Accessing a gambling website is usually a problem-free process, assuming the operator is licensed and regulated by the authorities in your country. However, since iGaming is a very complicated matter in many parts of the world, users must do other things to access the site they want, including using VPNs. Sadly, this process is way more complex than it seems, so let’s learn more details about it.

Can you actually use a VPN to access gambling websites?

This is a very tricky question whose answer depends entirely on the website you are using. For example, you can see that there is a VPN for Roobet, and you can always rely on it to access this top-tier iGaming brand. However, you may be unable to do that when using other iGaming sites because it will be against their Terms and Conditions.

Speaking of the T&Cs, this is the first and most important thing you must check if you are unsure whether a VPN can be used for iGaming. Most websites do not allow people to rely on VPNs because they can’t keep track of their users’ locations. Sometimes, VPNs can also be against the Terms of Service that the sites must follow because they have a license from a specific regulator.

What VPN to use?

VPNs come in many different forms, so it really depends on where you are from and what you want to achieve. Since we are talking about using an online gambling website, it is worth knowing that they require you to have a good connection. People who want to bet on live games or watch live sports must have the best connection possible because every “lag” or random DC could result in a loss.

Today, you can find free and paid VPNs, and some companies offer both. Even though the free versions are probably attractive, they may not be the best options because most of them are just not as fast as the paid alternatives. As mentioned, having a fast VPN is essential if you want to use some of the live betting options. 

Why would you want to use a VPN in the first place?

There are a lot of different reasons why gamblers are interested in a VPN. Besides bypassing the regulations in their countries and accessing sites that are not allowed, some people who want to gamble choose these tools because they want to hide their real IP. There are many cases where people use VPNs at work because they know that others are tracking the sites they visit.

Another reason why some people choose VPNs is because of the additional security. Users are afraid that hackers may breach the security measures in place and get access to their IP addresses. Even though the VPN does not offer 100% security, it adds an extra layer of protection.

Additionally, individuals in restricted states may explore using VPNs to learn how to play FanDuel in a restricted state, as VPNs can help bypass geographical restrictions and enable access to the platform from prohibited locations.

What other things can people use besides VPNs?

People agree that the VPN is the most popular type of feature to use when you want to access a given website and stay relatively anonymous. However, it is not the only thing used by the leading iGaming operators.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of companies that have several other things, such as mirror links. The alternative links feature the same website as the original one, but the domain is usually completely different. This allows the site to be accessible in places where the regulators will shut it down immediately.

The bad news about the alternative links is that they get banned all the time. Therefore, you may have to find new ones.