GamStop is the most renowned self-exclusion program, covering all UK-based casinos and sportsbooks. The tool is effective in coping with gambling addiction, so hundreds of thousands of users have already engaged in it. GamStop implies limitations for compulsive players, aiming to provide a healthier iGaming landscape in the country and beyond. However, many people wonder whether it’s possible to return to gambling again after the program is over. The answer is “yes,” so grab a guide on regaining control over your online casino accounts and maintaining a responsible gaming approach.

Understanding GamStop Self-Exclusion

The GamStop software is the primary tool for controlling gambling habits. The self-exclusion program allows restricted access to risky websites from six months to five years. During this time, compulsive players can access support groups and therapies to cope with the disorder. GamStop has proven efficiency, as over 80% of its participants reported reduced cravings for gambling activities.

Reasons for Cancelling GamStop

GamStop participants can choose their self-exclusion terms themselves. The minimum period is six months, while the maximum is five years. It’s impossible to suspend or reverse GamStop ban while the program is active, but players can choose what to do next when it’s over. Some prefer to extend self-exclusion, while others feel ready to eliminate the ban. What are the primary reasons for users to cancel GamStop action?

Most users engaging in self-exclusion search for additional assistance and pass through appropriate treatment. Those who have just blocked themselves from gambling might be looking for ways around GamStop on websites such as Non Stop Casino. On the other hand, those who fully recovered from the disorder are usually excited to return to gambling and betting activities with an entirely new approach. Basically, a successful therapy and a willingness to come back to fun while being in control of their actions are the only reasons why users should really stop self-exclusion.

Risks and Considerations

Cancelling GamStop is an important step, so users should evaluate numerous factors before making the final decision. First, it’s necessary to ensure that compulsive behaviours won’t return. Users must learn how to gamble responsibly and develop self-control; appropriate therapies and psychologists are the best assistants. Players must understand that the temptation of depositing more in online casinos won’t disappear and know how to manage this craving to avoid repeated problems.

Guide to Cancel GamStop

Cancelling GamStop is pretty simple, but ensuring that the chosen period has ended is critical. Otherwise, the program cannot be stopped. If you have already passed the entire self-exclusion term, follow the guide below and return to online casinos quickly. 

1. Reviewing Your Decision

Players should evaluate all the pros and cons of cancelling GamStop and ensure they develop the ability to control themselves on risky websites. Compulsive behaviours can come back after launching a slot or game, so think strategically and make informed decisions.

2. Contacting GamStop Support

Users should proceed with a phone call to GamStop and require the administration to cancel their participation in the program. The self-exclusion will be stopped 24 hours after the request is confirmed, but remember that it may take more time for gambling and betting operators to unblock you.

3. Verifying Your Identity

GamStop requires users to provide the same personal details they used for joining the program. Moreover, the self-exclusion tool will also receive problem players’ information from gambling operators to initiate regular checks and ensure a user doesn’t have any problems or disorders.

4. Waiting Period and Confirmation

As well as GamStop activation, cancelling the program proceeds automatically after the client is verified and their request is confirmed. Remember that all your accounts in casinos and sportsbooks will remain invalid for 24 hours, after which you will be able to access the chosen platforms again.

Tips for Responsible Gambling After Cancelling GamStop

Despite the possibility of cancelling GamStop and returning to gambling activities, those who’ve participated in the program are still at risk of compulsive disorders. The software continues getting information about players’ actions from casino websites, but it’s better to maintain healthy behaviours yourself. Grab some valuable tips that will help on this point!

Exploring Other Self-Exclusion Options

GamStop is not the only self-exclusion program available for compulsive casino players. Users can opt for alternative programs, including GamBan, BetBlocker, etc. These tools are pretty similar and restrict access to thousands of websites. They are available for all devices, increasing efficiency and minimising risks for problem gamblers.

Setting Personal Limits

Deciding time and budget limitations before playing is the core responsible gambling principle. Users must set how much they are ready to spend and never exceed this sum. The temptation to invest more can be high, but maintaining self-control is critical. Time limits are also essential – players should remember that online casinos and sportsbooks are just entertainment, and they shouldn’t forget about real life.

Creating a Gambling Plan

Planning expenses is a significant part of online gambling, so stick to this rule during every session. Moreover, planning the games to play can also appear beneficial in the long run. For instance, many slot machines allow users to deposit as low as $0.1 per spin, which can significantly extend the pleasure even if you have a minimum budget. So, evaluate everything your chosen casino offers and create a plan to get maximum benefits without risks.

Seeking Professional Help

Gambling problems must be addressed as soon as possible and require immediate intervention. Players are often unable to cope with the disorder on their own, so seeking help and support is a great idea. Multiple helplines and non-profit organisations provide round-the-clock assistance, so don’t hesitate to contact them when noticing the first signs of compulsive behaviours.

Final Insight

Gambling addiction is a severe disorder, so multiple measures for coping with it are utilised. GamStop has shown its efficiency, so many players opt for this software. Cancelling its action after the self-exclusion ends is simple and only requires several actions. However, remember that maintaining responsible gambling behaviours and controlling yourself on casino and bookmaker sites is critical to avoid the problem again.