The iGaming industry has been evolving for over two decades already. The first online gambling platforms appeared in the mid-1990s, and their number significantly increased in the following years. Risk seekers were inspired by the opportunity to spin the reel in top slots or enjoy a poker session from the comfort of their homes. 

However, no one could predict that the industry will become so well-developed. Small gambling companies transformed into huge multinational corporations. Therefore, the industry has become an investment tidbit for numerous people.

Many users only associate iGaming with gambling, but it’s a false opinion. This term covers multiple entertainment types, including online casinos, poker rooms, sports betting, esports, and so on. The market is constantly expanding, and Australia and New Zealand are among the fast-developing regions in terms of iGaming.

Overview of the Online Casino Industry 

New Zealand is a famous gambling spot: approximately 80% of residents place bets or gamble at online casinos. Most risk seekers opt for iGaming, and New Zealand legislation peculiarities completely prohibit domestic platforms, while no laws restrict playing at offshore casinos.

Many players join gambling sites with the best payout percentage in New Zealand and enjoy high payouts and lucrative winnings. Currently, numerous international iGaming companies operate in the country, allowing passionate players to enjoy their favourite pastimes wherever they are.

Australia is also known for its residents’ love for gambling activities. Online casinos are prohibited in the country unless they are licensed and approved by appropriate regulatory authorities. 

Therefore, certified operators can still provide services to Australian risk seekers. The industry is also booming in Australia, which remains one of the most desired gambling destinations globally.

Can you imagine yourself investing in a small gambling business two decades ago? During that time, the industry was not as widespread as now, and not everyone believed in its success. 

However, putting some money in iGaming stocks at the beginning of the 2000s would have surely brought significant profits in 2024. Luckily, the sphere continues evolving, so it’s never too late – let’s explore the most popular NZ iGaming stocks.

SkyCity Entertainment Group

The corporation is headquartered in Auckland and is one of the gambling industry’s pioneers. SkyCity Entertainment Group was launched in 1996 and currently operates multiple land-based and online gambling establishments nationwide. Despite facing negative return stocks in 2021, SkyCity Entertainment Group has emerged as the premier gaming operator in New Zealand, now boasting remarkable profitability.

The company’s market value has already reached $1.5 billion, and it’s predicted to experience stable growth in the following years. Of course, SkyCity Entertainment stocks have fluctuations, but holding them will be beneficial in the long run since the popularity of iGaming in NZ will not fall.

Aristocrat Leisure Limited

The global iGaming and technology company is another lucrative stock for investors from NZ and beyond. Aristocrat Leisure Limited was established in 1953 and has a half-a-century-long history in the industry. The corporation operates in numerous countries, including New Zealand and Australia, and is among the most renowned gaming machine providers. 

Its market cap has recently peaked by reaching $27 billion. According to the same research, Aristocrat Leisure Limited’s share price increased 71% during the last five years.

Top-Rated Stocks in Australia

The iGaming sector is also booming in Australia, so many investors choose this industry, hoping for future stock growth. However, funding random gambling companies and betting on their quick evolution is not the best strategy for those desiring to profit. Have a look at the most beneficial options you can find in the Australian iGaming market.

Crown Melbourne Limited

This company opened its doors in 1994 by launching a huge entertainment complex in Australia. Luxury accommodations, high-class entertainment options, and 5-star services attracted people to this amazing destination. Later on, Crown Melbourne Limited expanded its influence and entered the iGaming sphere, quickly gaining popularity among Aussies and residents of other countries. 

Currently, the corporation’s market capitalization is approximately $8.8 billion. At the same time, the share price is $13.09, which has shown a 47.9% return in the 2023 financial year.

Tabcorp Holdings Limited

Tabcorp Holdings Limited is another iGaming pioneer established in Australia – the company started working in 1994. Its market cap reached $1.67 by 2024, and it’s predicted to grow in the following years. The corporation provides different services, including casino games, lotteries, keno, and sports wagering. 

Even though the company had positive forecasts, its stocks have decreased in the last few years. Currently, the share price is $0.74, and it’s predicted that Tabcorp Holdings Limited will gain past success and become even more attractive to investors.

Final Insight

The iGaming industry has been boosted in the last decade, and multiple NZ and AU-based corporations have expanded their influence globally. This trend doesn’t only concern entertainment lovers, as investors also get their piece of cake. 

The above stocks are the most beneficial in the two countries, and those desiring to purchase shares should consider them when choosing the right company. The sector is becoming even more in demand in Australia and New Zealand, so such investments are projected to be profitable in the long run.