelli as the head of the command, and the owner John Elkann, CEO of Exor, took the wheels himself. They cleared the books and the team roster. They removed players that were not necessary and their high wage demands. They are competing for the title in Serie A this season and are worth 0.6 billion USD on the stock market. Their stocks are at 2.39 USD now.

Borussia Dortmund (BVB.F) 0.45 B USD

We will end our list with the club from the German Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund. The organization is known as the fierce rival of the best and greatest German football club, Bayern Munich. To be able to compete with them, people from Dortmund must work hard, buy low and sell high. Much like on the stock market. They are famous for recognizing talent, giving space to young players in the first team, accomplishing respectable results, and selling them for higher prices. On the stock market, their business is valued at 0.45 billion USD, with the stock valued at 4.07 USD which shows a significant growth in comparison to the previous year.


As one of the biggest businesses in the world, football can’t afford itself not to be present on the stock market. Some owners realized that on time and are reaping the benefits of it. With the numbers standing as high as they are now, we can only expect more of the clubs present in the market. These are the biggest ones, we will see who will follow.