The number of bonuses people will find while using an iGaming platform is impressive. Some brands have many more alternatives than others, but pretty much all iGaming operators have at least a few intriguing perks.

Most of the offers require money to use, but in return, users get even more funds to play with. Despite their popularity, these are not the only types of bonuses that clients can choose from. Thanks to the Fortunejack no deposit bonus, some people can actually get a reward without the need to use any money. This seems really strange at first, but no deposit bonuses are slowly making their way to more and more iGaming brands.

People like experiencing those rewards because they are new and different. However, not all no deposit bonuses are the same because some have tricky rules that gamblers must abide by. In fact, let’s reveal some of them.

  1. Most no deposit bonuses will require money later on

The classic no deposit bonus is available for free and people who want to obtain it will most likely need to open an account or download an app. Sadly, this does not mean that clients will be able to withdraw the bonus amount. They also won’t be able to pull out what they’ve won while using the no deposit bonus before meeting certain criteria, such as making a deposit.

A lot of operators have these rules, and people do not know about them until they start playing. The deposit that companies will require you to make is usually equal to the amount of the no deposit itself. So, depending on what you win once you complete the wagering requirements, it may not be worth depositing at all.

  1. Many of them are restricted to users from certain countries

Another important thing that many gamblers realize when it is too late is that their favorite no deposit bonus is not available to them. That is because most gambling sites offering such promotions decide to restrict them. As a result, they are only available in selected jurisdictions.

There are many different reasons why iGaming brand decided to restrict the no deposit bonuses, one of which is the different gambling regulators. Some license providers do not allow such deals because they consider them too lucrative.

In other cases, bookies and casinos focus their no deposit bonuses in specific jurisdictions to gain more popularity. This is a common technique used by sites who start working in a new country because these businesses need to compete with established brands that have been there for a long time.

  1. The no deposit bonuses may be available for selected customers

If we put aside the situations where no deposit bonuses are available to people who open an account, most of these offers are not accessible to everyone. The iGaming brands that provide such deals want to keep them as exclusive as possible. Hence, they are only offered to selected players.

In most cases, VIP users or those who play regularly are the “chosen ones” who get to use no deposit perks. However, there are a lot of exceptions to this rule because there are casinos and bookies where no deposit bonuses are available to bettors who use a promotional code or something else. It all depends on the site you are using.

  1. Most no deposit bonuses are for casinos

There are different gambling sites worldwide, but most are divided into casinos and sports betting platforms. While it is true that free bets are becoming a lot more popular and more people can access them, most of the no deposit bonuses are found inside online casinos.

The reward can come in a different form, but the majority of casinos have free spins. This is good news for those who like slots, but fans of table games won’t be able to avail themselves of this proposal. Consequently, many casinos also offer free bet credits that they can use on roulette and blackjack.